I Became a Progenitor Vampire Chapter 405


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The City of Twilight, after a month of construction, this city has been completely included in the territory of the City of Dawn.

Or put it into the hands of Dusk Sect.

Because this is a purely religious city, the only manager is the Twilight Priest Group of Dusk Sect, and the Chief-In-Charge of the Priest Group is the Level 18 Halfling Archmage Mohali.

The military force organization of Twilight Sect was named Twilight Adjudication Office by Li De. The organization responsible for military force conquest was in charge of the super caveman who was transformed by him with Strength of Faith, Kadley Fang.

The two are one civil and one military, with the assistance of Nicole, Karp, Otis and half of the Dawn City Hall think tank.

In just one month, in this original city of halflings, both the halflings and the captured dark races have all become believers of the twilight sect.

Of course, it’s not that there are no stubborn dark beings, but those dark beings have been sent to the mines for mining.

To deal with the existence of these evil camps, Li De directly adopted the thunderous method, not talking nonsense with these people at all.

I don’t believe in the heretic of the twilight sect. You must either go mining or meet Death God. The iron-blooded wrists have a strong shock to the evil and bloodthirsty dark beings.

The entire Twilight City is following his established development direction.

But today, something has happened.

“You mean, it was this Naga’s conspiracy that caused us to ruin the three hundred soldiers?”

The original halfling City Lord manor has now belonged to Li De. In the most luxurious central hall, Anthony one-knee kneels holding a fearless sacred sword, his face is full of guilt and self-blame.

The scared and fainted silhouette beside Anthony is the four-armed Naga leader with a sarcoma crown on his head.

Li De didn’t know about the battle outside the city of twilight. When the magic word bat saw the distress signal and went to support, only Anthony and a few naga fainted on the scene were left on the scene.

And the hundreds of blades around the fighting place were all razed to the ground.

“Yes, under the crown, this is all my responsibility. I didn’t notice Naga’s conspiracy in time.”

Looking at Anthony’s self-blaming expression, Li De frowned, not at all eager to ask the guilt.

“Explain the specific process in detail.”

“Under the crown, six hours ago, we found traces of Naga…”

Anthony recounted the whole thing in detail, and Li De frowned slightly.

Although the commander Anthony had an inevitable fault in this matter, in this environment, unless it is him, any army may go in ambush.

These naga’s ability to hide their breath can be seen by the leopard when they ran away from the square last time.

The power of these high-ranking races cannot be underestimated.

It’s not surprising that I was shamed.

“Wait for yourself to go to the Military Law Department to lead the military law.”

“Yes, Mianxia.” Anthony didn’t make any rebuttal. The soldiers who died were all his brothers who got along day and night. The guilt in his heart was stronger than anyone else.

“This night elf was captured by the Naga?”

Li De didn’t say much about this, and looked towards the night elf who was unconscious on the other side.

The gray skin makes the relatives of these elves look quite coquettish. They have curvaceous figures and almost perfect faces. Their looks are not inferior to Blood Race, but the scars on their bodies make them appear to have several points of embarrassment.

“Wake up the night elves.”

After looking towards looking towards, Anthony waved his hand, still kneeling.

“Get up, when I conquer the Naga, you will be the vanguard and take revenge for our warriors who broke the dawn.”

Anthony’s spirit was shaken, and his tone was extremely firm when he waited for his bloodshot eyes.

“Yes, under the crown! The blood of the soldiers at dawn will not flow in vain!!”

Li De couldn’t help being silent. Wars are always cruel and bloody, not half romantic at all.

But in order to compete for living space, he did not give up this argument.

To give up the fight is to take the initiative to eliminate yourself. Others are stronger, and it is absolutely impossible to throw away the butcher knife in your hand.

The Law of the Jungle, Natural Selection.

If the City of Dawn wants to exist, it must advance in blood, and there is no way out.

The two descendants behind them immediately stepped forward after hearing the command and used magic to wake up the night elves who were bound lying on the floor.

“cough cough…”

After a violent cough, the bound night elf slowly opened his eyes.

After a while, it seemed to have found something, and he sat up abruptly, but because he was tied up, one of his weights was unstable and fell to the ground.

After fierce struggle, he finally recognized his current situation and sat up with a bit of unwillingness and resentment. At this time, the night elf had time to look at the surrounding environment.

Undoubtedly, in the center of everyone, Li De with extraordinary temperament immediately attracted her attention.

Although Li De did not unfold the bat wings at this time, the scarlet infrared in his eyes and the fangs in his mouth made the night elf immediately recognize his Blood Race identity.

Heart startled, his face became very ugly.

She didn’t expect Blood Race to join in. These surface lives seem to be terrifying.

As thoughts flow, take the initiative to open the mouth and said.

“Dear Blood Race powerhouse, what do I need to pay to be free?”

Underground World will not let the captives go in vain, and this sentence is very clever, if Li De opens the bargaining chip, then she can know the other party’s intentions,

If Li De didn’t open the chips, she could infer one or two as long as she followed her words.

“What do you give?” Li De laughed, a bit of playfulness flashed in his eyes.

“What can you give?”

“Dear Blood Race powerhouse, I will make magic scrolls. I can use I will magic scroll making technology to exchange freedom.”

Man-made swords, night elves are not elves, there is no will to resist to death, and the speed of subduing softness is not slower than that of caveman.

“Magic scroll production technology?”

Li De is slightly nodded, this is a good bargaining chip, but he is not in the mood to engage in this now, his face turned slightly cold.

“I’ll talk about this later.

Why did you become a captive of Naga? “

Hearing this with a somewhat cold tone, the night elves only felt a great pressure rolling over, as if being stared at by a giant dragon that could crush the earth.

The extraordinary aura is not something this Level 14 night elf can resist, she only felt the direct soul tremble.

Did not hesitate, quickly opened the mouth and said.

“Master Blood Race, I was looking for a piece of information about the missing treasures of the night elves, but I was accidentally discovered by the Naga. The team I led was all killed, and I was captured by these Naga.”

“The missing treasure? What is it?”

Li De was quite curious.

“The Divine Item of the Wizard-Green Longbow.”

“Did you find it?”

“No, that message was a fake message deliberately released by Naga, in order to trick our clansman out.”

“What is the purpose of Naga doing this?”

“Naga has always wanted to conquer the Underground World, and our night elves are their biggest obstacle, so they want to capture me to get more news, and also want to seduce you…”

“Tempt me?”

“Yes, they want to create the illusion that we night elves attack your army, and then lure you to attack the night elves’ territory.

After we both sides suffer, these naga will kill all of us. “

Li De’s expression was a bit subtle after listening, didn’t expect there are so many reasons for this, it seems that these naga’s appetites are not small.

I even want to conquer the Underground World and eat them all.

“Can Naga fight with more than one extraordinary halfling?”

“Yes, Lord Blood Race…”

The night elves showed a little bit of fear on their faces, “They took refuge in the Black Dragon in the silt swamp,

The Black Dragon has a power that the entire Underground World can’t match. When our army and your army are wiped out by the Naga, they will enslave other races and attack the halfling city of Luce. “

Naga has taken refuge in Black Dragon? ?

The news of Li De’s pupils shrank sharply.

He didn’t expect to hear about Black Dragon here.

He has not given up on Black Dragon during this period.

Whether it is the Divine Item in the opponent’s hand, the Twelve Magic Scrolls, or the Black Dragon itself, Li De has great interest.

But the most embarrassing thing is that he has no dragon slaying technique, but he can’t find where the dragon is.

The silt swamp is too big and too dangerous. There are terrifying poison mist and demonic beasts everywhere.

The spies he sent in damaged many people. They haven’t even explored 10% of the area until now. I really want to find the Black Dragon and don’t know what year it will be.

Is this considered only to return and find it easily?

“putting it that way, that Black Dragon is now in Naga’s residence?”

“No, Lord Blood Race, the Black Dragon has been in the silt marsh, but the opponent has a way to summon the Black Dragon.”

“Since the opponent can summon Black Dragon, and Black Dragon is the most powerful existence in Underground World, why is the tribe of night elves not occupied by Naga?”

Li De noticed the weak spot in the night elf’s words, and his eyes became a little cold.

Perceiving that breath that suddenly became extremely terrifying, the night elf body seemed to be crushed on top of his head by a mountain of a thousand zhang high.

My heart trembled, my hands slammed on the ground, and my waist was bent at this brief moment.

The tone trembled.

“Master Blood Race, I did not lie to you, just because my tribe has a few dragon hunting crossbows that can kill the extraordinary and even Legendary, so I have been deterring the Black Dragon, preventing him from coming.

If you attack the territory of the night elves, it is very likely that we will use them to hunt you. When the time comes, Naga and Black Dragon can profit from it…”

Hunting the extraordinary dragon-hunting crossbow? Li De browses slightly wrinkle, imposing manner slows down a bit, so the night elves can breathe.

“What is the number of dragon hunting crossbows? How about the formidable power?”

“This is the secret of our tribe. Although I know the existence of dragon hunting crossbows, I cannot know the specific number and location. Only our Mistress knows about the night elves.”

“Do you know the location of the Naga tribe?”

“Know!” When it came to this question, the night elves were instantly energetic, “Those naga are hidden in a mist.”

Then the night elf’s next sentence made Li De’s eyes open.

“These naga are not the lives of the Underground World, they are the Underground World that came from the abyss through the gap of space decades ago…”

These naga came from the abyss?

This news really exceeded Li De’s expectations.

“Is the Space Gate connecting the abyss still open now?”

He asked the most critical point. If Naga can continuously dispatch power from the abyss, then he really may not be able to eat these Naga.

Although the city of Dawn is strong, it is not strong enough to ignore everything.

“The Space Gate is already broken. The previous generation of our Mistress witnessed the destruction of Space Gate.”

Fortunately, Li De was slightly relaxed by the night elves’ words, and things did not develop to the worst level.

“How many people does Naga have now?”

“Blood Race, I don’t know the exact number, but it is estimated to be around 80,000 people…”

Li De nodded, did not ask any more, and waved his hand.

“Take her along to withdraw and let the think tank interrogate.

Night elf, you are a wise man, tell everything you know, and I will keep you alive. “

A Level 14 night elf is not worthy of his strength of Faith forcibly transforming. Moreover, the night elf is a believer in Rose of the Spider, the god of conspiracy who controls several layers of abyssal planes is extremely terrifying. Strength, he didn’t want to take the other side to snatch believers.

Although the probability found by the other party is extremely low, this benefit is really not big enough to be worth the risk.

Big head, on Naga in a coma.

Li De’s eyes turned to Naga.

This naga’s level has reached Level 17, and to transform this naga is to transform this naga. His primary purpose has always been naga, and the night elves are just an accident.

He temporarily not at all the idea of ​​enslaving the night elves, who makes the night elves’ backing too terrifying.

After the descendant took the night elves along to withdraw, Li De let the Naga wake up.

“Damn surface life, do you know what kind of existence you provoke?”

After realizing that he was bound, this flesh-crowned naga had no spiritual Consciousness of the night spirit at all, and began to roar in cold naga.

“Master Austin will destroy all of you with his anger!!”

However, the Naga language is very partial, Li Dehe descendant can’t understand it, all he heard is: “**%¥#@#¥!”

What is this snake kid talking about? ?

Li De stretched out his hand and waved, “Show him a general knowledge of language.”

“Yes, under the crown.”

Naga in the flesh cursed for a long time, and found that the people around were confused, and suddenly realized that they did not understand, these expressions became even more angry.

No one understands when you get angry, it’s so fucking.

After a while, a descendant hurried over and cast a spell.

Language general knowledge.

Only the people around could understand the words of this fleshy naga.

But after I understand, I feel uncomfortable. Is this bastard courting death?

“The vampire on the surface!! Naga is sheltered by the great Austin!! Do you want to taste the anger of Austin?!”

“Let me go immediately, otherwise the great Black Dragon Austin crown and the mighty Naga tribe will definitely destroy you!!”

When Li De heard this corner of mouth twitching, he actually said such a thing? Is this guy an idiot?

How did this IQ survive in Underground World?

On the surface, he cannot survive 18 years old.

Idiots are everywhere.

Getting used to dealing with aboriginal people with high IQ, encountering an idiot at this time made him quite funny.

curl one’s lip, “Drag him down for half a day.”

The Naga of the Flesh Crown instantly burned with anger, “Damn bastard, you are declaring war on the great Naga, you are provoking the dignity under the crown of Austin!!”

Li De waved his hand, “What are you still doing, drag it down, and gang fight for a day.”

A few descendants reacted, “Yes, under the crown…”

Then, while Anthony was stunned on the side, the fleshy crown Naga was really dragged down and beaten by a group of people…

Can still do this? That’s a Level 17 Naga… It’s okay to be questioned by torture, but what is it like to be beaten by a group? ?

Li De sat on the main seat slowly, picked up the teacup on the round table, and sipped a sip of Underground World’s unique black tea.

If you forcibly transform this idiot Naga, it may cost at least 100,000 strength of Faith…

After the belief enhancement function comes out, the strength of Faith now becomes more and more precious, and it can save a little bit.

The fierce resistance of the flesh crown naga, if the strength of faith is forcibly transformed and consumed, there will be more.

Chuo Chuo will speak more sharply.

While the Level 17 flesh-capped Naga was being beaten by the group, Li De looked towards Anthony.

The dazzling Level 15 on the opponent’s attribute panel is particularly conspicuous.

This is the first breakthrough Level 15 human in the City of Dawn, and it is also a talent they cultivated.

Anthony Clio

Title: Fearless heart (fearless, fearless, able to ignore any level of aura coercion, solidify the high-spirited and immortal characteristics, as long as you have not died, you will always be full of courage. Faced with a life stronger than yourself, full attribute 1000% increase)

Level: 15

Occupation: Fearless (Legendary)

The only skill: fearless (not restricted by any control skills, fearless in any harsh environment, the more dangerous the battle, the stronger the battle strength)

The heart of fearless (no fear of life and death, fearless pain, immune to all mental skills, and can store fearless power, fearless power can increase the formidable power of skills, current storage quantity: 100, upper limit 1000)

Inheritance skills: sword intent vertical and horizontal, sword cut all directions, violent sword energy, sword energy condensed shape, myriad swords simultaneously go out, thousands zhang sword shadow.

bloodline: the blood of fearless (full attribute increased by 1000%, affinity for long sword reached its full value, damage with sword weapons increased by 500%)

Comment: The ancient profession—the Inheritor of the fearless heart. He has a fearless heart. Even if he faces the Spiritual God, he dares to fight with the sword. Only the fearless who face his heart can activate the true power.

Anthony’s attribute, even if Li De read it several times, it still feels extraordinary.

It turned out to be a Legendary profession, which is too exaggerated.

The three major occupations of Blood Race, plus a hidden occupation, can not reach the level of Legendary occupation.

Although Anthony’s profession is not at all strong enough to be invincible on the surface, the descendants who reported back clearly described his fighting with Naga leaving traces, and the shadow magic also made him intuitively see this How exaggerated is the guy’s explosive power.

Level 15, the car overturned the Level 17 naga, and there were thousands of level 8 and 9 naga fighters.

The naga that he killed were high-ranking races, not cave spiders with insufficient battle strength.

Evaluate the battle strength of a profession by looking at his record and opponents.

“Anthony, how did you get this career inheritance?”

Hearing Li De’s question, Anthony looked a little admiringly, obediently and honestly met Jike Uncle, and failed to join the Army of Dawn City several times,

Then get a Jike uncle as a gift of a fearless sacred sword, and finally put aside all fears and thoroughly activate the inheritance of the fearless heart.

After listening, Li De’s expression is also quite subtle.

Didn’t expect that there is a boss of this level hidden in the city of breaking dawn, the last Inheritor of the heart of fearless.

It seems that after going back this time, we will conduct a thorough investigation of the city of Dawn.

As a ruler, his way of thinking will naturally not be the same as an ordinary person. He must ensure the stability of the city of dawn.

Of course he won’t tell Anthony this.

“Very well, Anthony, your loyalty to the City of Dawn has won my approval.

You just said that the career of Fearless Heart can be inherited.

In this case, I will create a new Legion later, named fearless Legion, and you will be the Chief-In-Charge of this Legion.

You can choose from the King’s Blade the soldiers you think can get the inheritance of the fearless heart to join.

I hope that Fearless Legion will become an absolute trump card in the City of Dawn. “

The subordinate labors, the middleman labors the wisdom, the master labors.

As a superior, he does not need to perform too many specific tasks, only good talents are enough.

Whether it is what Anthony said just now or the factual record of the archives, it shows the loyalty of this Legendary career winner to the city of Dawn.

On this premise, the opponent still has a strong power.

So promoting the other person is nothing special.

Anthony didn’t expect that he could be promoted after making such a big mistake, and he looked excited and guilty for a while.

“Under the crown, I…”

“Needless to say, this time you are just guilty and meritorious. When you attack the Naga tribe, the fearless Legion will take the lead. You must be the first to enter the Naga tribe.

Only when you win the final victory, you are truly qualified to be in charge of the fearless Legion. Now you are not worthy of this Legion. “

On hearing Li De’s merciless words, Anthony felt better in his heart, “Yes, Mianxia!!”

Afterwards, Li De talked a lot with Anthony, mostly about the legendary profession of fearless heart, which satisfied his curiosity.

Of course, this profession is now owned by the City of Dawn. Thinking of this, Li De feels particularly happy.

As the master of the City of Dawn, as long as he is his soldier, as long as he is loyal to him, no matter how strong he is, he will benefit in the end.

After a Sunday, several footsteps interrupted their conversation.

At this moment, several descendants dragged the blood-covered naga into the hall.

Naga, the crown of flesh that was still Xiong Diudiu, is already languishing at this time, and there is a lot of air in and out.

Being surrounded by seven or eight descendants for a day’s day, it is considered skin is rough, flesh is thick to survive.

Looking at the flesh-capped Naga who twitches from time to time on the ground,

Lee De corner of mouth twitching.

Make you an idiot…

There is no nonsense, the extraordinary power on his body burst out like a Level 12 storm.

The air in the entire hall suddenly fell into a muddy stickiness, and the surrounding descendants and even Anthony felt a terrifying pressure.

Li De’s eyes are as sharp as a blade, staring at the flesh crown Naga.

The blasphemous language echoed in the hall, accompanied by the imposing manner of the collapse of heaven and earth, which was appalling.

“acknowledge allegiance, or destruction?”

But Li De didn’t seem to want an answer. The blasphemous words kept repeating after they sounded.

acknowledge allegiance is still annihilation, this sentence is accompanied by that aura, like a huge boulder, pressed on the soul of the naga in the flesh crown.

Over and over again.

The dying flesh crown Naga’s body aura is rapidly weakening. After only 3 minutes, the body has slowly become cold, and the beating of the heart has become weak and weak.

Li De didn’t move until then, stepped forward, and then the right hand pressed on his head.

Strength of Faith began to gush out frantically.

Naga, the fleshy crown whose consciousness has been blurred, wanted to resist, but she had no power.

The strength of Faith is rapidly consumed, and the soul of the flesh-crown naga is slowly changing.

Thirty thousand, fifty thousand…When the strength of Faith was consumed to 100,000, Li De finally heard the voice of the system prompting the successful transformation.

Fearing to stand up after taking a few minutes, slightly relaxed.

Fortunately, there is no hard way…

Naga is a high-ranking race, although the level is only Level 17, the quality of the soul is more than three times stronger than the level 18 halfling archmage.

In other words, if he is forced to come when the opponent is awake, perhaps the strength of Faith consumed exceeds 300,000.

Thinking of this appalling number, he was a little scared. As expected, the twisted melon is not sweet.

But he is not feeling well now. This month, he managed to accumulate strength of Faith to 200,000, which is now halved.

Moreover, it was this guy who had a bad brain that was transformed this time. If he wasn’t for more useful information, he wouldn’t really be willing to transform.

The dark strength of Faith has accumulated more than 50,000, but this thing has to be kept to unblock Divine Spark at dusk, and he will not use it until the critical moment.

Five minutes later, Naga of the Flesh Crown stood up. At this time, under the repair of the strength of Faith, the wound of this Naga had been completely recovered.

After seeing Li De, Naga, who was very hostile just now, immediately bowed her head to acknowledge allegiance.


Li De is slightly nodded, at this time he is still heartbroken about his strength of Faith, and he is too lazy to talk nonsense directly into the subject, “Where is the tribe of Naga?”

He has been greedy for the powerful race of Naga for a long time. If he can enslave this high-ranking race that is unparalleled in melee combat, the strength of the City of Dawn will definitely be improved.

Moreover, the city of twilight also needs Underground World life to guard it. Whether orcs or humans, it is always surface life, impossible to stay underground for a long time.

And as the old days are approaching, he must draw the power of Underground World back to the surface to prevent unknown risks.

At this stage, other dark races can’t meet Li De’s requirements. Only Naga has the power to deter other races.

Night elves are okay, but behind the opponent is the god of conspiracy, the mighty divine force master of the abyss-Rose of the Spider,

If the number of night elves enslaved is too large, it may not be discovered by the one of the very best Evil God in that abyss, so it can only be used as a second option.

Naga doesn’t have any main gods, so naturally they have to pick up and deal with them.

“Master, the Naga tribe is in a mist. It is extremely dangerous. I need to lead the way to enter…”

The meat crown naga respectfully opened the mouth and said.

Every time Li De sees the scene after the transformation of Strength of Faith, he will feel that strength of Faith is simply a bug, and it is even better than the first possession of Blood Race.

Originally, his thoughts were still a little confused, but the next sentence of the flesh crown Naga made him express congeals.

“Master, the Naga tribe has recently found a way to reopen the gate of the abyss.

If you want to conquer the Naga tribe, act quickly.

Moreover, the Naga tribe also took refuge in Black Dragon Austin…

The Black Dragon in the swamp has touched the threshold of Legendary. If the gate of the abyss is opened, once the Black Dragon reaches the abyss with more energy, then he will definitely break through Legendary…”

breakthrough Legendary?

Li De’s vigilance was overwhelming when he heard this.

Superior, he has absolute confidence to deal with it, but Legendary is already at another level, even if his golden ancestor bloodline is strong, it is impossible to beat a legendary Black Dragon with equally terrifying talent at Level 23.

When the time comes Underground World belongs to whom it is.

Li De immediately felt a little urgent.

Before, he only wanted to enslave the naga before hunting them down, but at this moment he suddenly discovered that the situation had escalated into that he was going to compete with the Black Dragon for the dominance of the Underground World.

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