I Became a Progenitor Vampire Chapter 407


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Underground World, 300 kilometers away from the city at dusk, is a misty area covering more than a hundred kilometers.

This is a taboo place for living things.

Because this mist is highly toxic, most of the lives that touch the mist cannot survive.

As time passed, there were very few lives in this area again, and they all left, and those who didn’t understand died.

Underground World is vast, but the environment is harsh. There are not many areas like this. This is why most of the lives of Underground World are dark races of evil camp.

Because kind races simply cannot survive in this environment.

Cruel, bloody, dark, the law of the jungle a hundred times crueler than the surface.

There are sins buried in this land that outsiders cannot imagine.

But what is different from the impression of outsiders is that at this time, in the central area of ​​this misty area, under a thousand-edged mountain peak, there is actually a city established.

This is too weird and scary.

Look carefully, a city built into a mountain valley is like an abyss giant beast crawling in the shadows and preparing to hunt.

It makes people feel cold on their backs.

The shape of this city is very peculiar, full of unspeakable weirdness, as if it is not a building on the main plane, but wandering from an alien plane.

The city wall of the city is built close to the mountain peaks on both sides, blocking the exit of the valley, leaving the whole city in a completely protected environment.

The city wall is as high as 50 blades. The city wall made of boulders stands upside down like a rivet in front. The city wall is not smooth and flat, but like a shield with thorns. It looks like it has been enlarged thousands of times. Hedgehog.

City wall Not to mention, the city wall stack on the city wall is not in the style of a human city wall, but like one after another fangs standing upside down, with pointed ends facing up, full of a strong atmosphere of demonic architecture.

The two city gates below are enchanted with dark eyes, one on the left and the other erected on the right. The dark eyes exude a strong wave of magic power. No one can guess what kind of power these two eyes contain.

The city is just a city wall, which gives people an extraordinarily dark and terrifying feeling.

But that’s not all, the buildings inside the city wall are even more weird.

There are a large number of houses made of boulders in the scattered branches. These houses are tall and slender, and on the walls are the weird and distorted symbols of the painter red.

The top of it is exactly the same as the fangs on the city wall. Looking down from the sky, the city is like an abyss. The giant beast has opened its huge mouth, and the house below is the one after of this abyss. another Fang.

Terror and terrifying.

This is definitely not a house built by a good race.

The angle of view is narrowed, and the life that constantly enters and exits in these buildings is the upper race that Li De has always been thinking about-Naga.

These evil and cruel dark beings are too numerous to describe at this moment…

On the street, on the city wall, in the house… No one can imagine that the famous Naga in Underground World has built a magnificent building in the poisonous fog without anyone knowing. city ​​of.

At this time, in the most central area, in a 20-bladed fang building, more than a dozen four-armed naga are looking respectfully towards the hall. They are entrenched above the main position, holding a long knife Naga gently wiped.

This naga leader also has a flesh crown on his head, but the flesh crown of the naga leader is much more powerful than the naga that was transformed by Li De with the strength of faith.

Compared between the two, the flesh-crown naga is more like dysplasia, at this time the naga leader is the real crown.

When the leader of the naga was wiping the long knife, he couldn’t dare to speak. It was not until a long time later that the leader of the naga paused slightly before a naga dared to report.

Naga language is cold and permeating.

“Master Zali, we have opened the Space Gate that connects the abyss. Do we need to notify Austin?”

The voice that made people feel hairy hovered above the hall. If Li De heard this sentence here, he would be surprised.

Because Naga said that Space Gate still has half a month to open, but this is obviously not the case.

Zali Bloodfang, this is the name of the leader of the naga, this terrifying life that holds hundreds of thousands of naga is the master of everyone here.

The narrow eyes narrowed slightly, and they looked towards the questioning Naga with a bit of chill.

“Under Austin’s crown?”

An arc of cold sweat hangs from the corner of the mouth.

“Do you think that the great Naga needs to cooperate with a Black Dragon?”

Huh? This? ?

All the naga looked at each other, and they were a little unclear.

“Master Zali, isn’t it your proposal to join the Black Dragon?”

Going to Black Dragon, but Zari Bloodfang promised himself, how come back now? ?

Zali Bloodfang shook the head, and the cold glow in his eyes grew colder.

“Yes, it was my proposal, but things have changed.”

Keep your word? There is no such gene in Naga’s bloodline.

“We opened the gate of the abyss ahead of time. The Black Dragon must not know about it. This leaves us enough room for manipulation.

The bloodfang naga is a race from the abyss, why do we use the power of the Black Dragon to conquer the Underground World? ?

Don’t we have clansman? ”

Speaking of the coldness on the face of the Naga leader, his eyes were filled with the excitement and madness of hard to describe. The most fickle race is at this time.

“I have already contacted the Bloodfang Naga of the Abyss…this time, we are going to slay the dragon!!”

Slaying the dragon? ! !

The Naga in the hall was shocked when she heard this.

Black Dragon Austin touched the existence of Legendary Peak. The most powerful life of the Naga tribe is just the extraordinary patriarch of Level 20.

Moreover, it was just a breakthrough not long ago, and my breath is still unstable.

One is a terrifying existence that is about to enter the Legendary and has been silent for hundreds of years in the transcendence, and the other is the immature novice who has just stepped into the transcendence and may not even be able to fully use his own power.

How big is the gap between the two sides?

Now I want to hunt down that Black Dragon. This is definitely a crazy idea.

The kind-hearted race can never do such a thing, but what kind of race the naga are, the tyrannical dark race, cruelty and bloodthirsty are their nature.

Working with Black Dragon is only due to the situation. Now if they have the power to resist each other, there is no doubt that their previous promises can be abandoned at any time.

“The Bloodfang Naga tribe in the abyss has agreed to hunt Black Dragon with us.

They will send the most powerful supernatural naga, and there will be as many as 4 supernatural people this time! “

Zali Bloodfang’s cold eyes carry murderous intention.

The abyss is a higher plane than the main plane. The energy contained in it is extremely large, and it is unknown how long it has existed.

So the supernatural being rare in the main plane is not a life that is hard to see in the abyss.

Additionally, the Naga is a high-ranking race and possesses powerful talents. It is not difficult for the Naga tribe to have digital transcendence in the abyss.

“Lord Patriarch, 4 extraordinary??”

The Naga below was short of breath when he heard this. Although Black Dragon is powerful, it is not invincible.

As long as they design well, there are 4 extraordinary situations where slaying dragons is not just empty talk.

Thinking of the benefits and glory of bathing in dragon’s blood, all Naga’s hearts boiled.

“The Bloodfang tribe of the abyss will slaughter the Black Dragon and will resend troops to help us conquer the Underground World!”

Naga patriarch’s tone became louder.

“We are originally a branch of the Bloodfang Tribe of the Abyss. We were sent to Underground World by the Bloodfang Tribe to conquer this place.

It’s just that we didn’t expect that Space Gate was broken in the middle, which caused us to lose contact.

So starting today, we will merge into one tribe again.

We have the support of the Abyss Bloodfang tribe, Black Dragon, is not qualified to cooperate with us,

This rich Underground World will only belong to us! ! “

The naga below suddenly had a short breath.

Conquer the entire Underground World, which is almost the ultimate pursuit of all naga.

On this vast and rich land, only the noble Naga is qualified to rule.

After this plan was announced by Naga patriarch, Naga, who had objections in his heart, immediately disappeared, only the desire for the future and the excitement of hunting Black Dragon.

“Lord Patriarch, how do we plan next?”

Zali Bloodfang hearing this not at all answered in a hurry, and slowly put down the cloth for wiping the long knife, and then grasped the long knife with one arm, and slammed it into the open space ahead.

hu~ The sound of breaking through the air is like the howl of a demon.

“I will notify you after the layout of the abyss is completed. Remember, this matter is not allowed to be told to anyone!”

The cold tone makes all naga heart startled, and immediately respond “yes” in unison.





No one didn’t expect such a big change happened on Naga’s side, and the city of Dawn at this time is still preparing for the upcoming war.

Lee De noticed that Amy and Asrega were awakened, and immediately rushed back to the city of Dawn.

The battle is about to start. Adding two more powerful battle strengths in your hands will undoubtedly add an important bargaining chip to this battle, and Scales of Victory has already begun to tilt.

Under Li De’s military order, the city of dawn, which already had a slight glorious atmosphere, began to turn wildly. Not to mention the construction of life, the military has completely entered a state of full production.

The alchemy factory, the magic scroll factory, the weapon factory and the crossbow manufacturing factories under it have all entered the non-stop full load stage on the 24th.

These factories produce large amounts of materials all the time.

Part of these materials are used for storage, part for distribution to the army, and part for exchange with the outside world in exchange for more raw materials.

Time is tight and tasks are arduous. The entire city of Dawn is in an extremely busy state.

To Li De’s satisfaction, the City Hall, which has undergone continuous improvement and development, has been able to deal with this situation with ease. Although the city of Dawn is busy, it is in order, without major problems.

Under the propaganda of the Propaganda Department, most residents also know the crisis facing the City of Dawn, and they have begun to actively participate in mass production.

The residents have just passed the Burial Ground battle against Plague God for a few months. They all felt the danger personally, so it was also an unprecedented unity.

After returning to the City of Dawn, Li De did not go to the Speaker of the City Hall-Harrison as usual, but appeared directly in his own office in the City Hall.

Looking at the office he was familiar with, Li De’s mood instantly improved.

After sitting down, thoughts moved, the space in front of him shattered, and then two silhouettes appeared in the office again.

A man wearing a priest’s robe exudes a powerful wave of magic power, and even a small wave of magic power blew up around him because of his arrival.

The other is 3 blades tall, naked, and his muscles are like steel forged with a sense of power that makes the heart trembling,

The skin is also engraved with extremely evil ancient inscriptions. The extremely evil aura radiating from the body can directly plunge the ordinary person into madness and despair, especially the blood-colored eyes are full of unspeakable brutality and blood. .

Amy the Blasphemer, Asrega the God Evil.

Seeing the two, Li De, smiled with satisfaction.

Double Transcendents return, there is no greater surprise at this moment.

Subconsciously open the attribute panel of the two.

Amy Kachar

Title: Describing God (+300% bonus to priest damage)

Dark Walker (get an extra 50% attribute bonus in the dark and shadow)

Age: 72

Level: Extraordinary-lv20

Occupation: Shadow High Priest

Limited skills: extraordinary shadow control, extraordinary shadow magic perception, extraordinary shadow swallowing

The only skill: shadow blur (can enter and exit the shadow plane at will, and can turn one’s body into a shadow, immune to 99% physical damage, immune to 99% magic damage, duration 10 seconds, cooling time 10 minutes)

Shadow master (as the controller of the shadow, dominates the power of the shadow, immune to all shadows, curses, spirits, and soul magic, and casting shadow spells will not consume mana)

bloodline :Blood Race bloodline (obtains bloodsucking ability to restore body damage)

Magic:…slightly, 52 in total

Introduction: A descendant of the mighty Blood Race, a powerhouse who once tried to explore the majesty of Spiritual God, walking in the dark night and shadow.

I have to say that Amy at this time is worthy of the title of Shadow High Priest, all talents and spells are of the shadow category.

And also has two powerful unique skills, one is almost invincible for 10 seconds, and the other is to cast shadow magic without consuming mana, which is so powerful that it is abnormal.

It is conceivable that once Amy is given a certain amount of time to learn the magic of the shadow system, then this Shadow High Priest will become the second super battery in the city of Dawn after him.

Li De smiled with satisfaction, his eyes moved down, looked towards the attribute panel of God’s evil.

Compared to Amy, he looked forward to Asrega more.


Title: God Eater, Curse of Gods

Age: 2689878 years old

Level: Extraordinary—lv21

Divinity: 60 points (for every death, 5 points are required for resurrection)

Occupation: God Eater

God’s talent: extreme evil, eternal body (perfect), god’s body, space mastery

The only skill: the right hand of God (swallows the right arm of Spiritual God, gains a terrifying power blessing, when using the right arm to attack, can pierce the defense below the powerful divine force level, and can crush the Legendary level The following equipment.)

bloodline: the most evil blood


Unexpectedly by Li De, Asrega’s skills have not changed much. The biggest difference is that there is one more skill-the right hand of God.

But this extra skill is outrageous.

Can pierce the defenses below the powerful Spiritual God level…

Spiritual God is divided into weak Spiritual God, weak spiritual God, medium divine force, strong divine force, and Divine King of life Goddess and Death God this level.

But only these two people are known at the level of Goddess and Death God.

So the powerful divine force is the main god of most gods, and it is also the end point that Spiritual God can reach… so it can pierce the defense below the powerful divine force… Li De can only be described as outrageous.

Doesn’t it mean that the opponent will be able to pierce it in the future wearing Divine Item armor forged by ordinary Spiritual God?

“The breakthrough superb is not a qualitative change for Asreja, who has already reached the Peak. At most, it restores a part of his strength, so it is understandable that the skills have not changed much.

But this god’s right hand is too exaggerated.

Not only can it pierce the Spiritual God shield below the powerful divine force level, but also crush equipment below the Legendary level.

In other words, other equipment beyond Ordinary Level is a layer of paper in front of this god? ”

Thinking that he had made great efforts to forge a set of extraordinary equipment, Li De couldn’t help corner of mouth twitching.

Except for the Divine Item of the old Evil God’s eye, the other highest level in the city of dawn now is extraordinary.

In other words, the gods can easily destroy all the equipment in the city of dawn…

This made Li De excited but also a little depressed. Sometimes his subordinates are too strong and sometimes painful. The industrial system he has established seems to be very weak…

Shaking his head, he didn’t think much about it.

Although Asreja is so powerful, he is not the same Li De.

He who owns the bloodline, the ancestor of gold, has absolute confidence in suppressing this peerless creature that had once battled Spiritual God in a one-on-one situation.

“Good day, under the crown.”

“Father God…”

The voice of the two greetings interrupted Li De’s thoughts.

Looking at his two Generals, Li De was happy and looked towards God’s evil first.

“Athlegar, where did you go after you robbed Spiritual God’s arm in Risle City?”

This guy asked him to send someone to look around the hills and hills, but they couldn’t find it. It really hurts.

However, the next sentence of this extraordinary god made his expression instantly solidified.

“Father God, I penetrated the earth and fell asleep in the lava under the thousand blades on the surface…”

Is this motherfucker human? ? ?

What does it mean to penetrate the earth and sleep in the lava? ?

Can you do such a perverted thing as a god?

Yu Guang glanced at this guy’s two skills, eternal body (perfect) and god evil body.

Then he didn’t speak. The old monstruous talent who had lived for a few million years could not be inferred by common sense.

Amy’s lips twitched as he listened.

He had only had a face-to-face encounter with him when he was snatching the body of Spiritual God in Asrega, Risir City.

Before he came, he was a little proud in his heart. After all, he had already broken through the extraordinary and wanted to compare with the legendary gods. At this time, he heard this and immediately extinguished the little flame of dissatisfaction in his heart.

This pervert, soak in the lava…

Don’t say that he didn’t have a breakthrough, he wouldn’t be able to hold on for long in a terrifying place like lava.

Li De ignored Shen Nie, who is so strong and perverted, and looked towards Amy.

“Amy, how does it feel after the breakthrough is extraordinary?”

“Under the crown, I feel that my mastery of shadows has reached the extreme.”

Amy’s eyes are a bit fascinated, and the feeling of mastering absolute power cannot be described in simple words.

Transcendence is another dimension of life.

Li De hearing this slightly nodded, suddenly he seemed to remember something, stretched out his hand and waved slightly, the space in front of him shattered again, and the two things he sealed in Burial Ground flew out.

The single horn of Plague God that contains the priesthood of dusk.

Snatched it from Plague God and sealed the Divine Item of the eyes of the old Evil God.

These two pieces are precious treasures, and their value cannot be measured by money.

Perceiving the terrifying power contained in the two pieces of equipment, both of them shined brightly.

The god Asregar even showed some interest towards the eyes of the old Evil God.

He could feel that there seemed to be a powerful Evil God sealed in it…There was a wave of energy that was exactly the same as the arm he swallowed.

Amy doesn’t have such a strong perception ability, he just feels that Plague God’s unicorn is very attractive to him.

After all, he is an extraordinary breakthrough combined with the divinity of Plague God. The priesthood of Plague is the power of Plague God.

“I grabbed these two pieces of equipment from Plague God…”

Li De said that his eyes were a little weird.

Plague God, the old Evil God is still imagining that after the old days come, the main plane will take his soul off and grill him.

He and Plague God are now truly irreconcilable enemies.

“This is just the horn of Plague God, and it contains the priesthood of Plague God-the plague.

Amy, this piece of equipment is undoubtedly the most suitable for you, you seize the time to master the power of the priesthood.

If my guess is correct, the priesthood of the plague may contain power far beyond our imagination. “

As for the priesthood of the plague, he had guessed last time that the plague might not only kill people, but might also make people stronger.

There are plagues in a large number of legends that make people become strong as an ox, and at the same time they degenerate into bloodthirsty demons and kill all the lives around them… If the negative characteristics such as loss of sanity can be removed, they will become strong Amplification of features is also a plague?

So this is also an important reason Li De left the priesthood of the plague to Amy, because he didn’t have much time to study these things.

After Amy stretched out his hand to take the unicorn, there was unspeakable excitement on his face, he could already feel the power calling him.

“Mian, I will not let you down.”

“Well, go ahead and merge as fast as possible. We will start the war against Naga in a week. I need you to join the war.”

“As you wish.”

When Amy Tearing Space re-entered Burial Ground to retreat, Li De handed the old Evil God Eye to Asrega.

The Eye of Evil God in the Past

Quality: Inheritance Divine Item

Skills: Death Gaze, Lord of Dark Magic

Special skill: old inheritance (this is the eye of an old Evil God, which can be integrated into your own eyes under certain circumstances to gain the full power of this Evil God eye. Note: This process Will bear the erosion of the old power.)

Li De has the golden ancestor bloodline, and his future achievements are limitless, and he does not need these external forces to increase his battle strength, so he is not at all interested in the eyes of this Evil God.

This eye was originally intended by Li De to be used by Amy, but Asrega has now fused an arm that swallowed Plague God… It seems that the effect is almost abnormal, so I fused an old Evil God His eyes may also bring him even greater surprises.

Li De looked forward to it.

“Athleja, there is an old Evil God’s eye sealed inside.

Maybe it will suit you.

Go, merge as soon as possible, the next war will be fierce. “

“Yes, Father God…”

Athlega is much calmer than Amy, after all, he used to stand in Peak. These things are not at all rare to him, and even what he once had is better than this.

Although most of the memories are lost, the feeling of being in the depth of one’s soul is not deceiving.

After both disappeared, Li De stretched slightly.

Now his confidence is not enough.

Dawn has 5 extraordinary battle strengths, including the ultimate battle strength in the ultimate battle strength of gods, and the mood is naturally self-evident.

If it weren’t for the possibility of causing terrible trouble and attracting Legendary to take action, he really has several points of impulse to directly move his troops to occupy Lin City.

This large city with a population of one million has all the resources he needs.

Unfortunately, this idea can only be an idea, not to mention the messy religious forces in Lin City, even the Legendary of the Nolan Empire, he can’t handle it.

“I still need to continue farming and development. When I have five Legendaries in my hand, let alone Lin City, the southern provinces will be included in the territory of the city of dawn.”

After a little fantasy about the future, Li De got up and went out to Harrison’s office.

Seeing Li De, who was supposed to be preparing for the war in Underground World, suddenly appeared, Harrison was startled and immediately stood up and said hello.

“Good day, under the crown.”

“Well, have the siege equipment and corresponding equipment been scheduled for production?”

“Mianxia, ​​production has already begun.

After five days, plus our inventory, we can provide 50 siege towers…”

Li De waved his hand, “The Siege Tower is the next best thing. How many goblin catapults that throw alchemy bombs are produced now?”

The goblin catapult is specially designed by the goblin to throw alchemy bombs. The principle is to replace the stones thrown by the catapult with alchemy bombs.

But after the improvement of the goblin, the throwing distance of the goblin catapult is as high as six or seven hundred blades away, which is far more than the average catapult.

Li De knows exactly what kind of power the alchemy bomb will erupt with the blessing of the catapult, so he has been asking the Institute of Magic Industry to improve the catapult.

The version produced by the goblin catapult is now the third generation, with a throwing distance of 900 blades.

The distance of 900 blades and the alchemy bomb will definitely become a nightmare for any defending army.

“Mian, according to your order, a total of 1,000 were produced.”


Li De is satisfied with nodded, this amount is enough.

Imagine that a thousand barrels fire at the same time. The effect of washing the ground is definitely an unimaginable exaggeration of outsiders, and the firepower can be continuously output…

“Okay, transport these munitions to Underground World as soon as possible.

The sooner we are ready, the sooner we can start attacking! “

He doesn’t know the progress of Naga’s Space Gate construction, so he can only speed up time preparation.

“Yes! Under the crown.”




Underground World, the city of Luce.

This city with more than 500,000 halflings lives the hope of all halflings in Underground World.

It is precisely because of the existence of this city that halflings have become the rulers of on the surface Underground World-although the area controlled by halflings is less than 10% of the entire Underground World.

But this does not prevent them from being filled with pride.

But at this time, this pride seems to be broken.

City Lord Mansion in the center of Luce City.

The co-lord of halflings, an extraordinary halfling of Level 24, the City Lord of Luce-Kacarillo, at this moment looking at the one underneath with a look of tattered animal skin, starving with surprise The skinny halfling, his tone was a little unbelievable.

“You mean that some surface forces have occupied the Black Iron Fort?”

At this time, one month has passed since the fall of the Black Iron Fort, but because Li De occupied too fast, plus the powerful blockade of the magic word bat on the 24th,

There is also a Level 18 halfling archmage as the internal response, so the news that the Dark Iron Fort has been captured by the City of Dawn has never been heard.

That’s why Kacarillo, who was killed as the City Lord of Luce, was so surprised when he heard the news.

“Master Cacarillo…yes, it is the surface forces!! Those damn vampires!! We must hang these dirty lives!

Their vampire patriarch killed the City Lord of the Black Iron Fort at the banquet, and then blocked the entire city…

After occupying the Black Iron Fort, he changed the name of the Black Iron Fort to the God of Twilight, claiming to be the God of Twilight, and began to let the entire city believe in Twilight Sect, and he sealed up the great Church of My God! !

These damn heretic, absolutely unforgivable! ! “

The tone of the halfling who is worse than beggar is full of resentment. This is a fanatic of the halfling god. He witnessed the scene of the Black Iron Fort City Lord being crushed by Li De, and then he experienced the missionary experience A series of things.

No matter how strict a city is blocked, there will always be times when it will relax.

So it took more than half a month for this halfling to finally find a chance to escape from the sewers in the city…

What happened in the Black Iron Fort is absolutely intolerable to the halfling who is a fanatic, so he hates Li De more than anyone else.

“The vampire on the surface?!”

Cacarillo narrowed his eyes, and a murderous intention that could not be concealed began to spread.

“The coercion of halflings will never allow anyone to trample on them!!

Whether it is a vampire or a Blood Sucking Insect! “

After speaking, he turned his head and looked towards the bottom, “Send 3000 black pecking giant eagles to the Black Iron Fort to listen to the situation. If the situation is true, report to me immediately.”

The halfling guard underneath immediately led down.

After finishing the order, Kacarillo looked towards the halfling fanatic again, “Tell me everything you know!”

After the City of Dawn reached a deal with Dark Iron Fort, in order to consolidate their own interests, the nobles of Dark Iron Fort agreed that the news of trading with surface forces must not be spread to the City of Luce.

Because once the city of Luce is known, then the extraordinary bosses of the halflings will inevitably take over, when the time comes, their benefits will be greatly reduced.

Interestingly, the Black Iron Fort is thousands of kilometers away from the city of Luce. In addition, the Black Iron Fort is very barren. There is nothing surrounding Luce City except for a silt swamp. ,

So the City of Luce is not interested in this remote city at all. Look at it a few more times-although this city was once the main city of halflings,

This, by mistake, caused the halfling to trade with the City of Dawn for almost a year, and no one like the city of Luce noticed.

If it weren’t for this halfling fanatic who risked his death and went on the road alone, and had not been hunted by the monster on the road for thousands of kilometers, I’m afraid no one knows about it yet.

Naturally, I was very angry about the black iron castle nobles concealing the fact that Kakariro was not reported, but no matter how angry, the black iron castle is also a city of halflings, and there is no turn for the surface forces to arrogant.

He thinks that the halfling is the ruler of the Underground World, but now some people dare to provoke the halfling’s status. This is not only as simple as conquering a city, but also means that the other party wants to get involved in the Underground World.

This is absolutely intolerable.

This is a race for survival, and retreat or perish.

If it is the halfling who first discovers the city of dawn on the surface, it is the same, and these Underground World beings will also make the decision to capture the city of dawn.

As for who is the righteous party… In glory, the war between races to fight for living space does not have the word justice, only stand.

In just ten minutes, a black pecking giant eagle Legion took off from the barracks in the city of Luce, aiming at the city of dusk.

The flying speed of the black pecking giant eagle is not too slow. Each hour can reach 300 kilometers, even faster than the ordinary magic word bat-after all, it is an eagle.

Thousands of kilometers, I arrived in less than four sundays.

These black pecking giant eagles are only given orders to explore the reality and the reality, and they don’t know the strength of the city of twilight, and even the halfling fanatics who escaped do not understand this.

So when the city of twilight appeared in front of this giant eagle legion with more than 3,000 black pecks, the murderous-looking halfling in charge did not even send a team to explore first, but the whole army pressed it directly. Rushed into the top of the city at dusk.

Even when I saw that there was no air unit guarding the city of Twilight, I wondered if there was a chance to directly strangle those surface forces and subdue this halfling city.

The daybreaking warrior in the city of twilight was stunned for a while watching the black pecking giant eagle unscrupulously destroying the city. What happened? ?

Because it happened to be the magic word bat changing defense at this time… didn’t expect was caught by the black pecking giant eagle, and directly invaded the city of dusk.

Otis, who is in charge of Wings of Dawn, felt extremely ashamed to see this scene.

Li Decai appointed him to be in charge of Wings of Dawn. Now that there is such a big loophole, doesn’t this mean that he is a waste? ?

Under Otis’ anger, he directly ordered all the dawn bats and magic word bats to take off and hunt down the giant eagle who dared to invade the city of dusk.

When the magic word bats with more than 8000 heads were led by 500 dawn bats and took off from the four corners of the city of twilight, the halfling commander who was still thinking about fucking a big vote instantly The blood is cold.

Before the halfling could give an order to retreat, the magic word Knight riding in the magic word bat had already pulled the trigger of the aerial crossbow.

hu hu ~

From the harsh sky-splitting sound, the assembled magic bat began to shoot wildly on the established flight path.

The specially designed flight trajectory can ensure that the composed magic word bats will not cause accidental injury to each other, and at the same time can expand the lethality.

3000 black-pecking giant eagles face 8000 magic bats, and they are also magic bats with long-range air-to-air capabilities.

Suddenly, the city at dusk was like dumplings. The black giant eagle fell directly from the appearance of a just now unbeatable, smashing many houses.

In the end, Otis went crazy, even if the halfling retreated, he was still willing to stop, forcibly carrying 500 dawn bats behind the halfling’s buttocks.

Dawn bats upgraded by strength of Faith can fly at 400 kilometers per hour, which is one third faster than the black giant eagle.

It is conceivable that these halflings can negotiate in this situation, okay? ?

Finally, if it wasn’t for the black giant eagle under the halfling commander to reach Level 15, and forcefully rushed out of the encirclement, I’m afraid the 3,000-quantity airborne Legion would be wiped out.

But this is the case, the other party is left alone and escaped…

When Li De got the news, it was already a few hours later, he put down the trivial things in his hand and immediately returned to the city of dusk.

He planned to delay the battle with the halfling main city. After all, the most important thing at the moment is to preach and capture the Naga tribe.

But things backfired.

Now I want to take up my heels to avoid the worries of the future, the city of twilight may have to face the halfling first.

The halfling who suffered a big loss this time is absolutely impossible to give up.

a pin against an awl, the medicinal smell of war has filled the sky over the city at dusk.