I Became the Patriarch of Uchiha Chapter 746


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In three days, the Black Dragon wrapped in roots has completely stopped moving and died completely.

The roots retracted into Fugaku’s body, and a skinny Black Dragon appeared in front of him. Almost all the energy in the body was absorbed by Xiaoshi.

Destroying the corpse, Fugaku stayed in place for a few days, completely digesting the absorbed energy.

A space channel appeared, Fugaku walked in, and once again appeared in a dense forest. Not far away, a huge dinosaur was running towards the distance.

Obviously, the appearance of Fugaku made him aware of the danger, or the death of Black Dragon, made the powerful creature of this planet aware of the crisis.

The dinosaur turned his head and looked towards Fugaku that appeared from the space channel. A single horn on his forehead instantly sent a thick thunder and lightning, which contained huge energy.

Moving quickly under his feet, easily avoiding the attack of thunder and lightning, Gudōdama shot out from Fugaku, giving the dinosaur no time to react, passing through the dinosaur’s body in a blink of an eye.

A lot of blood gushed out from the two holes that were knocked out, and the dinosaurs suddenly howled, and the horns above their heads kept flashing lightning.

Suddenly one after another thunder and lightning gushed out from it, and the dense thunderbolt resembled a torrential rain. .

Fugaku raised both hands, Preta Path started, countless lightning strikes, and when it was about to strike Fugaku’s hands, it became one after another. The energy was absorbed by his hands.

The remaining five Gudōdama lased like five black lasers, penetrating through the body of the dinosaur.

Fugaku’s abdomen quickly stretched out a large number of roots, which completely wrapped it, forming a green dinosaur mummy.

One after another huge energy was absorbed into Fugaku’s body.

The strength of this dinosaur is obviously not as powerful as Black Dragon, but it is comparable to Yonbi and Gōbi.

Three more days have passed. The dinosaur has completely died, and Xiao Shi has recovered his roots.

Fugaku intends to absorb another rare beast and go to the place where life fluctuations have been sensed before.

The selected target this time is a rare beast whose life energy is comparable to Kyūbi, within the body contains a huge amount of energy.

As long as Xiaoshi absorbs the opponent, he can fully grow into a complete Jūbi.

During the Fourth Ninja World War, even the Jūbi of Sage of Six Paths Madara within the body was not a complete Jūbi. Half of Kyūbi was within the body of Naruto, and part of Gyūki Chakra was in Kirā Bī. Within the body.

Walking in the dense forest, Fugaku didn’t act in a hurry, and planned to take a look at this planet first.

A black curtain of light rises from the body, and in a blink of an eye, a huge Susanoo, as large as a hill, appears in the forest.

The primitive forest is like a small grass in front of Susanoo.

The huge body will leave a huge footprint on the spot every step.

Standing on Susanoo’s head, you can see the beauty of all around completely.

The wings behind him fluttered, soaring into the sky in an instant, toward the existence comparable to Kyūbi in Fugaku’s induction.

Half an hour later, a huge lake came into his sight, and several huge dinosaurs swimming in the lake.

Susanoo flew over it, frightening a group of dinosaurs and fleeing.

Fugaku moved on, wings fluttered behind him. Two hours later, an endless sea appeared in front of him. The powerful existence that Fugaku sensed lived in the sea.

Susanoo rushed into the sea in an instant. At this moment, several huge tentacles suddenly emerged from the sea and rolled towards Susanoo.

The sturdy tentacles looked very huge even in front of the huge Susanoo, and a single tentacled instantly rolled Susanoo’s waist.

Fugaku released Susanoo, his body instantly separated from the giant octopus, and a palm was stretched out.

A huge repulsive force radiated from the body to all around, the sea suddenly became rough, and countless sea water surged from Fugaku’s side towards all around.

A water-free area was formed around his body, and several octopus tentacles were pushed away by strong repulsion.

The golden light in the hand bloomed, and a golden rays of light stretched out from the depths of the sea in an instant, passing across the tentacles of the octopus.

“Kinrin Tensei Baku.”

Fugaku’s abdomen quickly stretched out several tentacles, which completely wrapped the cut octopus tentacles in the blink of an eye, and suddenly one after another huge Chakra passed from these tentacles into Fugaku within the body.

At this time, one after another black ink spurted from the octopus’s mouth, contaminating the entire Sea Territory into black.

“Hehe, I want to escape, but it’s too late.”

Six Gudōdama transformed into Six Paths cone weapons, which quickly shuttled all around Fugaku.

At the same time, the lightning flashes in his hand, and the densely packed thunder and lightning radiated from his body in the blink of an eye, starting an indiscriminate attack on the surroundings.

“boom~ boom~.”

Fugaku’s body all around suddenly appeared in multiple vacuum areas, the sea began to boil, and the huge waves on the sea surface, like the end of the world.

One after another wound appeared on the octopus’s body, and Gudōdama’s every attack would cause huge damage to the opponent.

The densely packed roots burrowed out of Fugaku’s abdomen and wrapped around the octopus’s body. After only a few breaths, they had completely tied the opponent.

The fierce struggle continued to spread from it, Xiaoshi remained unmoved, one after another huge Chakra was absorbed by Xiaoshi.

Fugaku can feel the joy in the opponent’s heart, as long as he swallows this rare beast, he will completely evolve into a real Jūbi.

As Chakra continues to be absorbed, the octopus struggles weaker and weaker, and finally completely loses the ability to resist.

Xiao Shi let out a huge roar, and his huge body gradually emerged from Fugaku’s abdomen, but a large part of it remained within the body.

As the energy of the octopus within the body is absorbed, Xiaoshi’s body keeps expanding and its appearance keeps changing.

Behind him, the ten huge tails gradually grew, and a huge Rinne Sharingan was on his face. In the central area of ​​Rinne Sharingan is a Tenseigan.

Xiao Shi’s huge body gradually changed to the appearance of a God Tree, with a large number of roots extending underneath, which plunged into the seabed along the sea.

The body also began to turn into a God Tree, with branches and forks appearing on the top, which is basically the same as the God Tree in Fugaku’s mind.

Then countless roots rose from the seabed and began to change to Jūbi’s appearance.

Two consecutive changes indicate that Xiao Shi has completely become Jūbi’s complete body, entering his body through the seal on Fugaku’s abdomen.

The huge octopus has long since died, and a powerful force radiates from Fugaku’s body.

The space channel appeared again in front of me, but the space channel now is completely different from the previous one, it is no longer a black hole.

But the real Yellow Springs is better than Liangpo, and Space Teleportation saves Chakra and has a longer transmission distance.

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