I Became the Patriarch of Uchiha Chapter 743


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Sasuke was still asleep, Fugaku looked at him, through the flesh, in the depth of one’s soul, a human-shaped Chakra could be seen.

This Chakra is estimated to be the reincarnation of Indra. The opponent no longer has his own will, but is constantly reincarnating following a certain obsession.

Indra’s rebirth must be accompanied by Ashura’s reincarnation. The two have been entangled for thousands of years, and now the other side is not at all and Sasuke fused.

I’m afraid I will wait for Sasuke to grow up, and then slowly blend in.

Fugaku put the sleeping Sasuke back next to Mikoto, walked out of the room and walked into the space channel. Dark Mist flashed past and appeared in the underground cave where Gedō Mazō was placed.

Gedō Mazō’s body is obviously smaller by a large part, only half its original size. In a few years, Gedō Mazō has returned to its original form.

Fugaku carefully observed the situation of all around, the seal showed signs of being touched, but the Yin-Yang Release is not something Shinōbi can break through.

Able to touch the seal here, either a small animal working underground or White Zetsu.

Fugaku waved his hand to release the Yin-Yang Release that was placed all around. Gedō Mazō is still in the dormant stage. A golden light extends from the Dark Mist and instantly passes over Gedō Mazō.

For three consecutive times, the flesh and blood of nearly one third was cut by Fugaku and sent to the moon through the space channel.


A crazy roar came from Gedō Mazō’s mouth, and a large amount of rocks fell from the cave above his head, and huge claws clawed all around.

The body slowly stood up, snarled frantically on the ground, and crawled forward. In a blink of an eye, all the pipes connected to his body were torn off, and Gedō Mazō’s body was retracted again.

The training of White Zetsu was still an order given by Kaguya thousands of years ago, and Gedō Mazō is still executing it. It can be seen that the other party is indeed simple-minded.

The two giant claws are constantly waving all around, trying to find the Shinōbi who cuts his body. Everything is in vain. Without a lot of Chakra support, the eyes have not been opened yet

Another golden light flashed by, and a huge piece of flesh and blood was cut from Gedō Mazō’s body. Gedō Mazō uttered a huge scream, and the entire underground cave continued to emit hong long long loud noises.

The cut flesh fell to the ground, as if it was about to transform into a small Gedō Mazō to assist the main body in combat. Fugaku’s abdomen suddenly stretched out, wrapping the changed flesh and blood directly, and pulling it into Fugaku’s abdomen in a blink of an eye.

Fugaku felt his own strength increase obviously, and Gedō Mazō kept groaning and roaring.

Outside the outside world, this mine field has already entered the mining state, and suddenly the ground violently shakes, and the ground begins to appear one after another crack.

“There is an earthquake, run away.”

Countless workers ran outside, and mining equipment was thrown all over the ground.

In an unknown underground cave in the Ninja World, Heijue felt the sorrow of Gedō Mazō, and his heart that had not changed for thousands of years still became a little anxious.

“What’s wrong.” White Zetsu asked.

“Gedō Mazō’s situation is not very good. I don’t know what Uchiha Fugaku is doing with Gedō Mazō. A few years have passed. Haven’t the specific location of Gedō Mazō been determined yet.”

“No, there are many hidden places in the Ninja World, many places with the power of White Zetsu without permission can only die.”

“This time I can clearly feel the location of Gedō Mazō. You direct White Zetsu to investigate the situation, and we will go afterwards.”


In the underground cave, Fugaku’s body has already differentiated eight Avatars, hidden everywhere in the cave, to see if Gedō Mazō will attract who to investigate.

The current domain Avatar has already undergone the Heaven and Earth turning upside down change since Fugaku was promoted to Sage of Six Paths Level. Although each Avatar has only 60% of his body’s strength, it is completely different from the previous one. It can play Sage of The power of Six Paths Level.

Moreover, each Avatar is an independent individual, and there is no distance limit in the range of movement, but beyond his control range, it will also lose the ability to move in space.

Only the power of Mangekyō and Rinnegan can be used.

Suddenly a White Zetsu emerged from the ground, and an Avatar hidden in the dark instantly pinched White Zetsu by the neck and lifted it out.

A hand is placed on White Zetsu’s head, Rinnegan’s Human Path ability is activated, and some memories in White Zetsu’s mind are read.

Avatar’s memory passed into the body, and Fugaku smiled.

White Zetsu’s memory is a bit beyond Fugaku’s expectation. He didn’t expect Hei Jue actually had an Avatar left outside.

Seeing White Zetsu’s activity before, he already had a guess, and White Zetsu’s memory confirmed his guess.

A few Avatars instantly returned to the body, and once again sealed Gedō Mazō with Yin-Yang Release, Rinne Sharingan on his forehead opened, looking for the underground cave hidden in the memory of White Zetsu.

A space channel opened, Fugaku walked in, and once again appeared to have reached an underground cave. Several playing White Zetsu were standing in front of the space channel to check the situation.

Looking at Uchiha Fugaku coming out of it, he flees all around. Three Gudōdama flew out of the body, and quickly shuttled through the cave in a blink of an eye, killing all the White Zetsu.

The middle area of ​​the underground cave is a stone platform with a White Zetsu lying on it. Fugaku can see that there is a person inside the White Zetsu.

It can be guessed from the memory of White Zetsu that this is Uchiha Madara’s corpse. He killed White Zetsu and cut open the corpse, revealing the old Uchiha Madara inside.

Not far from the stone platform is a huge training tank. The silhouette inside is almost finished. It looks basically the same as Uchiha Madara in his youth.

It is not difficult to guess that Heijue wanted to use this body as the body to resurrect Uchiha Madara, but Fugaku impossible made him somewhat as he wished.

A space channel opened, and Madara’s corpse and cultivated body were instantly transferred to the moon.

Take out a stack of Explosive Tag from the ninja bag. I haven’t used this thing for some years. Two minutes to cover the underground cave with Explosive Tag.

At the moment of detonation, Fugaku had left the underground cave through the space channel and returned to the moon.

A large piece of flesh and blood was cut from Madara’s corpse, and all the remaining corpses were also destroyed.

The spotted corpse was put into the laboratory and sealed up, and he came to the flesh and blood of Gedō Mazō that had been transported before, and sealed all the flesh and blood into the abdomen.

I felt the feeling of my body becoming stronger again, which was fascinating.

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