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“The great master of twilight, I am your most loyal slave. I will give you a rich sacrificial offering, and humblely plead for the reward of weak power.

Praise you, the ruler of the old days, the ruler of the eternal twilight…”

In a small city about two hundred kilometers away from Lin City, in a dark and dilapidated manor, a cold voice slowly came from the basement in the corner of the manor.

If the horrible tone is heard by civilians, it will definitely go crazy.

Because this is the prayer of the believers of Evil God, it is a sacrificial offering to those evil beings hidden in the abyss, and it is the most fearful word of horror.

But outside the basement at this time, the casual conversation of two boring young people let this evil meaning disappear for most.

“Big head, you said that my girlfriend said last night to live with my girlfriend, is that true?”

When you hear this voice, you know that these are definitely two adventurers with missing planes, that is, legendary-sand sculpture players.

The player dressed up as a wizard heard this disdainful curl one’s lip, “Your girlfriend said to live with your girlfriend? There is no doubt about this.”

The assassin player some hesitantly said, “But when I called her, she said that she was running, and her voice was always rushing. It seemed that the bed or the cabinet was ringing rhythmically… and I was playing a video with her. Still not willing, why do you say this?”

Mage player complexion stiffened, waved his hand, “You think too much, run, it must be easy to bump into things and so on.”

The assassin player frowned more tightly, “Is that so?”

The mage player said quickly, “Of course, how could I lie to you? Who and who are we?”

The assassin player deeply sighed, “But, the night her best friend spent last night at my house…”

Mage player complexion stiffened, looking at him incredulously, “You say it again?”

The assassin player glanced at him, disdainfully said, “What did I lie to you, so I wonder…”

The mage was furious in an instant, “I drafted the uncle! Isn’t your girlfriend just my girlfriend a best friend??”

The assassin player complexion stiffened, a little confused, “Really? Didn’t you break up with your girlfriend?”

“Fuck, grandfather won’t shoot you out today, grandfather knelt and called you to lick…” The wizard player couldn’t think of it, and finally the fire burned on himself.

One stood up, and the magic in his hand began to work under the rage.

“Stop~ Fuck, everyone brother, it won’t be enough,”

“Brother and sister, if I hadn’t been asleep last night, your girlfriend would have lost everything today!”

“What?? I am your uncle?!!! It turned out to be you?!!! I said you were so wrong last night!!! Fuck, I fucked you to death today!!”

The two sand sculptures jumped up and roared and prepared to do it, but at this time, from the basement they guarded, a silhouette wearing a black priest robes stepped out.

Looking at the two players looking dying and alive, they were suddenly furious.

“What are you doing?! Pack your things and get ready to go. The sacrifice tonight has been done. As long as we sacrifice the last time the god of stupid lack of old days, we will develop.”

The two still refused to stop, glaring at each other.

“Boss, this bastard grabs my girlfriend!”

“Boss, he did it first!!”

“It’s him!!”


After listening to it for a while, the priest player curl one’s lip upset, “What are you arguing about? Is this just a mess?

Today, I will take you to Heaven on Earth and I will order you three oirans. Do you want anything? ! “

The eyes of the two suddenly lit up, three? ?

After looking at each other coldly snorted, he retracted the weapon and said nothing more.

The priest player can ignore that many, excitedly said.

“I have won the trust of the old Evil God. As long as we sacrifice thousands of people, we can become this spokesperson.”

“Thousands of people? Boss, where are we going to get so many people?”

Although the assassin player was a little upset, he still held back, opened the mouth and said, “Moreover, the large-scale evil sacrifice will definitely arouse the vigilance of the churches in the city.

During this time, because of the ravages of violent half-mouses outside Lin City, those NPCs are fierce. If we expose the identity of Evil God believers, we must be blocked in the resurrection point of Goddess Hall of Life. .

mmp, these NPCs are so annoying as motherfucker, they will block the resurrection! !

This shit game does not give you any way to survive! ! “

Assassin players are getting more and more angry, how can the game NPC block the player’s resurrection to kill?

But it’s okay to break the game, and it’s normal for the opponent to block for 10-15 days.

The last time he went to pick up an aristocratic NPC, he was accidentally discovered as a believer in Evil God. In the end, he couldn’t come out of the Goddess Hall of Life half a month, and he didn’t make him mad.

The priest player laughed, “Remember our last experiment?”

“The last experiment?” When the mage player heard this, his eyes lit up, “Is it an experiment using players to sacrifice?”

“Yes! We can’t engage NPCs to worship, but it’s okay to let players come!!” The priest touched his chin, and his smile gradually changed.

“NPCs are not easy to deal with, are players still hard to deal with?”

“Boss, what are you going to do?”

“How to spend money, I am rich if I don’t have anything, what’s the matter, I have sold twelve sets, I am going to do him a big ticket!!”

“Boss, No way? You actually sold the house?”

“Yes, I will keep the remaining one hundred sets for now.”


After a few people discussed it for a while, the priest player suddenly seemed to think of something, some said curiously, “Have you heard of it, have you heard that Kachar is crowned?”

“Under the crown of Cathar?” The two players were taken aback, somewhat unclear.

“Which NPC is this? Can it be called by the title of subordinate, is it extraordinary?”

The priest player shook the head, “No, the old Evil God just asked me about the news under the crown of Kachar…

But I know what Cachar is crowned, and the Lord of Twilight even ordered me to find traces of Cachar’s crown after hearing it. “

After finishing talking, he touched his chin, and showed a looking thoughtful expression in his eyes, “I asked the other party. Although the Master of Twilight did not explain the reason, the other party seemed to be very angry.

I suspect this is still an epic super mission.

You think, at this stage, the old Evil God is coming soon.

And these powerful Evil Gods still urge me to do this before they come. What does this show? This shows that this matter is very important, to the extent that the other party is already impatient.

And the title Mianxia can only be found above the extraordinary.

And judging from the tone of the other party’s inquiry, I deduced that this Kachar crown definitely offended the old Evil God, and this Evil God can’t wait for a day and wants to kill the other party.

For the first stage task below, we not only have to perform blood sacrifices to gain the power of the old Evil God, but also to explore the information under the crown of Kachar. “

Hearing this, the two of them lit up, and they sounded a bit confused.

“Boss, now that you have decided, then we can do this next,

First, spend money to hire players to automatically sacrificial offering. In the eyes of those NPCs, our adventurers with missing planes are all cerebral palsy. They don’t bother to control how to play.

So the chances of NPCs discovering that we are followers of Evil God will undoubtedly be very small.

The second is to publish paid tasks, allowing players to help collect information about the crown of Kachar, and even publish similar messages in the Adventurer guild… Otherwise, if we only rely on us to collect, the efficiency will undoubtedly be much lower. . “

“Well, it makes sense, just do it like this. I will leave these two things to you, and one person will do one. Just how much money is needed to reimburse me!”

The priest is nodded very satisfied.

The two players looked at each other, the fire was blazing, and then returned to the station to go down the line after making sure that there was no problem.

After the two went offline, they both immediately picked up the phone and called their girlfriend…

At this time, far away from the small city of Risle, this Plague God left behind the death area of ​​the violent half-mouse.

A dozen players cautiously touched into the city.

The first one is a priest wearing a priest’s robe, but his sturdy figure is bigger than the average soldier.

“Chairman, yes, this item can really allow us to come in safe and sound. You see, these violent half-mouses are in our eyes without attacking us.”

The headed priest laughed and said proudly, “What do you know, this is the top grade task item I bought at a high price.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that this stuff cost me a house full of money. “

“Hiss~Chairman, you have lost money this time.”

“The president has a bull nose, you are my God forever…”

“President, I don’t want to work hard anymore, ying ying ying”

“Bad gay, go away, it makes me sick…”

“Just say you don’t understand,” the pastor president disdainful smiled, “This game is already changing the real world. During this time, I don’t know how many big consortiums rushed in with money to win the next trend.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the current “Glory” is the biggest opportunity for the earth.

As long as we seize an opportunity, these Early-Stage investments can be earned back in a short time.

Don’t even talk about a suite, private jets are all minor problems…”

“Hiss, is this the legendary boasting ratio?”

“The president is really farsighted. Are you the legendary Zhuge’s reincarnation?”

“As expected to be the president, I am so confident that I have nothing to say…”

“President, I will not close the door at night…”

A group of people slowly approached the central area of ​​Risle City when they were boasting.

At this time, Lisle City is already the difference between Heaven and Earth from its original prosperous appearance.

The eerie horror is the best portrayal.

Because of the old Evil God, at this time the area around the city of Risle was all covered by dark clouds, and the airless clouds made the light extremely dim.

More importantly-the violent half-mouse.

The gap in the space that has not been closed, and even wider, is still continuously pouring out violent half-mouse people.

In addition to the evil aura surging continuously, this area has completely become a place of death and no one can break in.

It is said that the extraordinary mage of Lin City, Locke, once stopped in the distance of Lisle City, but he did not dare to go deep.

Even the transcendent, let alone the ordinary person, there is a great horror that no one knows.

Ruined walls, broken streets, decayed armor, plus half bones and corpses buried in mud…

All this shows what a terrible war this city has encountered.

The deeper the city center, the lower the voice of this group of players.

Because of the surrounding ruins, densely packed violent half-mouses are shuttled, the terrifying appearance of these Spiritual God slaves is matched with the gloomy environment, even if they are walking in groups, the backs of these players are constantly getting cold.

“This ghost game is not a horror game, how can it be so infiltrating?”

“Let me tell you, there are ghosts, grievances, zombie…”

“Fuck, don’t be scary…”

The pastor and president walking in the front also felt a little bit shy. If possible, he would really not want to come to such a ghost place.

But thinking that I have invested such a large cost, I have to make enough money no matter what.

Only brace oneself can go forward.

After a full Sunday, the most central area of ​​Risle City, this once main battlefield is now again full of violent half-mouses.

The number of densely packed I am afraid there are more than hundreds of thousands. Anyone with dense phobia will have a cold back and weak legs after seeing this scene.

No matter what, when the quantity reaches a certain level, it will appear extraordinarily permeating.

The pastor president feels that his blood is a little bit cold at this time, this kind of place will accidentally overturn… And it does not matter if you are killed directly, what matters is that you have been in this cold and tense environment, too Tortured.

Finally, under the leadership of the pastor president, a group of completely resisted the cold and passed through the violent half-rats to the broken black altar.

Behind the black altar, violent half-mouses are still crawling out of the gaps in its space.

It’s like the huge open mouth of the abyss, enough to make anyone tremble.

“President, what should I do next?”

Looking at a dozen players looking towards me, the pastor president gritted his teeth. At this time, I can’t talk in front of my little brother.

The stone that I had been holding tightly in his hand suddenly lifted high.

Then stepped forward with a solemn face, and finally bowed neatly before the altar and began to recite the prayers bought at a high price.

“The great old ruler, the eternal Plague God, your admirer, your humble servant, send you the most noble greetings, and beg your attention…”

After a long prayer, it was quiet after a long time.

The violent half-mouse still gushes out from the gap in the space, turning a blind eye to them.

There is no picture of the world changing colors as imagined by this group of players.

A dozen players looked at each other when they saw this scene, and the scene became very embarrassing.

“President, are you deceived?”

How can I be deceived?

The pastor was furious, turned his head and glared at these guys fiercely, and then continued to repeat the prayer.

But the scene is still quiet, nothing happened…

“Impossible!!! It must be that I am not loud enough!!!

The great old ruler, the majestic god of coercion, your admirer…”

third time…still useless.

The unbelieving pastor and president chanted again, the fourth time, the fifth time…he didn’t move until the 30th time, and he was finally desperate.

Standing abruptly, then under the gaze of all the players, he stepped on the altar and pointed his finger at the sky.

“Fuck your grandma’s Evil God, can’t your motherfucker come out?!!!”

After this sentence fell, it seemed to touch something.

hong long long ~The sky and the earth change color, ten thousand zhang thunderbolt is rolling in the clouds.

The space channel behind Dark Altar suddenly burst out with an indescribable evil aura, like the Evil God of the abyss, opening his eyes and staring at them.

“Who is calling me…”

A group of players stared when they heard this, then looked at each other…the expressions were extremely subtle.

“mmp, isn’t this Evil God a cheap bone? If you can’t make a good voice and get angry, the curse will come out…”

“hahaha, what a bullshit Evil God, laugh at me…”

“Keep your voice down, I will force you not to cause trouble.”

The pastor president complexion stiffened, full of question marks? ? ?

But after came back to his senses, he would put his feet down quickly and bow down again with a pious expression.

I have knelt so many times, and this time is not bad. I have to get my money back this time.

“My lord, I am your loyal believer, and I have obtained your tokens scattered outside…”

After speaking, he raised the stone in his hand high, and the unremarkable corpse suddenly emitted a wave of indescribable dark energy.

The surrounding space is full of ripples.

The gray evil aura became agitated instantly when he noticed the stone, and then quickly filled the Space Gate. In the blink of an eye, the pastor president’s hands were empty and the stone disappeared.

“Very well, my loyal believer, I am very satisfied with your sacrifice!

Step into Space Gate, I will give you the strength to chase down my enemies…”

The priest hearing this was overjoyed, and eagerly got up quickly, and stepped into the Space Gate in the envy of the players.

One day later.

The player forum is very lively.

Because some players saw someone who could drive the servant of Evil God-the violent half-mouse.

Moreover, there are even tens of thousands of people driven by the other party, which is too exaggerated!

Moreover, many people still know the player who drove the violent half-mouse. The opponent is the president of a small and medium guild in Lin City.

This discovery caused an uproar among players.

Recently Evil God broke out and a large number of monsters appeared.

The players all only regard the servants of Evil God as the target of killing monsters and even upgrade copies specially given by the game.

But didn’t expect, now someone can control these monsters?

Does this mean that the Evil God camp is still hidden in “Glory”? ?

This discovery made many wild ambition players go crazy and went to explore the Evil God ruins everywhere overnight.

Although most of the players have been killed by those monsters, let alone, there are really one or two players who have won the favor of Evil God with to have no shame,

Although it was only given a small amount of power, it was enough to crush most of the players at this stage. These lucky guys instantly became the highest group of players, and the scenery was no different.

This makes many players’ eyes red with envy.

And another incident directly pushed the exploration of the Evil God ruins to a climax-the player who could drive the violent half-mouse spoke.

The other party claimed to have directly become the messenger of the old Evil God-Plague God. Now players who are willing to change their beliefs can come to him. As long as they join the old Evil God camp, he can reward 100 violent heads for everyone. Rat man.

And he has only one purpose, that is, the old enemy of Evil God is Lin City’s Yiluo, so players who join the old evil God Organization must fight against Lin City and Yiluo.

And all players have to find out about the news about Yiluo’s crown. Once they find out, report them immediately. The old Evil God will have major rewards.

Although the scene of Yiluo squeezing and exploding the three supernatural in the sky over the city of Risell has been worshipped so far, but who is the player?

The existence of fearing nothing in Heaven or Earth, they don’t care how awesome you are, so many players are moved by it.

And the old Evil God was not bad. The opponent was only sealed if he couldn’t beat it. In the future, if the old days come, then when the time comes, it is not always certain who wins.

The most important thing is that there are ready-made benefits, which can be too deadly for players on the wall.

As long as you join the Plague God camp, you can get 100 violent half-mouses, which is an irresistible temptation for most players.

Now the mainstream level of players is only Level 4, as long as a small number of elites reach Level 5, the highest players are only 7 and Level 8, and the level of the violent half-mouse can be 7 and Level 8 upwards. .

This one can get hundreds of times stronger than them, and the temptation is too great.

Where the wind is strong, go to the other side.

In just one week, a player organization called the old camp by forum players turned out, and the number of players who joined this camp reached tens of thousands.

And everyone received an unprecedented epic mission-Kill Yiluo, of course this is the ultimate mission,

Its subordinate tasks-such as listening to the news under Yiluo’s crown, listening to the past under Yiluo’s crown, etc., have rich rewards, because the arrival is too rich and attracts a large number of civilian players to join, it is too difficult to mix in Light Faction Now, it might as well be against the water.

Suddenly, the area around Lin City became an extreme danger zone, because a player could be seen appearing with hundreds of level 7 and level 8 violent half-mouses.

Ordinary players did not have the ability to fight these Evil God camp players alone, and the players of the Evil God camp became vigorous for a while.

There are faint signs of becoming the number one enemy of Lin City players.

A group of players whose ultimate goal is to kill Yiluo Mengxia is officially assembled, and there is a sign that they are gathering to fight and are ready to push the boss.

Along with this, there have also been a large number of paid tasks on the forum to find the crown of Kachar, because the opponent’s price is too high, which has attracted many players to send out.

The area around Lin City was messed up in a way that no one didn’t expect.

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