I Became the Patriarch of Uchiha Chapter 744


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After a period of screening, several Uchiha executives selected the first clansman to migrate to the moon.

Fugaku releases the Avatar who is staying in Konoha, and the body directly returns to Konoha. In the Uchiha clan land, the migrated clansman has been concentrated on the open space behind the clan land.

Seven Uchiha executives gathered here, and Fugaku slowly walked over.

“Lord Patriarch.”

“Lord Patriarch.”

Many Clan members shouted one after another, looking a little excited, Fugaku nodded and swept everyone.

The old, middle, and young have a part each.

“Lord Patriarch, clansman of all ages selected one hundred clansman, a total of 400 people were the first clansman to enter the moon.”

“Ok, you did good, let’s go.”

While speaking, a space channel was opened in front of him, and Jin took the lead to walk in, followed by the older generation Uchiha clansman, a clansman quickly disappeared in front of the space channel.

After half an hour, four hundred Uchiha clansman had disappeared in the clan land.

After Fugaku passed the space channel, the channel disappeared completely, and many clansman came to the moon in a blink of an eye.

At this time, many clansman have not come back to his senses from the beginning of the moon. This kind of thing is just like dreaming.

This time, along with clansman, Kim and Matsudaira, Kenichi, etc., will return to Konoha to continue processing Police Guards affairs.

The three of them used Kuchiyose no Jutsu at the same time, and transported the many materials that had been prepared to them on the moon through Kuchiyose no Jutsu. First, the relatively complete buildings on the surface of the moon were rested.

Many of the clansman transferred this time have no Shinōbi innate talent, and are engaged in other industries in Clan.

Some of them are engaged in the construction industry, and many of them are good at building houses.

“You are discussing the specific plan. You don’t need to ask me. There is a laboratory that can be skipped directly. Other places will be constructed according to the plan.

There is also the interior of the moon, which cannot be completed overnight. I will return to Konoha first. “

“Yes, Lord Patriarch.”

The construction of the moon is in full swing, and Fugaku is accompanying his wife and two children in Konohagakure.

In the mountainside of the tribe, three Shinōbi gathered here, it is Obito, Shisui and Itachi.

“Shisui Senior, Obito Senior, what are we practicing today.”

Obito said: “Teach you how to throw hidden weapon today. In terms of hidden weapon, I, Uchiha Clan, is the number one in the ninja world and has my own unique technique.”

Itachi clicked nodded and said: “I have heard of Clan before, but didn’t expect such a reputation.”

“haha, I, Uchiha Clan, is the number one Clan in the Ninja world. Naturally, I have my own uniqueness, Shisui, you can demonstrate throwing no Jutsu for Itachi.”


Shisui opened his hand and showed it to Itachi. There was nothing in his hand. After turning his hand over, there was a few more kunai in an instant, and he threw it away.

Kunai kept changing directions in the air, all hitting the targets ahead.

“Senior is so powerful, it can change direction through the collision of Kuunai.”

Shisui said with a smile: “It’s just a few tricks, you experiment.”


Several kunai appeared unconsciously in Itachi’s hand, and the slender kunai formed a sharp contrast with his Tsuna.

Kunai flew out quickly, colliding with each other in the sky, and finally hit the bullseye, looking at Obito and Shisui dumbfounded.

“Itachi, did you cultivation to throw no Jutsu before.”

Itachi shook the head and said: “This is the first time. Otōsan didn’t want me to get in touch with Shinōbi prematurely.”

Obito and Shisui can only sigh. As expected, Lord Patriarch’s son, Uchiha will have another genius.

“It seems that you have a good innate talent for the hidden weapon throwing, but you can’t be proud. Pride will make you blind and lose sight of the way you are going.” Obito said in a voice of a senior person coming.

Seeing Shisui laughed secretly, Shisui knew Obito’s habits well.

In Clan, Fugaku and several other Uchiha executives gathered again in the Conference Hall.

Fugaku took out a map and pointed to one of the remote forests and said: “This is the passage to the moon, Sanada, Takikawa, you two selected a group of credible clansman from Clan to form a business Team, bought this forest from Land of Fire, and some clansman can be stationed here in the future.

Whether it is the clansman of the moon who wants to return to the earth, or the clansman of the earth is going to the moon, they can pass through the passage here.

Previously, I placed a lot of seals here. I will describe the technique passed by the other party. I don’t need to open the space channel personally every time clansman goes to the moon. “

A few people ordered nodded. It is really convenient to have access, and it is more convenient to set up a caravan independent of Konoha.

Konoha’s big Clan basically has its own properties outside the village, but they are all based on Konoha.

Now that the Ninja world has entered a peaceful stage, Shinōbi’s role has begun to decline. Fugaku’s purpose is to lead Uchiha out of Earth and into the universe.

The meeting soon ended. Fugaku described the seals he placed between the Earth and Moon passages and the techniques used by Formation, including the techniques of release.

After the characterization was completed, I personally went to the channel to release all the seals of Yin-Yang Release.

In the future, Uchiha clansman will be able to pass through these seals and gatherings as long as he memorizes the techniques left by Fugaku.

In Konohagakure, an Avatar separated from the body and walked towards the house.

Fugaku stepped into the space channel and appeared on the moon. Within a few days, the moon had completely changed. Most of the ruins created during previous battles were basically cleared.

The cleared area began to build houses. Several people channeled out a large amount of wood from the Land of Fire, enough to rebuild a Uchiha clan land.

The entire lunar base became orderly, sending Jin back to Konoha, and Fugaku looked at the starry sky in deep thought.

It is not easy to improve with his current strength. Kyūbi, who contains the most Chakra, is still sealed in Kushina’s belly.

Moreover, Minato is his discipline, so naturally he can’t attack Kushina. After all, even with Kyūbi, the strength that can be exerted is only the level of Sage of Six Paths Madara back then

He has absorbed a large part of the other Tailed Beasts. Even if they are all absorbed, the ability to improve is very limited.

Fugaku’s goal has never been the so-called big barrel wood gold style, Momoshiki, Urashi style, these clansman styles.

It’s the entire Datongmu clan. No one knows how many clansman Datongmu has, how many clansman has a complete Jūbi, and whether there is even a longer clansman with more powerful power.

If you want to obtain the power that can compete with the big barrel tree, there is only one way to go to the starry sky. The starry sky is infinitely large. Naturally, you can obtain endless power, which is not comparable to a small Earth.

Gathering all Tailed Beasts of Earth is just a Uchiha Madara.

He needs to go to the starry sky to evolve Xiao Shi to a more powerful level, even far beyond Jūbi’s level, in order to compete with the early Datongmu clan.

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