I Became a Progenitor Vampire Chapter 533

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The Lord of Jieshili, Asportis, saw the scene of Li Dezheng, and his face became extremely ugly.

The destiny slate is really reunited, and the death of the dead vampire has carries a lot of power to the old day, and there is a bottom gas with the old day partner.

damn chaos! !

Then it is his thing! !

under anger, the more Imposing Manner, Asmothlis Imposing Manner.

But after a while, the grunge face sudden started, and immediately looked Towards was tearing the spatial gap.

At this time, two devil lords are holding two twelve magic scrolls from inside.

“My Lord, the vampire after leaving, the power limit of this plane was released, we took the opportunity to recall the twelve magic scrolls!”

Asmothils took the magic scroll, it was very happy.

“Hahaha, this is the choice of destiny !!”

Full of coolness, IN The Sky Divine Might is a vast Li De Illusory Shadow, a waving.

“Hell Camp withdraw !!

belongs to our era, coming! ! “

The cold words spread through the battlefields over Rins, but at this time, the gods have not been thinking about the devil.

All people are watching LOOKED TOWARDS in The Sky, that has entered the figure of Chaos Void.

They know that things have arrived in this Step, everything is hard to save.

Now controlling the fate slate, Li De, is a glory Strongest Existence, and he will follow the old days of signage, will absolutely glory. Delivery.

will also determine their life and death.

but there are many demon dominates to see the robbery, and do not stay in the main position. After opening Space Gate, you have entered BotTomless Abyss or other unknown planes to hide.

They don’t have half points to fight the idea of ​​the old daily dominance.

After the Devil’s next order, the devil will quickly open the space Gate withdrawal to 9-layer hell.

At this time, finally supported the destiny slate agglomeration, and still guarded the stone of the Burial Ground of Stone Room RELAXED, looking at Soul Fire burning the undead of the undead.


“The death of the undead, the creation of God,” also chosen him. ”

Undead the ancestor.

“Yes … I perceive the amount of glory of the Source Power in him, that is originally the father.”

The white bones that have a hole in the empty tits.

“The Lord of Jiuyin, I got what he wanted … I didn’t keep everything left by the father and god.”

He has highlighted it after the strength of the Asmothlis’s strength, immediately highlights it.

Jaja is the Jiarien of Asmothil, but the dead displacement is not his one of his people.

Cassena shakes his head.

“Asmothlis has long planned millions of years, is it so good to deal with?”

Finished the picture of the Looked Towards sky, the eyes become gradually downs.

“The last war started …”

The discourse is falling, and the originally calm picture immediately appeared sharp oscillating.

I saw Li De, floating in Icy and Hengyu, suddenly surrounding the waves began to roll.

The endless decay force comes with Chaos Void, and if there is thousands of Silver’s big river in Pentium!

The weird organism that cannot be described, unconfigured is condensed under the decaying force.

That is a moving figure with the head of the octopus, the hair is also a peristaltic tentacle, and there is a bloody mouth with a full of full of teeth.

The distortion organs and distorted body seem to have been tortured in the purgatory.

The body is similar to the body of the orc, which is full of hair, two huge arms have sharp paws, seem to be easily torn. Star River.

The breath of the body is enough to use all terrorist vocabulary.

This is the most extreme evil in the world, and the ORDINARY PERSON is even if it looks at it, it will feel that his soul is swallowed.

The horrible breath is filled, and has become a dreamless dream.

Endless fear and depression, can’t breathe, in the moment of the old days, many of the real face of life has not been resistant to the ground.

The unhisteous horror, almost let them fall into the extreme epilepsium.

cannot withstand the force of this decay.

Li De saw this scene, the Terrifying Aura, the body, Ten Thousand zhang, hopping.

An unimaginable prestimator is shrouded throughout the glory multi-positive, no one can resist the Divine Might, and many people are almost all in the same time.

Constant pressure All Heavens Myriad Realms is majestic, beyond people’s imagination.

The two sides are just right in Chaos Void.

has not been handed over, just the collision of the breath, it has made it almost unable to breathe.

Beyond World’s extreme power, it is no longer the mortal to see the might of peak.

“unimaginable, it is destroyed the whole place! This is the power of the old day domain?” A shock of Evil God hiding in the abyss.

“Carrying the power of the glory, it is so strong, I am not willink to! Why can he bearer!! This dead vampire !!” The master of the morning is blood, and the eyes are full of anger.

“maybe, this is the fate.”

The sun goddess, which is full of hot Rays of Light, and there is no pain and feelings that cannot be said.

The resident of the city of Dawn also saw the picture of In The Sky, all believers poured down to the ground, praying to their faith, film worship.

“Great Kharac, your brilliant will shine the entire world!”

“Dawn will eventually be eternal!”

“Your humble believer prayed here, I hope your majesty is glory!”

is even more than dawn residents, glory All Heavens Myriad Realms, all people in this BRIEF MOMENT Expressions All is full of expectations and hopes.

The existence of the might, will be glory, fight the old daily dominance.

is their Savior.

is their only hope.

Emi, Harrison, Kapu, Bull, Antebella, Betty, Isa … and more.

All people in the city, all are praying at this moment.

Diffine Might, which is condensed to the ultimate, constant pressure All Heavens Myriad Realms, makes everyone atmospheric.

Suddenly, the two sides are simultaneously moved.

Li De is an endless chaotic Divine Light, and the power of the whole glory is all in the moment.

His strength has reached the extreme, a box can collapse a place, shocking half a stars.

and the old days of the domain is also filled with the hardships of the heart, that is the extreme power of Chaos Void, which is a horrific force that is destroyed.

The figure of the two sides disappears in the original place, and it has become a beam of light collision together.

The surrounding space is directly collapsed, and violent vibrato is issued.

Void swaying, chaotic collapse.

Chaos and decaying energy violent, such as tidal surgery to the quarter.

strong wind scattering the last clouds, billowing Waves Washing the Sand.

Many spiritual god At the moment, the soul is shaking under the terror Divine Might broke out.

I don’t know how many gods I can’t help but worship, this is completely involuntarily’s action, and their soul can’t bear this Divine Might.

Bloodline is full of fear, defeating ingredients.

The collision of both parties tears the entire starry sky, and the collision produced chaotic Rays of Light has become the only one of Between Heaven and Earth.

No one can see the battlefield of the two people, and the world has been done, the vast power such as the mountains of Ten Thousand ZHANG High, Destroying Heaven Extinguishing Earth.

Nine-day Galaxy is full, HOLY LIGHT four shots.

in the Sky crack burst, the source rules are all appeared at this moment, and the entire multi-port is trembled because of the collision of the two.

Lid’s Imposing Manner runs through Above The Heavens and Under The Earth, the majest Divine Force is raging in Withnin the Body.

overbearing the gesture transverse to the sky.

In this Level collision, everything Divine Technique and Magic have become a stumbling block.

Your own bodies is the best carrier for strength.

is powerful, which is unable to resist, which is the most intuitive impression of Li De on the old daily domain.

The decaying force makes him even if the entire world is still a huge pressure.

that is surpassing everything.

can swallow a world to destroy a multi-universe.

, but, the pressure is not allowed to let Li De retreat half steps, and the murderous intertion is messy in the heart, carrying the Divine Might halfway.

~ ~ ~

Each time you collide with the old day domain, the surrounding Chaos Void will distort the fry.

Some of the waste places of some million-blade diameters, under the collision of the two, even if there is half-second, it will turn into ruins.

The top area of ​​the two sides has even had a black hole.

swallowing all the strengths around.

makes the nightization into a day, chaotic is ineffective.

This is the strength of the creation level in collision, which is millions of years, or even ten, and hundreds of era may not have a peerless field.

This scene is enough to make the poet of the poet spread to the end of World.