I Became a Progenitor Vampire Chapter 494


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The city at dusk.

This city was originally used by halflings to guard the silt marsh. At this time, more than 300,000 Underground Tribes have been stationed.

After Li De conquered Underground World, he concentrated the races that were scattered in various places in the city.

In this way, it is convenient for missions, secondly for management, and thirdly, it is suitable for exerting the characteristics of these races.

So Underground Tribes are already in the mainstream to gather in the city, and Underground Tribes who live outside have become a minority.

In the words of Earth, the process of urbanization has accelerated significantly.

When Li De flew to the city of dusk, he could clearly perceive the tension below. The bows and crossbows were full, the soldiers were on guard, and the magic word bats had already taken off and looked all around.

It was obviously on guard.

When Castro’s huge figure appeared, this tension was obviously intensified, and many fighters had already aimed their crossbow arrows at him.

“Black Dragon has been arrested by me and disbanded on alert.”

Li De’s indifferent voice resounded through the city of dusk, and at the same time the breath of being the god of dusk filled out.

At least 9 Chengdu is his believer in the city. After sensing the familiar breath, it was cheering excitedly, and the whole city became noisy.

The great twilight god, their faith! This is Oracle!

The soldiers who were still on guard also relaxed immediately. Some of the Blood Race stationed on the city wall felt Li De’s breath and smiled.

hu hu ~

Castro, wearing a steel armor, flew directly into the city under the gaze of the soldiers. Li De looked down from the sky and could clearly feel that the city was several times more prosperous than when halflings occupied it.

After Castro landed in the City Lord Mansion, the second generation descendant Otis and Andibella who were stationed in Underground World, plus Guido Blackwind from the Centaur Empire quickly surrounded them.

“Welcome to you, my crown.”

“Kachar City Lord, good day.”

Otis was one of Li De’s first seven descendants. After he occupied the Underground World, he appointed the opponent as the top commander of the Underground World and was responsible for the management of the Underground World.

After Andebella joined the City of Dawn, Li De dispatched this proud girl to assist Otis to manage Underground World and build a stable rear for him.

Guido Blackwind is the current king of the centaur. After conquering the low mountains and hills, he transferred several millions of centaur directly to Underground World, where the opponent has been leading the centaur.

The centaur is actually not very suitable for survival in Underground World. The vast grassland is their destination, but the world is about to be destroyed. It is good to find a safe place. Whoever has time to help them find the grassland.

“Good day.”

Li De faced the three nodded.

“The Black Dragon that disrupted Underground World has been captured by me.

Sea Clan God is escorting, and will be sent later.

You can arrange an exhibition to show the Black Dragon to the outside world for three days, and then arrange to send it back to the City of Dawn later. “

Black Dragon the past few days in Underground World caused people to be alarmed. Now that we have captured this powerful life, it is natural to calm people’s hearts and also preach by the way.

This Black Dragon is a genuine giant dragon. It can capture these lives, which is definitely helpful for spreading faith.

It can be regarded as waste utilization.

“Yes, under the crown.”

Otis is nodded, but his face still has several points of worry, it seems he is not worried about Black Dragon……

Not only Otis, but Guido and Andibella also have serious faces, and there is not much excitement to hear that Black Dragon is captured by him.

Li De was keenly aware of this and asked in a deep voice.

“What happened, why are you worrying about it?”

Otis looked ugly, and after taking a few deep breaths, he said bitterly.

“Under the crown, Underground World’s food…there is no harvest.”

Li De’s heart is shocked, and the grain has never been harvested? ?

The reason why Underground World is regarded as a big rear area by him is that apart from being not disturbed by the outside world, one of the most important reasons is that it can grow food on a large scale.

Although shimmer mushrooms have a poor taste and high nutrition, they are at least full and can feed enough people.

Now Otis’ words undoubtedly make his heart cold.

My thoughts turned, I quickly found the key to the matter, and said in a concentrated voice.

“Is it caused by the third sky split?”

The old atmosphere of the outside has eroded most of the plants, and has caused the parasols to wither. The sky cracks in the underground world are no smaller than the outside world. There is no reason why apart from this can lead to the failure of all food.

Andebey, who had never spoken aside, showed a little apologize, nodded shook his head again.

“Kachar City Lord, it’s not entirely the cause of the third sky split. The old power of Underground World was already very strong, and the growth of shimmer mushrooms slowed down as a result, and even remained barely alive. Status…

Several hours ago, the cracks in the sky widened and caused the old energy tide of Underground World. The fragile shimmering mushrooms all withered and died within a few minutes…”

“How much is the loss?” Li De asked in a deep voice.

Otis quickly responded.

“The maturity cycle of shimmer mushrooms was originally more than one month, but because the old days were too strong, the growth period increased to two and a half months.

In order to maintain the harvest, we mobilized several millions to expand the planting area.

The current planting area is twenty times that of the previous year!

Originally there was half a month to harvest, but now…

The loss this time is estimated to be about tens of millions of ordinary persons’ food consumption for a year…”

Li De’s heart trembled, and he felt blood dripping from his heart at the moment.

After the old days came, there was not much food reserves. In addition, he received more than five million humans from Lin City and more than three million centaurs from low mountains and hills.

The food shortage has always been like a curse on his head.

Although the Dawning Plain was later opened up, and automated machinery was used for farming, the food produced can barely be supplied and consumed.

But the problem is that the current inventory is too small. Once some changes occur, such as the Dawn Plain cannot produce food for a year, then he will immediately face a serious food crisis.

That’s why he pays so much attention to food, and has always made Underground World pay attention to the cultivation of shimmer mushrooms…

But the words behind Andibella made Li De’s heart heavier.

“This is not the key, but the more important point is-if we can’t clear the old energy, we will no longer be able to cultivate shimmer mushrooms.

Not only shimmer mushrooms, other food crops will not be grown…”

In other words, it’s not just the problem of the crop failure this season, it’s not going to happen in the future.

The sudden news hit Li De directly.

It hurts my heart.

Underground World plus caveman people already have more than 20 million lives.

If you can’t produce food, relying solely on the Dawn Plain is barely enough, but this is equivalent to tie the lifeline of the Dawn City on the Dawn Plain.

Once there is a problem such as the failure of grain harvest in the Dawn Plain, the Dawn City will face an unprecedented catastrophe, and several millions of people will be starved to death.

Everything went well during this period, which made Li De full of confidence, but at this time he could only show a wry smile.

Don’t talk about martial arts, the base camp was stolen…

With a wave of his hand, the fate slab shards snatched from King Nolan appeared in front of everyone.

Li De took a deep breath.

“This is a slab of Destiny. As long as it is activated, the rules within a hundred kilometers in diameter can be restored to the state before the arrival of the old day.

You immediately send someone to find a suitable place, and I will put the fate slab fragment underground. “

Originally, he planned to use this fragment on the City of Dawn, but now he can’t control that many.

Underground World, as the rear base camp, must be stabilized. The food needed by more than 20 million people is a curse, and you cannot relax at all.

He can’t imagine a scene where tens of millions of people have no food to eat… It would definitely be a nightmare.

Hearing this, several people were immediately shocked, with surprised expressions in their eyes.

Didn’t expect Li De to put such an important thing in Underground World……

But Andibella was not too surprised by this.

As the City Lord of Reisl City, she knows better what food means to a power. This is the lifeblood, the foundation, and without food, even the empire that rules the entire multidimensional plane will collapse in an instant.

Just as Otis hurriedly left to study the appropriate location for the Slab of Destiny.

The residents of Twilight City suddenly made a noise.

Li De heard the noise and turned his head slightly and looked towards the distance.

A huge bubble floated in the sky.

What’s more eye-catching is that Bubble seems to be an extremely strong cage, imprisoning the scarred Black Dragon inside.

And the seven Sea Clan Spiritual Gods are like heroes returning from victory, arranging them to escort the Black Dragon into the city of dusk.

The residents below were cheering excitedly, and the noise seemed to shake the city wall down.

Black Dragon wanted to destroy the city of dusk several times before. Fortunately, the two Sea Clan Spiritual Gods almost fought their lives and forced each other to change their minds, otherwise the city would have been destroyed.

The powerful residents who have seen Black Dragon are naturally extremely excited when they see this legendary terrifying life being captured.

After Black Dragon was escorted to the downtown square by Sea Clan Spiritual God, tens of thousands of people immediately swarmed to watch it, and the scene was extremely lively.

The preacher of Twilight Sect also appeared at the right time. Based on the capture of Black Dragon, he began to preach the power of the God of Twilight…

Li De didn’t feel much excitement when he saw this scene. He was still thinking about the impact of this grain harvest on the city of dawn.

He had underestimated the old power before.

I thought that having two slabs of fate would be enough for peace of mind.

But the desperate grain harvest in the entire Underground World fiercely taught him a lesson.

If you want the city of Dawn to be safe and sound, two fragments are not enough. Five or even ten may be enough to stabilize his power map.

The big loss this time really made him feel painful, more painful than losing hundreds of thousands of troops in a battle.

“We must continue to search for the fate slate fragments. The two pieces cannot guarantee the supply of food. Once something goes wrong, the pressure on the City of Dawn will be enormous.

Especially in the future, I plan to transfer the population of the capital of Nolan to the southern provinces.

These tens of millions of people are tens of millions of screaming mouths, and the food consumed every day is enough to make brains hurt. “

In contemplation, Li De followed back to the lobby of the City Lord Manor.

Sea Clan Spiritual God, who just enjoyed the worship of the residents of the city of dusk, also came to the manor with a bit of excitement.

The feeling of being admired by people is really good. They rarely experience this kind of heartfelt emotion in races other than Sea Clan.

Li De looked towards the Mermaid Lord God, after pondering for a moment, he asked.

“Your Excellency Virginia, where did you find the Water Element plane that you used to transfer Sea Clan?”

The population of Prince Nolan is a huge piece of fat, and he doesn’t want to just give up like that.

But before that, he must find a container that can transfer the population, whether it is a plane or Divine Kingdom, after all, he must have it, otherwise he will not be able to eat this piece of fat no matter how fat it is.

The mermaid master didn’t expect Li Dehui suddenly asked this question. After organizing the language, he said slowly.

“This plane is not what I found, but the missing plane my father encountered in Chaos Void in the early years.

This plane is very suitable for Sea Clan to survive, and it has a wide range, so I was brought back to Sea Clan by my father……”

Li De hearing this was speechless.

These second generations of gods are truly amazing. You can inherit a few planes if you have nothing to do. How can this be reasonable?

Don’t talk nonsense right now, I told the Mermaid Lord God about the Nolan King Capital, and finally blunt said.

“I need a plane that can transfer the population and even allow tens of millions of humans to live in it for a period of time. I wonder if Lord Virginia can do this for me?”

Hearing these words, the Mermaid Lord God was inexplicably envious.

When Li De went out, tens of millions of people were about to pay. These are all believers in vain.

But she also knows herself that these believers are possessed. If she dares to plunder like this, she will face the craziest revenge after being known by those Light Element Spiritual Gods.

The ocean gods have never dealt much with the gods on land.

Offending hundreds of Spiritual Gods at once, Sea Clan is not so brave yet.

But I don’t know why, she doesn’t feel surprised that Li De does this, and she doesn’t seem to worry too much about it.

It seems that this man can do nothing wrong.

I don’t know when Li De gave her such a positive impression…

“This matter takes time.”

The Mermaid Lord God did not rashly agree, but cautiously spoke.

“The planes suitable for human existence are not those with incomplete rules and chaos. The easy-to-find planes have already been discovered.”

Li De also knew this was the reason, but he was not disappointed.

“Then trouble you, Lord Virginia.

These populations are precious resources for the City of Dawn.

Moreover, we are standing together, sharing common interests and common goals. When we become stronger, the Sea Clan god system becomes stronger. “

After speaking, the tone became serious.

“I promise you that if the population of the royal capital can be successfully transferred this time, I can assign a part of the believers to the Sea Clan god system, the number is not less than two million, and everyone will share the spoils of war.”

The Sea Clan Spiritual Gods, who were still a little entangled in their hearts, were immediately shocked, and they were a little surprised and unbelievable.

Li De is willing to share believers? ?

If other Spiritual Gods say this, they will definitely dismiss it. After all, believers are the foundation of Spiritual God. Sharing anything is impossible to share this life-related thing.

But after saying this from Li De, they involuntarily believed it.

Thanks to Li De’s previous attitude, he has a high position in their hearts.

Even the Mermaid Lord God couldn’t help but glance at Li De deeply when he heard this.

At this time, she was looking thoughtful and seemed to know why the other person was so charming.

Things they regard as precious, it seems to be nothing to this…I don’t blame him for being so attractive.

Li De watched several Sea Clan Spiritual God’s attitude changes, slightly smiled.

The transfer of the population in the capital of Nolan hasn’t happened yet. Now a promise can be exchanged for the other side to work for him. He is simply the capitalist of the year.

Of course, if the population were really transferred, he would not be stingy.

What counts for tens of millions of people to give the other two million believers, the Ocean God System has now become his subordinate, and the strength of the opponent is his strength.

Although these subordinates still speak badly, it shows that the Shang still maintains the posture of allies.

But after these two orders were issued, the other party has already begun to undergo a mental shift.

He doesn’t want much, as long as he obeys his orders, it doesn’t matter whether or not the acknowledge allegiance is. He has always been a pragmatist.

After a while, Li De seemed to think of something, and asked with some curiosity.

“Your Excellency Virginia, my Divine Kingdom was anchored in the City of Dawn for some reason, and it is temporarily unavailable.

So I don’t know if you can still use Divine Kingdom? “

Although he does not have the genuine Divine Kingdom, Burial Ground is indeed not much different from Divine Kingdom, and this statement makes sense.

The Mermaid Lord God didn’t doubt anything, and said with a somewhat complicated tone.

“When the slab of fate was broken and the gods turned into saints, our Divine Kingdom was banned and could not be moved at all.

Even in my clansman, three Divine Kingdoms collapsed directly, and several millions of years of accumulation were ruined…”

These words made the faces of the three Sea Clan Spiritual Gods next to them look a little ugly, and they obviously touched their sadness.

so that’s how it is, no wonder I didn’t see these Spiritual Gods using Divine Kingdom.

Li De nodded.

“How do I remove the seal?”

“According to my inference, it may be possible to use the rules of Peak reshaping the Divine Kingdom if the strength is restored, or it may be necessary to wait for the World Rule to return to normal and Divine Kingdom will automatically recover.”

Currently, neither of these conditions is easy to achieve.

It takes a lot of time to restore strength, and it is even more invisible to restore the world to normal. It is not bad if the world is not destroyed in a short time.

Li De is looking thoughtful, it doesn’t seem to be a bad thing…

If Divine Kingdom can be used, the Lord of Dawn has sent a group of Holy Spirits from Divine Kingdom summon to beat him when he was in the capital of Nolan.

Every Divine Kingdom of Spiritual God lives in devout believers during his lifetime. Some powerful believers will be cultivated by Spiritual God to become Holy Spirit, and their general strength is at Half-God Level or even Spiritual God level.

Once there is a battle with other Spiritual Gods, these Holy Spirits are the warriors on the front line.

Freya, the twelve-winged Seraphim, was trained by the Lord of Dawn from the most powerful Holy Spirit and spent countless resources.

Spiritual God’s favorite divine life like Seraphim of the Twelve Wings is extremely difficult to cultivate and consumes the amount of source power.

This is why the other party is reluctant to let go.

Of course, the disadvantages of Divine Kingdom’s unavailability are also obvious. In the fight against the old Evil God, the power of the Gods of Light was obviously weakened.

After thinking for a moment, Li De shook the head, whether he can use Divine Kingdom or not is not something he can change, it is useless to think about it.

Now he turned his attention to the Black Dragon who had just been captured.

“What is the status of the Black Dragon on that end?”

The seal god next to him said, “Black Dragon life force is extremely tenacious. Although the injuries suffered are serious, it is not terrible.

Now it has been imprisoned by us using the divine technique and fell asleep.

As long as it is still in the bubble, Black Dragon’s condition will remain unchanged, and the injury will not recover or worsen. “

Li De is slightly nodded.

“Can you take out the magic scroll on the opponent’s head?”

The twelve magic scrolls embedded in the Black Dragon’s head are Divine Item snatched from the goblin by the opponent.

The two Divine Item fragments dedicated to him by the goblins on him were torn from the magic scroll on the Black Dragon.

This Black Dragon hasn’t stepped into Legendary more than a year ago, and now the combat effectiveness has been directly upgraded to Divine Grade, which is too unreasonable.

And judging from the status of the opponent today, it must be because of the magic scroll.

This also made him curious about the twelve magic scrolls on Black Dragon.

“The magic scroll is connected with the soul of the Black Dragon. If you want to pull it away, this Black Dragon may die on the spot…” The seal god obediently and honestly responded.

They were curious about the Divine Item when they captured Black Dragon, but they couldn’t take it down.

Lee is frowned, is there such a weirdness?

“Go, let’s go and see together.”

Now I took everyone to the downtown square.

When I came to the square, the surroundings were already full of people, from all races, including orcs, centaur, human, lizardmen, harpy… etc.

There are more chaotic races than zoo animals.

The soldiers smashed away from the crowd, and Li De came to the front of the Black Dragon wrapped in transparent bubbles under the enthusiastic gaze of the surrounding races.

Standing in front of this giant dragon with a wingspan of 30 blades, the opponent’s huge size brings a lot of oppression.

Although the other party is asleep, the Dragon’s Might everywhere still makes everyone in the square feel that their hearts are pressed against a boulder.

Black Dragon is now covered with scars, flesh and blood is still rolling, it seems that it is because of bubbles, but there is no dragon’s blood oozing from the wound.

With a little curiosity, Li De opened the attribute panel of this Black Dragon.

Hell Black Dragon-Caron Dore

Level: 32

Divinity: 2000 points

Status: Seriously injured and sleeping.

Skills:? ?

bloodline: Hell Black Dragon bloodline

Introduction: After swallowing part of the power of hell from a Divine Item that sealed the power of hell, it was transformed into a divine life, and the flames breathed out with a deadly breath of hell.

After reading the attributes of Black Dragon, Li De expression congeals.

From the introduction of this guy, it looks weird.

The reason why the opponent has become so strong is that a part of the hell power has been swallowed from the Divine Item that seals the hell power…

What is sealing the power of hell?

His gaze looked towards the magic scroll that grows in dragon scales and flesh and blood.

Seal the power of hell?

Is this serious?

Li De’s eyes were deep, and his thoughts began to turn.

In the Myths and Legends he collected, hell altogether nine layers, each floor has a powerful demon lord sitting in the town, plus the lord of the nine hells, the hell camp has a total of 10 powerful Evil Gods.

In terms of numbers, the Hell camp is not strong, but the Lord of the Nine Hells is not strong enough to hold the Lord of the Nine Hells, the most powerful existence besides the Goddess of Life and Death God in the multiple planes of glory.

Strength of oneself alone has increased the combat effectiveness of the entire camp, making the entire glory not dare to underestimate hell, showing the strength of the Lord of the Nine Hells.

The Myths and Legends he collected are all widely circulated, so there should be no major problems.

But now that the system is improved, the twelve magic scrolls have sealed a part of the power of hell…

Does this have any special meaning? I have never heard that the power of hell is not complete.

Moreover, this power directly transformed Black Dragon from a life that has not yet entered the Legendary into a Level 32 divine life, which is too exaggerated.

What makes him even more puzzled is that Black Dragon got the twelve magic scrolls a long time ago. Why is it only now gaining the power?

The other party also thought of conspiring with Naga to go to the Abyss breakthrough Legendary before coming to conquer the Underground World.

All this is obviously unreasonable.

If Black Dragon had acquired this power before, in terms of the giant dragon’s arrogant character, it would not have been hidden until now, and it would have begun to conquer the Underground World.

Then what is the reason that Black Dragon is only now gaining hell power from the Divine Item that it has already obtained?

What secrets are hidden in this?

The introduction of system made Li De feel that he was faintly spying on a certain secret, but he was unable to make effective judgments because of too little information.

“Wake him up, I want to ask him personally.”

If you have doubts in your mind, you can’t just ignore it. Now I decided to personally explore the tone of this giant dragon.

The Sea Clan Spiritual God hearing this next to him immediately went forward and cast the spell. After a while, a burst of cyan energy rushed into the bubbles, and the bubbles instantly dazzled rays of light. The sleeping Black Dragon slowly awakened after the rays of light shone. .

The huge dragon’s eyes opened, and after blinking a few times to see the surrounding scenes, they suddenly became angry.

“Damn reptiles, you dare to imprison the great Black Dragon master!!”

“You will be punished by the Lord of the Nine Hells!!”

Li De expression congeals, the lord of the nine prisons? Is this Black Dragon blind or is the opponent really connected with the Lord of the Nine Hells?

Thinking that the other party had swallowed the power of hell before becoming a Level 32 divine life, my mind suddenly turned around.

looked towards Sea Clan Spiritual God.

“Bring this Black Dragon to City Lord Manor.”

It’s not suitable to ask about too secret things here. The news he learned from Black Dragon made him curious about the secrets.

He is keenly aware that this matter is definitely not that simple.

Sea Clan Spiritual God immediately understood, casting the spell to make the bubbles float.

Black Dragon wants to struggle, but after being banned from power, it can only be a lamb to be slaughtered.

The surrounding crowd was a little disappointed to see that Black Dragon was removed, but for most people, it was already exciting enough today. First, Black Dragon was captured, and then they saw the great twilight god, which was enough to satisfy them.

When I came to City Lord Manor, Li De cleared the field before letting everyone leave. Even the Mermaid Lord God was taken away by him.

The reason was that this questioning involved the secrets of hell, and she knew it would be of no benefit to Sea Clan.

Out of trust in Li De, the mermaid master has no doubts.

When the crowd left, Li De waved his hand, and a huge magical shield was raised, directly blocking the outside world and blocking the possibility of being peeped.

After doing all this, Li De directly revealed the real body of Blood Race, and the evil aura spread out.

The bloody eyes stared coldly at the Black Dragon cursing crazily in the bubble, and the tone was as cold as frost.

“Black Dragon, I am a believer in the great Lord of the Nine Hells, you filthy low life, dare to cheat as the Lord of the Nine Hells!

Who gave you the courage? ! ! “

After talking about the operation of the dark strength of Faith in the evening sect, various titles and skills burst out, and the surrounding aura became extremely evil due to the revelation of Blood Race’s real body. At this moment, he is darker than hell.

When I heard Li De’s words, and then realized the evil aura on him, he was stared wide-eyed, full of surprise.

Immediately, as if thinking of something, he shook his head again and again.

“Impossible, humble crawler, don’t try to deceive the great Black Dragon master!!”

Li De snered, took two Divine Item fragments that the goblin gave him before from his arms, and gestured to Black Dragon.

“Impossible? See what this is? The great Lord of the Nine Hells sent me to retrieve the Divine Item fragments, and will continue to let me find the remaining Divine Item and return it to the master.

You are now stealing the Divine Item of the Lord of the Nine Prisons. This is a capital crime! ! “

The master of the nine prisons is the master of hell, and the twelve magic scrolls seal the power of hell. If it doesn’t matter, Li De can put his fist in his mouth…

So he directly cheated Black Dragon.

And coincidentally, he has two Divine Item fragments in his hand, which undoubtedly greatly increases his credibility.

Sure enough, after seeing the Divine Item fragment in Li De’s hand, Black Dragon was immediately shocked and unbelievable.

“How is it possible! Didn’t the master of the nine prisons say that the scroll of purgatory is only for me to use?? How did you get the Divine Item fragments?

No, no, the Divine Item fragments were torn apart by those damn goblins, you must have got them from the goblins! “

Li De’s heart sank. As expected, the power of Black Dragon is related to the Lord of the Nine Hells.

This is troublesome.

Thinking of the terrifying existence of the famous and powerful breakthrough ceiling, he felt a little painful.

“hmph, this is what the Lord of the Nine Prisons sent me to find them back. Those goblins have already become the past…”

“Don’t change the subject, you dare to attack my city in the name of Lord of the Nine Hells, and the crime is unforgivable!”

Black Dragon is furious.

“I dare to deceive the great Black Dragon master. I slaughtered those lowly reptiles to obtain blood human souls. You don’t even know if you dare to say…”

In the middle of the story, it seemed that I had thought of something suddenly. He closed his mouth abruptly, and then looked at Li De with an angry face. If the divine ability kills, I’m afraid Li De has killed a thousand times.

This humble vampire is so insidious that he confuses him.

Li De hearing this brightens up.

The hell devil’s preference for human souls is not a secret. It is almost a spoken word used by a glorious ordinary person to scare children.

His thoughts began to turn quickly, and after a while he seemed to infer the general truth…

Black Dragon got the twelve magic scrolls at the beginning, but they couldn’t use them. In the end, I didn’t know why they contacted the Lord of the Nine Hells, and the other party taught him how to use the magic scrolls.

In return, Black Dragon needs to provide enough fresh souls.

But inferences are inferences, and there are many things that make him puzzled. Why do we need a human soul alone? And how did the two parties get in touch? Why do the twelve magic scrolls seal the power of hell?

Is each scroll sealed with the power of hell or is it only part of it?

The opponent stares at Underground World, does he simply want Devouring Soul, or is he ready to hunt down the city of dawn with shards of fate?

These questions plunged Li De into a greater mist.

He always felt that the hell camp that had not been hidden before, suddenly appeared after the old days descended, and seemed to be plotting some shocking conspiracy.

Now he just happened to run into it.

And whether he wants to intervene or not, he has no choice now.

Black Dragon has been captured by him. With the arrogance of giant dragon, even if he let the opponent go, he will definitely be jealous to death, and he may cause him some trouble.

So what should be killed is killed, and what should be robbed is still to be robbed.

Of course, these inferences may have been due to him thinking too much, but these things still made him very vigilant.

Then Black Dragon also learned how to master it. No matter how Li De provoked this guy, it was just those humble and lowly reptiles, and no more useful information was revealed.