I Became the Patriarch of Uchiha Chapter 749


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The Gudōdama in Fugaku’s hand instantly came out. This is not an ordinary Gudōdama, but a Bōchō Gudōdama condensed with Kekkei Mōra.

It can directly extinguish the five-shaped force of Yin and Yang and transform into a huge sphere. Once touched, it will either die or be injured.

Xiao Shi’s growth continues, Fugaku’s strength has also begun to rise significantly, and the energy of one after another passes through countless roots into Xiao Shi within the body.

God Tree wilted until it began to dry up. It lasted for a month before it completely died and rotted directly.

In the same place, a larger God Tree stands, and the top seems to be about to break through the atmosphere, like a supporting heaven giant pillar.

The branches and branches that cover the sky and the sun grow on the top, which shades the ground.

A large number of roots on the ground are entangled and intertwined. It may take some time for Xiao Shi to grow up.

Below Xiaoshi, numerous thick roots formed a huge space, Fugaku walked in, sit cross-legged below, and slowly closed his eyes.

The mental shift immediately shifted to the Avatar far away from Earth. With the substantial increase in the strength of the body, Avatar has already far surpassed before.

Even the Sage of Six Paths Madara in the Peak period will not be Avatar’s current opponent, the space channel is opened, and Avatar walks in.

When it reappears, it has reached a slightly dilapidated place. This is a space created by Kaguya that year, and it is also the place where Sasuke later encountered Otsuki and Momoshiki.

There was heavy snow in the sky, gravel scattered all around randomly, and thick snow had accumulated on the ground.

A dilapidated castle in the distance greeted Avatar’s eyes. I wanted to come to this is the city of the night that Sasuke had worked so hard to find.

Entering the city of the night, the city is completely dilapidated. Although Fugaku has not seen its prosperous appearance, only from the scale of the building, it was once prosperous.

A huge Huiye statue stands in the middle, and several Tomoe pieces on his body are mottled.

Obviously, it has been a long time since no one has taken care of it. I can’t see the slightest popularity. Rinne Sharingan appeared in his eyes and scanned all around.

Hui Ye has been sealed for thousands of years, but there are a few unclear footprints on the ground,

body flashed, Fugaku appeared in front of the footprints. The appearance of the footprints indicated that someone had come to this space after Kaguya was sealed.

And I’ve been here more than once, especially the clearest set of footprints. I’m afraid I will not be far away.

On the strength, the strength of the Datongmu clan is far stronger than the Shinōbi of Ninja, but on the control of details and the analysis of various clues.

The Datongmu clan couldn’t keep up with their horses. A lot of information has been exposed only from their footprints.

Avatar has a general guess in his mind. It is very likely that the Otsuki Mokura-style who arrived in the Ninja World first and his mysterious partner will appear in Kaguya Space.

If you follow the naming method of the Datongmu clan, it should be called the Datongmulong style, which is similar to the gold style.

This is also Fugaku’s inference based on clues from past and present lives.

The space channel opened again, and Avatar walked in through it and appeared in a forest on the mountainside of the Uchiha clan.

In the distance, Shisui is carrying the Itachi cultivation, and the two are fighting each other very well.

The five-year-old Itachi has turned on 3-Tomoe, and the strength of Bloodline is evident. I am afraid that Mangekyō will be awakened directly after graduation.

Leaving the forest and walking towards home, Mikoto has taken Sasuke to the streets of Konoha to go shopping, and Minato’s wife Kushina is also there.

Naruto has been born, and the two mothers often discuss the problems encountered by the child’s growth.

Itachi has reached the age to enter Shinōbi Academy.

Three days passed in a flash. Today is the opening day of Shinōbi Academy. Itachi can graduate from Shinōbi Academy with its current strength.

But going to school is not only to become Shinōbi, it is also a good experience.

Most of Konoha’s Shinōbi have met friends who can accompany you in Shinōbi Academy.

Although Fugaku hopes that Itachi can inherit the position of Uchiha Patriarch in the future, he also hopes that he can have a good memory in his youth

In the morning, Avatar walked in the direction of Shinōbi Academy with Itachi and went through the enrollment ceremony.

Looking at the child of to-and-fro, a happy smile appeared on Itachi’s original serious face, no matter how mature it was in his heart.

Now he is just a six-year-old child. Seeing so many peers, Shinōbi’s emotions in his heart will be revealed unconsciously.

“Itachi, you will be a member of Shinōbi Academy in the future. You can make more friends here, and you don’t need to consider the other’s family background, whether it’s a commoner or Clan’s child, the other’s family background will definitely not have you. Good.

There is no need to take into consideration the innate talent of the other party in the cultivation, because his final achievement and the innate talent of the cultivation are definitely not comparable to yours.

As long as two people share the same topic, they can become friends. “

Itachi, nodded, took Fugaku’s words in his heart, and walked towards the well-divided class.

Avatar walked towards Police Guards.

Konoha’s talented youngsters seem to be cyclical, and the middle generation is basically concentrated in Kakashi, Obito, these few years.

In the past two years of Itachi, it seems that only Itachi is very impressive at Konoha School, which is impressive. The others are completely unimpressed.

Even the slightly better Shinōbi did not appear a few. After a few years, the years when Sasuke enrolled in the school will be a blowout of Konoha’s geniuses.

In Police Guards, Vajra has just finished dealing with some common affairs, and saw Fugaku’s silhouette and followed him into the office.

“Lord Patriarch.”

Fugaku nodded said: “I haven’t been to the moon for a while. Go to the moon with me to see how Kenichi and Matsudaira are developing.”

Gold nodded with a smile.

A space channel is opened from it, and the moon on the other side can be seen through the space channel.

Jin looked at the space channel that appeared in surprise, which was completely different from the previous space channel that looked like a black hole.

From the space channel alone, Jin can see that Patriarch’s strength has improved tremendously, but this progress has made him a little desperate.

This is also the whole idea of ​​all Uchiha Clan seniors. The gap between Fugaku’s strength and theirs is getting bigger and bigger, so much that they can’t see how far Fugaku’s strength is.

“Let’s go.” Fugaku walked in first, Jin followed closely from behind, and the two disappeared in the Office of Police Guards.

When he reappeared, he had already reached the surface of the moon, and the dark starry sky in the distance seemed desolate and silent.

On the moon, it is extremely lively, with rows of buildings rising from the ground and proceeding in full swing.

In the Earth-Moon Passage, clansman will return to the ninja world every other segment, and clansman will enter the moon from the ninja world.

As the strength of Fugaku’s body has soared, the moon no longer needs to be kept secret as before.

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