I Became a Progenitor Vampire Chapter 456


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An unremarkable residential building near the edge of the mountain in the old town of the city of dawn is unusually quiet at the moment.

Because this residential building is in an unimportant peripheral zone, there are neither military facilities nor granary treasures around, so neither the patrol team nor others pay much attention to it.

In the early hours of the night, the city of dawn without moonlight is still brightly lit, but because this residential building is not important, there are only a few lights on the surrounding streets.

In the dark environment, these two lights not only did not provide enough brightness, but made the surrounding atmosphere a bit depressing.

Sparse and sparse~ The wind blows over the branches of the street, and the surrounding environment is a bit colder.

Shortly after a team of patrols passed by here, a mysterious silhouette in a cloak took advantage of the dim corners and quietly walked to this unremarkable residential building.

The street lights shattered through the shadows of the treetops, shining large spots of light on the clearing.

The mysterious man in the cloak is like a ghost, even standing under the lamp without the slightest shadow…

Then an even more amazing scene appeared. The mysterious man in the cloak saw nothing in the face of the thick residential building, and went straight through the wall and went deep into the ground. After a while, the man in the cloak came to a deep underground. In the basement.

Judging from the excavation traces of the basement, it may have a history of a hundred years. This was definitely not excavated in a short time.

Even the residential building outside was built on the basement, completely blocking the opening.

In other words, this basement is already a dead place, not connected to the outside world.

Fortunately, a secret vent was left during the excavation, so that no poison qi could grow in the basement.

At this moment, this unknown basement is surrounded by large and small wooden storage compartments, with all kinds of weird magic materials densely covered, like this has become the magic laboratory of the wizard… ..

But the most surprising thing is that in the innermost part of the basement, close to the wall, a huge iron cage is half-inlaid on the wall full of magical waves.

In this big iron cage, a girl about seventeen-eighteen years old is bound by magic chains with inscriptions on her hands and feet, and even her neck is shackled.

The magic iron chain is very long, and the limbs and neck chains are separated. The girl who is tied up has a certain amount of space to move around, so it will not be restricted to death.

At this moment, this amazing-looking young Goddess is apathetic, and his long skirt is also covered with dirty stains, like a cat after being abused, huddled in the corner of the iron cage.

When the mysterious person wearing the black cloak appeared in the basement, the girl finally seemed to come back to life, slowly lifting the head, her amber eyes showing a bit of unconcealable anger.

But when she just wanted to do something, the inscription on the iron chain lit up instantly, forcibly dispelling the power of her within the body.

Feeling the abnormality of the body, the girl browses tightly knit, and her voice is hoarse as if she is half a month thirsty in the desert.

“You have trapped me here for half a month. Tell me your purpose, Knight and the god of murder-Stuart!”

When it comes to the name Stuart, the words are filled with irrepressible anger.

Stuart’s silver-gray eyes moved slightly under the black cloak.

“Xia Xia Si…Oh, no, I should call you Bast, right? My noble Goddess…”

The tone is full of excitement and undisguised pleasure.

“The god of cats and pleasures, he he he he hehe… really excites me.

Didn’t expect, Goddess, a free, proud cat, will one day be kept in a cage by me…”

The cat and the god of pleasure are the most free Spiritual God among the gods. She is sexy, she is enchanting, she is cold, she is unpredictable, she likes pleasure, and she likes all interesting things.

The former Stuart has pursued this Goddess for a long time, but how can he, who adheres to the Knight’s rules, make this happy and interesting cat Goddess heart?

So Stuart hasn’t even been looked at directly by Bast.

But everything is different now. Goddess, who was once unattainable, is now locked in a cage by him. He can even do everything he wants to her.

Whip the Goddess that used to be, and ravage the objects that were once out of reach… That kind of psychological stimulation is almost crazy whenever I think of it.

This is power, isn’t it?

With power, you can have everything.

If he was still the slate god of Knight, even if Bast stood in front of her, he could only secretly hurt himself.

However, he is no longer the incompetent God of Knight. Now he has the power to control fate.

After capturing the target he once pursued, and pulling the Goddess of aloof and remote from the altar, Stu Yate’s heart at this moment was extremely swollen.

Bastett’s face became very ugly upon hearing Tu Yate’s unscrupulous ridicule.

As a free Goddess, imprisoned in an iron cage at this moment, the feeling of losing her freedom made her angry.

At this moment, I couldn’t help but feel a bit of annoyance in my heart, heaven knows how excited she was when she met Stuart in the city of Dawn half a month ago.

The catastrophe came, she lost her strength and had to hide herself in the world after the catastrophe, cautiously regaining her strength.

Under such a background, when she was very upset, she met Stuart, the Spiritual God who had pursued her, had been polite and very gentleman.

Although she is not at all interested in the well-behaved Knight God, she is still at ease with the Spiritual God who keeps her promise and defends the justice in her heart until now.

So I easily believed Stuart.

But the final outcome is… the once God of Knight became the God of Knight and Murder, and the Knight’s rules that the other party adhered to became a joke.

“Stuart, although the murder clergy temporarily conceals your inner justice, I believe that Knight’s honor will allow you to retrieve the lost rays of light…

Come back, give up the murder of the priesthood, that is not for you, my former best friend…”

Bastett looked at Stuart with a fixed look, trying his best to persuade him.

Stuart was taken aback for a moment, and then the Knight god who once regarded honor as life, seemed to hear the funniest joke in this world, and began to laugh wildly.

The unbridled laughter echoed in the basement with a bit of madness, like a patient running out of a lunatic asylum…

“hahahahahaha…give up?…

hahahahahaha…… The glory of Knight? …”

Laughing continued for several minutes, until Bastet felt cold inside, Stuart stopped laughing abruptly as if someone had pinched his throat.

Then he suddenly lifted the cloak covering his face, revealing a face engraved with a grey mysterious inscription, and Dark Aura with the inscription made that handsome face a bit tyrannical.

Stuart stepped forward quickly after revealing his true face, and grasped the railing of the iron cage with a bang with his hands. The green veins on the back of his hand violently rose, his face was full of violence and anger.

“Give up?! You told me to give up the priesthood of murder?!”

Slapped his hands on the iron cage, his tone was almost hysterical!

“Give up the powerful power I have now and continue to be a Knight God whom you laughed at?!”


Kang Dang~ The huge impact made the Bastet in ones heart trembled, curled up suddenly, and the chains on his body rubbed against each other to make a crisp sound.

The scared expression on his face is like a frightened cat.

At this moment, she truly realized that the god of Knight, who was once on the cusp, is dead…now this one is a stranger with a murder priesthood.

Looking at Goddess’s flustered look in the cage, Stuart showed an unspeakable perverted pleasure on his face.

“Did you see? Bast! This is power, a power I have never had before!!

You haughty, now you can only become my captive cat!

All this is brought about by the murder of the priesthood.

Everything is so wonderful…

Now I am your master, and you are not qualified to point fingers at me! !

hahahahaha! “

Looking at Bast’s lose one’s head out of fear’s expression, Stuart has both the pleasure of revenge and the sense of accomplishment in controlling the fate of others. The god of Knight and murder is almost intoxicated at this moment.

“What do you want to do!”

Bastret is angrily roared against her inner anxiety.

At this moment, the crazy Stuart made her feel fear from the inside. It was the fear of facing a crazy Evil God.

She completely gave up the last fantasy in her heart.

This guy definitely wants to be the Evil God from the heart, not being bewitched…

Stu Yart pulled away abruptly from the cage, the madness on his face suddenly abated, and his expression recovered in a very short time, as if the crazy laughing madman just now had nothing to do with him.

This huge abnormality immediately aggravated the fear of Bastet in the cage.

“What do you want to do? I want you!”

Stuart’s silver-grey eyes have a feverish desire.

Greedy and crazy.

“Not only do I want you, I also want to be the most powerful Spiritual God! I want to be the fearful existence of everyone in the cataclysm of the old days!”

“You are dreaming!”

“Dreaming? No, dreaming can’t dream of such a wonderful thing.

The old days have come, and those Spiritual Gods who used to be aloof and remote are already on the same starting line with us, and some powerful Spiritual Gods are even weaker than us!

The God of Murder was a medium divine force before, but now he died in my hands? ?

As long as I can continue to murder Spiritual God, then my power will continue to be improved, after all, the priesthood of murder now belongs to me! “

Stuart became more and more emotional.

“And don’t you think the city we are in now is very suitable as a base camp on the main plane?

As long as I control this city, I can continue to lure those Spiritual Gods who descend on the main plane to come and die!

And you are my bait…

The cat and the god of pleasure, do you know how attractive you are?

Those Spiritual Gods who have heard your news, I think most of them will not let this opportunity pass…

When I occupy this city, I will turn it into a death trap, and those Spiritual Gods will become my prey, no one is exception…”

Hearing this, Bastet suddenly remembered Stuart’s title at the moment…Knight and the god of murder.

Although this idea is very crude at the moment, if it is really improved by the other party, she feels inexplicably that maybe the other party really has the opportunity to hunt down other Spiritual Gods.

The priesthood of murder is very special. As long as you use conspiracy to kill the enemy, you can plunder part of the enemy’s power.

I didn’t know how many Spiritual Gods died at the hands of the Murder God.

“Stuart, you won’t succeed!

Other Spiritual Gods will not be fooled, you are also impossible to occupy this city…

This magical city is definitely not something you can subvert! “

Stu Yate coldly smiled, pulling Cloak from behind his head, and covering his face again.

“A city built by a false god…can also give you confidence?

My plan has already begun, Bastet.

When I occupy this city, I will occupy you little by little! My… Goddess.


With a loud laugh, Stuart’s silhouette once again passed through the hard rock wall and disappeared into the basement.

The current Bastet is still useful, he is not interested in doing… what.

And after savoring the taste of power, he has lost most of his interest in Goddess, who was once so desperate.

He came here more to meet his pretense needs after being ignored and looked down upon, now turning over to become the master.

Some things are most beautiful if they are not available, but they are boring if they are obtained.

Bastite’s face improved slightly after the silhouette of Stuart disappeared in the basement for a long time.

But after she turned her head around and looked at the iron chain forged with divine force and the chain on her body, she felt endless fear in her heart.

The cat yearning for freedom has lost the most precious thing at this moment. It seems that no one can save her… Despair is slowly devouring her heart.




After leaving the basement, Stuart, wearing a black cloak, wandered like a ghost in the city of Dawn.

After a long time, he was not at all hiding in an unremarkable corner, instead he entered a manor unique to Blood Race.

When he came to the manor bedroom, Stuart took off his cloak very skillfully and put it in his own storage bag.

Then stretched out his hand and took out a gray mask with dim rays of light from the storage bag.

The mask is as thin as human skin, and it exudes an extremely evil aura.

The Knight and Divine Eyes of Murder showed some satisfaction and put the mask on his face.

The moment I put on the mask, an indescribable force burst from above.

Stuart’s body in this brief moment began to twist and deform. After a few breaths, the tall Knight and the god of murder disappeared. Instead, a bat with wings spread out in his mouth. Blood Race with fangs exposed.

One, the real Blood Race.

While feeling the changes in his body, Stuart came to the mirror and looked at the silhouette in the mirror, with a cold arc hanging around his mouth.

After he was ready to conquer the city, he was fully prepared for it.

The mask on his face is the spoils of war he got from killing the god of murder.

Divine Item-the face of illusion.

As long as he kills the opponent and allows the mask to swallow his soul, he can transform into the target to be killed, and as long as the soul is sufficiently complete, he can still obtain most of the opponent’s memory through the mask.

This is his confidence!

But it’s not over yet, Stuart pulled out a dagger with mysterious inscriptions from the hidden part of his waist.

This dagger seemed to contain countless souls imprisoned. After being exposed to the air, the temperature in the room instantly became more than ten degrees cold, and its breath was extremely terrifying. Just staring at the dagger would feel the horror of freezing souls. murderous intention.

The God Killing Dagger, another Divine Item of the Murder God, as long as it can penetrate the enemy’s heart, it can directly consume the enemy’s soul and seal it in the dagger.

These two Divine Items once accompanied the God of Murder and hunted countless Spiritual Gods. Now, they will also accompany him towards Peak! !

The smile on Stuart’s face grew wild.

In the past few months, he has figured out the context of the city. Now, it is time to start planning.

This city requires at least ten times the power to break through from the outside world, but they have a fatal flaw, that is, the owner of this city-the City Lord of Kachar.

He just needs to sneak in to him, cut his throat with a dagger, and devour his soul with an illusory face.

As long as you can kill the opponent and replace it, then all the glory will belong to him, and no one can stop him.

At this moment, the murderous intention is revealed in the bloody eyes.

Blood Race may be aware of the fall of their ruler, but he has already made countermeasures. Before hunting down the City Lord, he will find a way to mobilize Blood Race to leave the city of dawn.

After he kills the City Lord of Kachar, he will immediately control the army of the City of Dawn. When the time comes Blood Race, if he does not obey his orders, he can directly mobilize the army of the City of Dawn to hunt the opponent.

Even he will let those vampires not even enter the city of dawn!

Estu Yate’s understanding of the army of the City of Dawn, as long as the order issued by the City Lord of Qachar, the army will absolutely execute it, even if it is to let them hunt Blood Race! !

These lowly vampires can hardly hold him?

Stuart is confident in his plan, and he is well prepared for it.

“This is the charm of conspiracy, really fascinating…”

The Knight and the God of Murder put the God-killing dagger in his hand on the tip of his tongue and gently licked, his eyes were drunk and perverted.

1st Step, understand everything about the city of dawn, completed

2nd Step, become a member of Blood Race, completed.

Third Step, approaching the City Lord of Qachar, murdering each other, in progress…




Li De looked at the centaur lying on the floor with a strange expression.

He originally wanted to enslave this Spiritual God directly, but in the end he found… useless.

His unfavorable divine technique-the assimilation of the soul, applied to the opponent, just like clay ox entering the sea, it melted instantly without any waves.

It hurts him a bit.

“Can it only be killed?????

And finally catching a living god… Isn’t it a waste to just kill? “

“And this guy’s soul is also a treasure. Killing the soul will inevitably dissipate. You have to figure out a way to extract his soul before speaking…”

Others have a headache because they don’t have a good thing. Li De has a headache because something very good doesn’t know how to deal with it.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ~

Just as he was struggling, there was a knock on the door, and a moment later Harrison stepped into the house.

Looking at the unconscious centaur on the ground, the head of the town hall jumped.

It was also the first time he saw a living Spiritual God. This Spiritual God is not a false god canonized by Li De, but a genuine Spiritual God. Although the power is a bit weak now, no matter how weak it is, it is also a god… …

“Men, do you plan to deal with this centaur like this?”

Li De shook the head.

“This guy can’t use the divine technique to subdue him. I am also having a headache. If he kills it, it would be a waste of his soul…”

“Soul? Under the crown, dry bones are undead…”

“Withered bones? That idiot!! As an undead, even the magic of stripping the soul will not!

And even if it will be scary, it will be difficult, the soul of Spiritual God is not so easy to withdraw…”

In the end, Li De waved his hand helplessly, “Forget it, I will seal him up first and find a way to deal with it.”

Harrison hearing this can only smile bitterly, stripping the Spiritual God’s soul, I have no experience with this.

“How about those centaur arrangements?”

3 million centaur, this is a huge fortune, and it can be a great help to the city of dawn when used well.


2.8 million of them have been transported to Underground World, and another 200,000 have been arranged to enter the abyssal gravel plane. “

Harrison responded, “Under the crown, these centaurs have arranged for the pastors of Dawn Sect to preach. It is expected that within the next six months, they will all become our believers.”

Li De nodded.

“The 200,000 people who are arranged to the abyss should closely observe their situation and take turns when necessary, otherwise the rules of the abyss will make them fall into evil centaur…”

Harrison hearing this means a lot.

“Under the crown, being an evil centaur may not be a bad thing.”

Not a bad thing?

Li De narrowed his eyes slightly, and instantly understood what the other party was saying.

After thinking for a moment, nodded.

“Then let it go, 200,000 centaur, we can still afford to sacrifice.”

Charity does not control the army, and does not manage money.

The centaur is a lawful neutral camp, but if changing into a lawful evil camp can get the increase in battle strength, he doesn’t mind allowing these centaurs to be transformed.

What he wants is a powerful army, and he doesn’t need a bucket that can only eat dry food.

A centaur is not a caveman. It is understandable that a caveman does not have battle strength, but a centaur does not have battle strength. What is he going to do?

If you are a simple believer, one centaur can eat more than five caveman… Does he waste food with such effort?

“Yes, under the crown.” Harrison continued after answering.

“There is one more thing to report to you.

Three days ago, Lord Amy developed a new plague, which has the effect of greatly strengthening the human body’s battle strength, and its side effects are fully controllable, and it will not cause people to lose their senses. “


Li De’s eyes lit up when he heard the news.

Amy has been studying the plague since he was rewarded with the plague priesthood for almost a year.

Are there finally results now?

“Has the test been scheduled? What are the specific effects and what are the side effects?”

“It has been arranged. The effect of the plague is very powerful, it can increase the strength and physical fitness by up to three times, and the side effect is that it will cause the body to be deformed, twisted, and become a terrifying monster.

Because of the powerful side effects, it cannot be applied to our army in a short time. “

Harrison is a bit regretful. The effect of the plague this time is very good, but the side effects are also painful.

Few people are willing to become human yet not human, ghost yet not a ghost monster.

Li De didn’t care, “The army at Breaking Dawn cannot be used, so why don’t you experiment with the Abyss Demon?

In pursuit of power, the devil doesn’t care about appearance at all…”

Harrison said with a smile.

“Under the crown, your thoughts are similar to those of the hero Amy.

Master Amy has already started experimenting on demons. It’s just a pity that our Blood Race and other armies can’t use it.

After all, the effect of the strong incarnation body is really very good. “

Li De nodded, “Okay, first experiment, and then report to me after confirming that there is no problem. When the time comes, we will carry out large-scale promotion.”

After speaking, it seemed to remember something, and looked towards Harrison with burning eyes.

“How is the situation in Lin City now?”

During this time, he was busy dealing with the old Evil God in the dwarf valley, solving the centaur in the low hills and hills, and has not paid attention to Lin City.

Harrison hearing this immediately sank, his eyes filled with uncontrollable anger.

“Under the crown, that damn noble god has gone crazy!

In order to deal with the breaking dawn sect, he even dispatched the priest and the church Knight to directly do it! ! “

“You humble heretic!! The great noble god is watching you, how dare you come to believe in the sect of this false god?!!!”

Lin City, on a street in the Southern District, Knight, the church with dozens wearing the emblem of the god of nobility, is sarcastically pushing the daybreakers who come to the church to pray.

At this moment, there are a lot of people watching the excitement in pointing fingers, most of them sympathize with the believers at dawn, because they have seen too many scenes in the past few months.

“no! We are believers under the crown of Yiluo, and we are not going anywhere!!! This is where we should go!!”

A devout daybreaker yelled at Sect Knight next to him with an angry face, his face was full of unwillingness and anger.