I Became the Patriarch of Uchiha Chapter 742


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Several Uchiha seniors who are exploring the terrain have unconsciously gathered beside him.

“All are back, how is the investigation.”

“Lord Patriarch, I went around it roughly. After the migration, we can organize people to draw detailed terrain into a map.” Jin Dao.

Fugaku clicked nodded and said: “Okay, there will be time exploration in the future.”

Kenichi said: “Lord Patriarch, I saw the big-tube Mu Clan people whose eyes were dug out. They are all useless.

I told them the news of the demise of the Datongmu clan, and gave them a joy, which is much better than continuing to live in the world. “

Fugaku clicked nodded and said: “you did good, then we return to Earth, you can slowly select candidates.

The moon is already Uchiha Clan’s. No one else will be able to reach here. “


A space channel appeared, several people walked in one after another, and when they appeared again, they returned to the Conference Hall in the Uchiha clan.

Several people looked at all around, and they still couldn’t believe what was in front of them. The moon was like a dream before, but reason told them that this is the truth.

“Today’s meeting is here. The moon’s affairs are kept secret in Clan for the time being. No one can disclose it except for the clansman who will be relocated.

Wait until the time is right before making an announcement. “


Several people walked out of the room one after another, unable to hide their excitement.

Since the assassination team fully awakened Mangekyō, no one has awakened again for a long time. Although this is the normal level of Uchiha Clan, it is indeed a shock to the younger generation.

Fugaku feels that the two people who have the greatest hope are the two, one is Uchiha Obito, the other is Uchiha Shisui, these two people are now Uchiha Clan younger generation geniuses, both have 3-Tomoe Sharingan.

Fugaku did not intend to stimulate the Genjutsu used by the two, after all, both of them have good aptitude, and both have awakened Mangekyō in the original work.

It’s really not working. Wait a few years later, and see that the two are completely hopeless before proceeding with Genjutsu stimulation.

Shisui is still a little young now.

In a forest inside the Uchiha clan, Obito is discussing with Shisui.

The sound of the collision of weapons continued to sound, and the speed of the two was extremely fast, and only one after another afterimage could be seen moving in the forest.

When they collided again, the two jumped to the rear and moved apart, Obito wiped the sweat from his head.

“Shisui, recent progress has not been small, and I have the same demeanor that I had back then.”

Shisui smiled and said: “Senior, I will definitely defeat you.”

“Haha, don’t hope too much, I am Uchiha Clan’s strongest genius.”

Fugaku watched these two people from a big tree not far away. After years of getting along, Shisui has been a bit crooked by Obito, and I don’t know what it will become in the end.

A silhouette flashed past, and Fugaku appeared beside them.

“Lord Patriarch.” The two shouted simultaneously.

Fugaku nodded, said: “I watched all of your comparisons just now. It’s not bad. Great progress.”

The two were sorry and laughed. In front of Fugaku, Obito became humble and shy.

“Don’t be restrained, it is a bit of a private matter to find you today.”

“Lord Patriarch, please speak.”

Fugaku smiled and said: “It’s not a major event either. Itachi is five years old and has begun to refine Chakra. As you know, this child has been relatively mature since he was a child.

It is difficult for children of the same age to play with him. You two are all geniuses of Uchiha younger generation. You can talk to Itachi more when you are fine in the future.

Teaching him some basic Uchiha moves, and promoting each other among friends, will arouse his interest more than the teaching by myself as a father. “

The two clicked nodded, and Obito said: “Don’t worry, Lord Patriarch. Itachi will leave it to me in the future. I will definitely make him a genius Shinōbi.”

Fugaku laughed and rubbed his hand on Obito’s head in his eyes.

Itachi’s innate talent is good. He has already opened his eyes just after he was born at the full moon. In the past few years, he has grown up watching Itachi. The only drawback is that he is too sensible.

A lot of things are seen thoroughly, and there is no innocent and unaffected that 5~6 years old children should have.

Obito and Shisui are both optimistic and delicate. He hopes that they can change Itachi’s character.

“Okay, Itachi will take care of you two.”

As the father of Itachi, he doesn’t want his son to be too tired.

In Uchiha Clan, the migration to the moon was carried out very secretly. Although some people in Clan noticed that they had eaten abnormally, no news came out.

As for outsiders, they are completely unaware. Even though Uchiha Clan is already the largest Clan in the ninja world, Konoha still has a huge sense of mysteriousness.

Many people’s understanding of Uchiha Clan is only on the surface.

Mikoto has entered the Konohagakure Hospital and is ready to give birth. Fugaku stays with him most of the time.

Itachi also lay on the hospital bed and looked at Mikoto’s stomach and said: “mother, when is the younger brother born?”

Mikoto always has a gentle smile on his face, full of maternal love.

“Itachi, do you like the younger brother? I’m still not sure if it is the younger brother or younger sister.”

“I like both younger brother and younger sister. Then I can teach him cultivation and teach him to throw Shuriken.”

Fugaku rubbed Itachi’s head and said: “A real and sensible child, whether it is a boy or a girl, father’s love for you will not change in any way.”

Hearing Fugaku’s words, Itachi’s face showed a pure smile.

One week later, the child was finally born as a boy.

Several Uchiha executives all gathered at Konohagakure Hospital. Fugaku took Itachi into the ward. Mikoto was lying pale on the hospital bed, looking at the child next to him, with a smile on his face.

“It’s a boy, let’s name it.”

Fugaku looked at the sleeping child and said: “Okay, let’s call it Uchiha Sasuke.”

“Sasuke.., is indeed a good name.” Mikoto said: “Sasuke-san will be an excellent Shinōbi just like his father in the future.”

Itachi looked at the sleeping younger brother, with an innocent smile on his face and said: “father, mother, Sasuke is so small.”

“haha, you were the same when you were born. The little child grows up very quickly, but he has grown up in the blink of an eye.” Fugaku said with a smile.

“From today, I am also a big brother. Father mother can rest assured, I will take care of the younger brother.”

Fugaku clicked nodded, he believed Itachi, and he knew Itachi even better than the current Itachi himself.

One week later, Mikoto was discharged from the hospital and returned home to rest. Sasuke spent most of the time in a deep sleep. Occasionally, his eyes opened and looked at this World curiously and made some unexplained babbles.

At home, Mikoto was already asleep, Fugaku picked up Sasuke and walked into the living room. Rinne Sharingan opened his forehead and looked towards Sasuke.

In the original book, Chakra of Indra was reincarnated successively to Uchiha Madara and Uchiha Sasuke. Fugaku just wanted to see if Chakra of Indra had already begun to be reincarnated.

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