I Became the Patriarch of Uchiha Chapter 748


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On the God Tree, Xiao Shi’s devouring continued, and at the same time the body began to grow and grow, and the crown of the tree became even bigger.

The endless Chakra in Fugaku Bloodline began to be born and merged. Two, three, and finally seven attribute Chakras that appeared were completely merged into one, forming Kekkei Mōra.

This powerful Kekkei Mōra’s ability that should have appeared when it evolved into Jūbi before Xiaoshi has only now fully manifested.

This has something to do with the fact that Xiaoju swallowed the octopus before, and Fugaku stayed too short. The energy of Xiaoju within the body has not had time to completely transform his body.

It was also his Summoned Beast at the time, it was the same as the one that sealed the Tailed Beast into the body, but now it’s different. He ate God Tree’s Fruit and has completely fuse together with Xiaoshi. .

A trace appeared on the palms of his hands, but they were not fully formed yet.

This is the precursor to the evolution of Rinnegan. Some clansmans of the big tube wood clan will grow Rinnegan in the palms of them, with various powerful abilities.

Like Rinnegan in Momoshiki’s hands, one of them is capable of seal absorption, which can store all the absorbed energy forms within the body.

The ability of the other palm, Rinnegan, is called the Spirit Venerable, which can double the absorption ability back, extremely powerful.

Fugaku’s body suspended cross-legged in the air suddenly began to blur, eyes opened and appeared in a completely strange and extremely desolate world.

This is a Kekkei Mōra that automatically awakens from Bloodline, Ame no Minaka. This is the first space that Ame no Minaka formed.

However, Fugaku’s starting ball space is completely different from Kaguya’s. Kaguya’s starting ball space is filled with countless hills that look like red and yellow stripes.

Fugaku’s Ame no Minaka formed the starting ball space full of azure, and azure stones were everywhere.

The other spaces will slowly generate on their own, and they can also cost a certain amount of Chakra’s own construction, but he will not build the same space as Huiye.

This kind of space is not very helpful for killing the enemy, and it consumes a lot of Chakra every time you move.

It can be seen from the Fourth Ninja World War that Kaguya consumed a large amount of Chakra through continuous transfer space and was finally defeated by Naruto and Sasuke.

Naruto and Sasuke only got a gift from Ōtsutsuki Hagoromo alone, and Hamura may not even be able to find the ashes.

The battle between Ōtsutsuki Hagoromo and Ōtsutsuki Hamura and Jūbi lasted for several months, and we can see the gap between the two.

The space channel formed by Yellow Springs Hirampo appeared in front of Fugaku, passed through the channel and returned to the place where Xiaoju and God Tree were entangled before.

It can be seen that God Tree has several points of malaise, Xiao Shi is in great spirits, and Spiritual Fluctuation is extremely active.

He has to add some ingredients to Xiaoshi. God Tree hasn’t fully grown into Jūbi, and the difference in energy is not a lot.

When Xiao Shi has completely absorbed God Tree, there is still a gap between the energy of two complete Jūbi into one.

These gaps can only be filled with the life of this planet.

Fugaku opened one hand, and a black ball of light was born from it. It instantly grew. The black ball slowly lifted into the sky, and stopped when it just left the planet.

“The earth bursts into the sky.”


Suddenly the ground began to shake, and one after another crack appeared on the ground. Animals in a large area began to panic around.

A huge dirt, with a lot of trees and some animals on it, flew towards in the sky instantly, and huge suction power came out from the black ball.

“hong long long.”

Countless dust, rocks, and mud quickly soared into the sky, and hit the black ball with a large number of animals and plants.

The black ball continues to grow at a speed visible to naked eye, and within a few minutes it has formed a huge satellite hovering over Fugaku’s head.

This is a moon-like planet he made by using the earth-explosive star.

At this time, the sky has gradually become dim, and the faint rays of light reflected by the recently formed earth explosion star, if it were not made by Fugaku, I am afraid it has been ignored.

Forehead scarlet Rinne Sharingan has become Ten 2-Tomoe, aimed at the newly formed moon in the sky.

The moon began to become the same color as Rinne Sharingan on the forehead, both scarlet.

The pattern of Rinne Sharingan appears above, with circles of ripples interspersed with Tomoe, connected to Rinnegan on Fugaku’s forehead.

The hands snapped together.

“Mugen Tsukuyomi.”

In the sky, there seems to be a huge Fugaku illusory shadow, covering the earth. The Rinne Sharingan on the forehead in the illusory shadow is exactly the same as the blood moon in the sky.

In an instant, endless light radiated from the moon, and every delicate hair was completely shown in the dim sky, like daylight.

On the ground, all kinds of animals that had just returned to life fell into sluggishness in an instant. Mugen Tsukuyomi’s rays of light have strong penetrating power.

There is no creature on this planet that can escape Mugen Tsukuyomi’s exposure, even Uchiha Sasuke of that year was gifted by Rikudō Sennin.

The ability of Sasuke has been greatly improved, and Rinne Sharingan has been awakened with one eye, so that Susanoo can be used to block Mugen Tsukuyomi’s light.

On the ground, the eyes of countless animals changed into Rinnegan’s appearance, completely sinking into Genjutsu.

Fugaku snapped his hands together again.

“God, Jukai Kōtan.”

The earth shook violently again, but this time there was no animal panic. All the animals stayed in place without any movement.

Endless roots emerged from the ground, and quickly extended towards the entire planet, with thick roots that looked like a big tree rising from the ground.

The earth kept shaking, and a large number of roots continued to extend. One after another small roots resembling leaves stretched out. In a blink of an eye, the life on the ground was tied together and hung from the roots extended by Xiaoshi.

The loud noise lasted for an hour before it fell completely into silence, and the whole planet had only the rustle left by the breeze.

The giant creatures on the planet comparable to Tailed Beast did not escape bad luck. They were all pulled into Genjutsu by Mugen Tsukuyomi, and were wrapped in the roots extending from the God Tree.

One after another, powerful energy was extracted from the within the body of countless creatures on the planet, and passed into the within the body through the roots of Xiaoshi.

Even though the current Fugaku is already extremely powerful, I still feel a strong energy enter the body, and the God Tree that Xiaoshihua has suddenly started to expand.

The God Tree originally absorbed by Xiaoshi appears thinner and thinner. Xiaoshi’s canopy can be described as covering the sky, and the trunk has become thicker.

Fugaku closed his eyes again, feeling that his starting ball space began to expand towards all around.

One hand opened, and a Gudōdama flew out of it.

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