I Became the Patriarch of Uchiha Chapter 741


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On the lively streets of Konohagakure, crowds of people to-and-fro. In three days, several Uchiha executives rushed back to Konoha.

There are more and more Konohagakure Chūnin people. Uchiha also has a genius Shinōbi. Since the year before last, several Uchiha executives have basically no longer participated in the tasks in Konohagakure.

Instead, they are looking for ways to improve their strength in the ninja world. After all, there is a powerful Patriarch as a goal to catch up, which provides them with great motivation.

In the Conference Hall of the Uchiha clan, including Fugaku, all eight Mangekyō Shinōbi gathered, while Fujimoto continued to wander the Ninja world.

For Fugaku, observe the corners of a Genin world, Underground World, wandering among the major black markets.

These places have strange rumors about the Ninja World, various organizations that have suddenly appeared, and some strange abilities that have suddenly appeared have an unusually keen sense of smell.

Current Uchiha has formed a certain pattern invisibly. To enter Clan’s upper level, Mangekyō must be turned on, although there is no explicit stipulation.

Many people in Clan regard this as a law, after all, Mangekyō and 3-Tomoe are completely qualitatively different.

But what disappointed Fugaku and Clan’s executives is that until now, no Shinōbi has awakened Mangekyō through his own ability.

In the Conference Hall, Fugaku sits at the top, and all seven high-level people gather.

“Lord Patriarch, I don’t know what the theme of this meeting is.”

Seven people also looked at him, and all of them were a little confused. Fugaku hadn’t said anything before the meeting.

There was no major event in the Ninja World. Even the will formed by the so-called Chakra ancestors was sealed by Lord Patriarch. Several people really couldn’t think of anything important.

Fugaku got up and drove to an open place. When he stretched out his hand, a space channel appeared in front of him.

“This is a space channel, come with me.”

Only Kenichi, who has seen space channel, can remain calm. Others have been stunned in shock, and some can’t believe it.

“Lord Patriarch, this, this, is really incredible, it can open up a space channel.” Chika said incoherently.

“Let’s go, let’s talk about it in the past, the maintenance of space channel consumption is not small.”

While speaking, Fugaku walked directly into the space channel, Kim followed closely from behind, and several others entered one after another.

The scene of all around seems to be the same as Big Dipper Turns and Stars Move, from the spacious Conference Hall to the dim, silent moon, and the dark starry sky in the distance is dotted with one after another star.

Seven people kept looking at all around, Renzhi turned around, and a look of shock flashed across his face, saying: “Lord Patriarch, the blue planet in front is difficult to Dao is the Earth where I live.”

The others also turned to look around, and said: “We have escaped from Earth. It’s just like a dream.”

“It is really incredible. Although I have heard that the ancestor of Chakra came from outside the sky, it is only at this moment that I can realize the breadth of the world.”

“The so-called fighting for power before, now feels like a joke.”

Being in Universe Starry Sky has caused a huge change in the world view of several people. Fugaku does not know whether this change is good or bad.

However, if Uchiha Clan wants to get out of Earth, this step must be experienced.

Jin looked at the land under his feet, and then looked at the nearby Earth and said: “Lord Patriarch, is this the moon?”

“Yes, it is indeed the moon. I can’t believe it. When I first arrived here, I couldn’t believe it. But this is the truth.”

Several people looked all around, and Jin looked at the distance, still retaining a part of the ruins left by the battle.

“Lord Patriarch, there was a battle here before? I don’t know who it is.”

“Hehe, they are a group of guys who only know how to hide behind and plan a conspiracy. They plan to destroy all humans on Earth. I found this place and destroyed it.”

Then Rikudō Sennin and Ōtsutsuki Hamura sealed Kaguya on the moon, and Hamura lineage was stationed on the moon to guard the seal.

At the same time, I roughly said the origins of the Hyūga clan and the lunar big tube wood clan.

“These guys should really be killed, a bunch of guys who have forgotten their ancestors.”

“Lord Patriarch wants to use this as a base for Uchiha Clan.” Jin speculated.

The purpose of bringing them here from Fugaku is not difficult to guess, otherwise it would not be exposed.

“Well, Uchiha is a great Clan, and it will be even greater in the future. It’s a pity to be stuck on Earth. Since the Otsuki clan can travel the starry sky, there is no reason why Uchiha Clan can’t.

The moon is the 1st Step for Uchiha to set foot in the universe. With the 1st Step, there will be 2nd Step and Third Step in the future, which will eventually spread over the stars. “

Several people looked at Lord Patriarch, and they felt as if the mountain stood still.

“You first select a part of clansman from Clan to migrate to the moon to adapt to a period of time, and simply build the moon.

This time things should not be made too loudly. “


Fugaku led the crowd around the surface of the moon, and then went to the inner world of the moon.

An artificial sun floats in the sky, and the ground resembles a spherical sea, land and forest, just like a small world.

“Lord Patriarch, I can’t believe that there is such a beautiful world inside the moon, almost indistinguishable from the world of ninja.” Jin Dao.

Fugaku nodded said: “Yes, these all are the big barrel wood clan of the moon built a little bit for thousands of years, and now it’s my Uchiha Clan.

The elderly in Clan can migrate here to provide for the elderly. The environment here is pleasant and the area is wide, so it is possible to build a Holy Land for elderly care.

Konoha is too small after all. Several hundred thousand people are concentrated in one village. It is a bit crowded. Plan the moon well. Not only for the elderly, schools and training grounds can be built. “

Fugaku pointed to a dilapidated building in the distance and said, “There are some clansmans of the big wood clan whose eyes have been dug out in this building. After Clan transfers, you can take care of it.

They are all old and weak, waiting for death here. “

Kenichi took a look and said: “Lord Patriarch, I will go over and take a look.”


Ripples in space appeared, Kenichi’s silhouette gradually disappeared, and several other people also chose a direction, intending to explore it.

After all, before migrating Clan, we must at least have a general understanding of Terrain Map here.

“It’s okay to look around and get familiar with the terrain, but the central area is the seal of Huiye, don’t go easily.”


Several people disappeared into Fugaku’s line of sight in a blink of an eye, exploring the situation everywhere.

Fugaku returned to the surface of the moon, standing above a great hall looking at Earth and the Universe Starry Sky in the distance.

Rinne Sharingan on his forehead opened and began to look for some planets with life in the universe.

The universe is huge, boundless, and planets with life are also countless.

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