I Became the Patriarch of Uchiha Chapter 790


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In the dark starry sky, Xiaoshi is wandering around, and now Fugaku’s consciousness occupies Xiaoshi’s main thinking.

A mini version of Tailed Beast quickly stealth in the starry sky, time slowly passed, unconsciously one month passed.

There was a crack in the crystal that Xiaoshi wrapped in the middle, and Xiaoshi immediately adjusted its direction and flew towards the nearest asteroid.

The speed is extremely fast, like a meteor, with a long light and shadow, seeming to be slow and fast, and it landed on an asteroid in a blink of an eye.

There were more and more cracks on the crystal, and finally turned into dust, and the silhouette of Fugaku appeared inside.

A windbreaker covered with Tomoe was draped behind him, his shawl had long hair, and his black and white eyes looked unchanged from before.

Fugaku knows that his essence has undergone a qualitative change, and his life has undergone a transformation.

The forehead suddenly separated a gap, revealing a scarlet eye, like a red gem.

A powerful pillar of light emanated from the eyes and quickly traveled through the starry sky, leaving behind a red light and shadow, which did not dissipate until far away.

All the meteorites and asteroids along the way were turned into dust by the pillar of light, and the space seemed to be distorted.

As the red light disappeared, the middle area of ​​a small asteroid became blank.

Fugaku is quite satisfied with this energy pillar of light. It is a good ability in close combat.

The eyes on the forehead changed again, turning into black, and a strange wave wrapped around Fugaku’s body, which was a variation of Mangekyō from the previous reincarnation.

The wave in black’s eyes is immune to most of the damage, and even some ordinary powerhouses do not cause any harm to him.

The black blade came out of the sheath and quickly cut it away, and a pitch-black Space Crack appeared in the starry sky.

Countless cosmic dust began to suck into Space Crack and gradually dissipated.

Space Gate opened, Xiao Shi began to shrink, fell on Fugaku’s shoulder, and entered the space channel.

One month later, in the central area of ​​the realm battlefield, Fugaku shrank and lay on an asteroid and waited quietly.

A team of five-person powerhouses in the sea moved forward quickly, one behind him was pulling a huge Tailed Beast, and two clansman each carrying a large barrel of wood.

Several people were very interested. Apparently they had just won an encounter battle. Jūbi and Mu Clan were the trophy.

The body of a tall robust man suddenly began to swell, his hands flashed with a blue halo, and he plunged into the dark starry sky suddenly, and a black line was pulled apart by his hands.

Fugaku in the distance looked a little dumbfounded. This was the first time he saw the space channel opened in this way.

I’ve only seen this situation before in novels, and the strange abilities of the sea world really made him a little amazed.

At this moment, a silhouette quickly turned his head, and a red lightning flashed across the starry sky and appeared on the asteroid where Fugaku was.


A violent explosion sounded in the starry sky, and the asteroid was turned into a pile of fragments in the thunder and lightning, revealing the silhouette of Fugaku.

“hehe, didn’t expect a slight fluctuation was discovered, the sea world’s domineering name is not in vain.”

Fugaku returned to his normal state, Xiaoju jumped off Fugaku’s shoulder, his body swelled rapidly, and he became complete in a blink of an eye.

Eleven huge tails are floating behind. If you don’t observe carefully, it is difficult to see the difference between the eleven tails.

Several powerhouse faces of the sea world changed instantly. At this time, a red pillar of light shot out from Fugaku’s forehead, directly destroying the space channel half of the robust man had opened.

Xiao Shi’s huge tail flicked frantically, as if one after another giant planet was spinning frantically, and one of the tails directly grabbed Jūbi, who was being dragged by the opponent.

“The opponent is the powerhouse of Ten Ichibi. Quickly withdraw, we are not opponents.”

“Since I found out, don’t leave.”

At this moment, a thick pillar of light shot from a distance and went straight to Xiaoshi.

A huge tail stopped in front of him, the pillar of light rushed into the tail in an instant, and a huge wound appeared.

Xiao Shi let out a crazy howl, eleven tails Qidong, a powerhouse in the sea world couldn’t dodge, and was instantly drawn, his body flew towards the back, and blood was spitting out without money.

Fugaku looked into the distance, and a huge pirate ship appeared slowly but quickly. The pillar of light just now was shot from the pirate ship.

Fugaku body flashed, appeared in front of Xiaoshi, red’s eyes flickered on his forehead, and instantly a red pillar of light came out of his eyes and went straight to the pirate ship.

A large amount of energy gathered on the Pirate Ship again, and a white pillar of light surged away and collided with Fugaku’s red light.

A huge shock wave hits all around from the place where the two collided, and a gust of wind suddenly blew in the calm universe.

Tomoe’s robe behind Fugaku was blowing and hunting, eyes slightly narrowed, and his body disappeared in place, moving quickly like a teleport.

The black blade behind him quickly unsheathed, and before seeing it, he found his sea clan powerhouse suddenly swinging the knife.

This person’s domineering appearance has reached the peak, just now I was surprised that the other party tore the space, and the breath was not hidden for a moment and was discovered by this person.

This kind of person is the same as the Sensor Type Shinōbi of Shinōbi, anyone who is a hostile force deserves to die.

The black blade light flashed by, and the starry sky seemed to be cut open. Accompanied by the blade light was a pitch-black Space Crack.

The powerhouse of the sea world suddenly sensed an aura of extreme danger. The collision of the two pillars of light interfered with his domineering look, making his senses temporarily stagnant.

When the reaction came, the blade light had already arrived.


The blade light flashed past the body, and instantly cut the body in half. The body was sucked into the Space Crack by the huge suction force. I don’t know where it would appear.

The volatility of the explosion gradually dissipated, and a huge pirate ship appeared in front of Fugaku. A tall silhouette on the ship sat quietly with an exaggerated sledgehammer beside him.

A few silhouettes exuding great strength stand behind.

“haha, this time is not bad. I ran into a guy with ten Ichibi. The little Byakugan I met before were too weak.”

Dahua is relaxed, but his face is very serious, staring at Xiao Shi behind Fugaku, a smile suddenly appeared on his face.

“It turned out to be pretty close. If it was the real Ten Ichibi, our Demon Pirates would be somewhat afraid. Now it depends on their respective abilities.”

One member glanced at Fugaku, especially the long knife in his hand, his pupils shrinking slightly.

“Boss, the weapon used by this guy seems to be the black blade of Saint Frederick of Stormsword.”

The robust man looked up and said: “Yes, today not only can we kill a genius powerhouse in the wood world, but also take back a treasure of my sea world.”

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