I Became the Patriarch of Uchiha Chapter 750


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Kenichi and Matsudaira walked over quickly.

“Lord Patriarch.”

Fugaku nodded with a smile said: “How is the construction? It looks like a bustling look.

It’s very different from before. Yes, it seems that you two have worked hard during this time. “

Kenichi said with a smile: “This is Clan’s support. Without Clan’s unconditional support of manpower and material resources, I am afraid it is still in ruins.

Shinōbi Academy has been built and can be used officially after a period of rest.

In the past few years, Uchiha Clan’s population has exploded, and Konoha’s population has also increased significantly. Shinōbi Academy is almost running out.

The four hundred clansman who were previously transferred already have their own residences, which are much more spacious than those in the Konoha clan.

After all, both the inner and outer layers of the moon are under Clan’s management. “

Fugaku nodded said: “You did good, Jin and I came here today to see Clan’s construction on the moon.

From the current situation, the second batch of immigration can be carried out, which can be regarded as reducing the pressure of life in the Konoha community. “

A few people are nodded, Jin Dao: “All follow the advice of Lord Patriarch.”

“Okay, Kon, you will inform several other senior executives and let them assist you in the second round of immigration matters.”

Several people walked forward, and the densely packed building quickly caught their sight.

With the experience accumulated during the expansion of Konoha, Matsudaira and Kenichi marked out a huge piece of land on the moon, and began to build according to the layout of Konoha.

However, the area is larger than that of Konoha. After all, Konoha is only a village even though it is large.

There are no restrictions on the villages to be built in Uchiha, and neat rows of houses have taken shape on the wide streets.

Behind is the residential area, each household is a detached house, looking magnificent and atmospheric.

A few people visited it as a whole and it was not bad.

“Are the other high-ranking members of Kon Uchiha in the village.”

“Not all, Renzhi is basically out of the village most of the time. Lord Patriarch also understands Renzhi’s character.

A Battle Madman, whether it is the moon or Konoha, is in peace, and there is no strong enemy for him to fight.

I can only go to the Ninja World to accept the black market’s reward and find some powerful Shinōbi to fight. “

Fugaku laughed and said: “Send a letter to all Konoha’s High Echelon, let them go to the moon, I want to hold Uchiha Clan’s high-level memory again.

Even Fujimoto, who was wandering outside, also notified that they were asked to determine the immigration matter just after the meeting. “

Jin nodded said; “Yes.”

A few of them had guessed before that Fujimoto was not a real defector, otherwise Patriarch had already captured him with his powerful strength, how could he continue to be free from outside?

Kenichi said: “Lord Patriarch can reveal in advance what important things are discussed in this high-level meeting.”

“Hehe, it is a good thing, at least it is a good thing for you.”

The strength of Fugaku’s body is too far from that of Clan’s senior management. It is time to improve the strength of these people.

After all, once a powerful Shinōbi appears, he needs to act in person.

Three days passed in a flash, and several Uchiha executives appeared on the moon.

His back was always carrying the decapitating knife. The moment he saw Fujimoto, the decapitating knife was instantly unsheathed, flying in the sky with great power.

The extremely fast rotation speed brought a sound of wind, Fujimoto stepped on his foot and instantly flew up, and the Sharingan was spinning in his eyes, seeing the direction of the decapitation knife flying, and instantly extending the hand.

Holding the decapitated knife in his hand, a smile appeared on his face and said: “Renzhi, you are too unfriendly. Do it as soon as you show up.

Fortunately, I am strong enough to catch your beheading knife. “

Renzhi haha ​​said with a big smile: “It seems that during this period of time you wandered in the Ninja world and did not forget the cultivation.”

Fujimoto’s appearance on the moon made several Uchiha executives very happy. After all, they were the companions who led the rise of Uchiha Clan together.

Fujimoto’s assassination squad back then was like a military officer. He planned many small-scale assassinations.

Several people briefly recounted the past before they walked into the Conference Hall.

The high-rise Conference Hall on the moon is much more spacious than the Conference Hall in the family land. It is a huge hall, which looks luxurious and elegant.

Fugaku walked up to the top and sat down, scanning the crowd, and everyone looked at Fugaku with expectant eyes.

Since the awakening of Mangekyō, although everyone’s strength has made great progress, it has stagnated a few years ago.

Even if there is progress, it is not great. It seems that Mangekyō is already their limit, but everyone knows that the current Mangekyō is just the beginning.

The clues can be seen from Patriarch’s strength. Now no one will guess Patriarch’s general strength.

Opening the space channel before the moon and Earth, this kind of strength has exceeded their imagination.

“The main purpose of this meeting is to improve your strength. You have awakened Mangekyō for many years, and you have already felt bottleneck.”

Everyone is nodded, benevolent; “Yes, even if it is improved, it is only an insignificant point.”

Fugaku said: “Above Mangekyō is the eternal Mangekyō, and above the eternal Mangekyō is Rinnegan.”

While speaking, Fugaku’s eyes have turned into a pair of ordinary Rinnegan, not at all Tomoe appears.

“You are only Mangekyō who are awakening now. If you hadn’t injected the diluted Shōdai Hokage’s Cells, you would probably lose your sight due to excessive consumption of Pupil Strength.

This is also the drawback of Mangekyō, and Eternal Eye does not have this flaw. “

Fugaku then explained the details of the eternal Mangekyō and Rinnegan and the way to awaken.

“If you want to improve your strength qualitatively, the First Step is to awaken the eternal Mangekyō.

Only with the eternal Mangekyō, you have the power to use the perfect Susanoo.

As for Rinnegan, he is completely dependent on his own destiny. The Uchiha Madara of that year was also Rinnegan who only awakened in his later years. “

The Conference Hall fell into silence, and several Uchiha executives were obviously still in shock and did not recover from Fugaku’s previous words.

Jin Dao: “We didn’t expect that there are so many secrets in it. If it were not for Lord Patriarch’s reminder, I am afraid we would never discover these secrets in our lifetime.”

Fugaku shook the head said: “These secrets have long made the will of the ancestor of Chakra Kaguya, the will of Kaguya black, portrayed on Uchiha Clan’s stone tablet.

Every clansman can find the advanced method of the first stage Sharingan.

However, the hidden dangers left by Hei Jue have long been eliminated by me. “

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