I Became the Patriarch of Uchiha Chapter 751

Suddenly, the space in the central area of ​​the castle gradually distorted, and then one silhouette entered the city of the night through the distorted space.

Fugaku looks at each other intently. It is a tall silhouette with a sturdy body and a red irregular weapon hanging from the waist

It looks similar to the big barrel wood gold style has several points of, but it looks completely different from the gold style, and the ability should be similar.

Many clansman of the Datongmu family can use Byakugan for Space Teleportation or enter a different space.

Momoshiki’s partner Jinshi entered the city of the night through Byakugan’s spatial ability, similar to Mangekyō’s Kamui has several points of.

The opponent looked at the environment all around, and flew to the front of Huiye’s statue to search.

It seems to be looking for traces of Huiye. Huiye has been sealed for thousands of years. The Datongmu family must have spent a lot of time searching for him.

It finally fell on Momoshiki and Jinshi.

If the Mu Clan in front of you is not a dragon, it is a member of another group of Mu Clan. The most important purpose of its existence is to transform yourself into a medicine pill when the other partner is insufficient. .

At this moment, the opponent’s silhouette suddenly disappeared in place, appearing in front of Fugaku like a teleport.

The red irregular weapon in his hand instantly changed into a sledgehammer hitting him on the head.

A Gudōdama appeared in front of the Avatar, turning into a shield and blocking the front of the sledgehammer.


There was a loud noise, and a huge shock wave rolled towards all around. The opponent instantly retreated, and Byakugan had already opened his eyes.

I am afraid that the other party discovered the existence of Avatar at the moment when the city of the night appeared. After all, for Byakugan, the existence of Avatar was too obvious.

Moreover, the Byakugan of the Datongmu clan is probably stronger than the Hyūga clan, after all, they have the ability to travel through space.

The man’s face is a bit ugly, looking at Avatar’s dress, he said: “Rinnegan, Gudōdama, who you are, have you ever eaten a fruit from a God Tree? No, I have never heard of Clan. There are people like you.”

“Hehe, in the universe, you are not the only one of the Datongmu clan, and you are just a servant of the Datongmu clan. Many secrets are not something you, who eventually become a medicine pill, should know.

I am Uchiha Clan Patriarch. In the ancient times, a powerful clansman defected to Clan and made peace with the people, and finally your Datongmu clan appeared.

From ancient times, your Datongmu clan is a branch of my Uchiha Clan. “

Several blue veins appeared on the incoming person’s face.

“talk nonsense, today is your death date.”

In an instant, he rushed over, and the red sledgehammer in his hand swung up and smashed towards Fugaku.

“hmph, overestimate one’s capabilities.”

He stretched out a finger and blocked it in front of the sledgehammer.

“Shinra Tensei.”


With a loud noise, the sledgehammer stopped advancing within a few centimeters of Fugaku’s fingers, and a huge repulsion burst from his fingertips.

The force that smashed the opponent was doubled back in the past, and the incoming person was instantly blasted back by the huge force and hit the wall behind.

There was a loud bang, and large buildings collapsed.

This is the Shinra Tensei after the evolution is completed. As the body’s strength rises straight, the original Rinnegan’s abilities have been greatly strengthened.

Not only is the power more powerful, but the control is more free, and you can freely control the position and direction of the body where the repulsive force is released.

The right hand made a seal, and suddenly a violent storm blew away all the smoke and dust.

There was a loud noise, and the rubble that was pressing on the incoming person flew out, turning into pieces.

This time the opponent was a lot more cautious and did not move easily. Fugaku’s forehead split a gap instantly, revealing a golden Tenseigan.

A purple pillar of light flew out of it, and in a blink of an eye it was in front of the incoming person.


cry out in surprise shouted from the opponent’s mouth, while the sledgehammer in his hand quickly blocked the front of the body.

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