I Became the Patriarch of Uchiha Chapter 791


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Fugaku expression calmly watched the pirate ship approaching, a tall silhouette stood up, giving a very powerful oppression.

Once he grasped the giant side mace, his muscles were knotted, and his powerful body was full of explosive power.

Fugaku looked at it visually, I am afraid it is three 40 meters high. The sea world is indeed a wonderful world. The height of human beings ranges from one meter to several dozen meters.

This situation has always bothered him when he was watching anime in his previous life.

Fugaku directs Xiao Shi to deal with the powerhouse in the sea before, while he shook hands with the black blade and looked at the tall silhouette on the pirate ship.

The red eyes on the forehead flickered again, and instantly a red pillar of light shot out from the eyes and went straight to the pirate ship ahead.

A white pillar of light appeared on the Pirate Ship again, colliding with Fugaku’s red light, and finally completely wiped out.

When the smoke cleared, there was no trace of Fugaku, and a silhouette moved quickly in the starry sky, and it was not far from the Pirate Ship in a blink of an eye.

The black blade quickly swept across, and instantly a sabre light mixed with Space Crack moved towards the tall silhouette of the figure.

Fugaku’s body is hidden in the Dark Mist, moving quickly in the starry sky, and every time he stops, the black blade in his hand cuts a knife. Just a few breaths, he has already circled the pirate ship.

One after another huge black blade light crisscrossed the starry sky, forming a huge circle, completely surrounding the pirate ship.

The formidable power of black blade is vividly and thoroughly played in his hands.

“Very powerful means can be hidden in the starry sky, but wanting to kill us so easily is just a dream.”

Lightning suddenly appeared on the mace, and in an instant it turned into a sea of ​​thunder, covering the entire pirate ship.

The sledgehammer shook suddenly. In an instant, several huge Thunder Dragons gushed out of the hammers and began to cruise all around the Pirate Ship. With the densely packed lightning, it was like a myth.

Purple’s thunderbolt is full of stars, and even Fugaku’s all around is full of thunderbolt.

The tall man laughed heartily and said: “I found you.”

His eyes were directed towards Fugaku’s hidden place, and Fugaku withdrew from Dark Mist, revealing his true colors.

I was a little surprised, didn’t expect that these thunder and lightning also have similar abilities to the Ninja World’s Rain Tiger Free Art, able to perceive living things within a certain range through thunderbolt.

“It seems that there are still some people in the sea world, not all of them are wine skin and rice bag, they can even detect my existence.”

Fugaku pointed to it, and layers of space began to appear on the periphery of the Pirate Ship, compressing towards the middle.

“such insignificant ability.”

The huge mace was lifted, and the space ahead suddenly swung down.


The entire universe seemed to be broken, one after another huge cracks began to spread in the starry sky, and the layers of space that had just formed instantly turned into fragments.

Fugaku is a little surprised. This is similar to the character in an anime that Fugaku has seen in his previous life. It is shaking fruit and can achieve huge formidable power through space.

The ability used by the opponent is obviously even greater. It is likely to be an advanced or enhanced version of Shaking Fruit, but didn’t expect that the opponent has a second ability in addition to Thunder.

“This is the first time I have seen the powerhouse of the sea world with two abilities. Killing you can increase my sense of accomplishment.”

While speaking Fugaku has rushed up, and his black and white eyes suddenly become Mangekyō in samsara.

A ray of death shot out suddenly, and just out of Fugaku’s eyes, it was already in front of the opponent.

The huge body has shown completely uncoordinated agility, and the body almost teleports, avoiding Fugaku’s attack.

The black blade and the other’s hammer suddenly collided, and a huge shock wave spread from between the two to all around.

Some nearby asteroids were blown to pieces in an instant. The bodies of the two of them completely disappeared into the starry sky, and they collided quickly.

Every time the two weapons attack, they will splash a large amount of sparks and shock waves, and there is almost no sign of them in the starry sky.

Only the huge shock wave formed by each collision constantly reminds people around that there are two powerhouses fighting.

Both of them were a little surprised by the strength of each other and seemed to be on par.

The powerful forces collided together again, and the two of them instantly moved apart.

“It seems that I underestimated you before. Your strength surprised me a bit.”

Fugaku expression is calm, continuous fast battles hardly burden him, Xiaoshi within the body’s Chakra is almost endless, Fugaku can’t finish even the crazy output that it consumes.

“hmph, there are countless powerhouses in the wood world that are stronger than mine. The battle between your sea and wood world is just bring about one’s own destruction, and now surrendering may bring back a life, put up a desperate struggle, there is only one dead end. “Fugaku said.

The tall man laughed heartily said: “What I used before was pure physical power, and I have not yet exerted the power of devil fruit and domineering.

Continue to fight, you have only one dead end. “

While speaking, the opponent’s body suddenly changed drastically, and a strong momentum radiated from the opponent’s body.

He suddenly became heavier, as if an infinite weight was pressing on his heart.

This kind of pressure, the weaker ones, may faint directly. If you guess right, this is the legendary overlord of the sea world.

Although it did not increase the opponent’s power, it was tantamount to imposing a negative state on the opponent. Once fighting for a long time, it would be very disadvantageous to him.

However, Fugaku already had a way to deal with it, and the red eyes on his forehead immediately began to change, turning black.

A black light spread from the eyes on the forehead, and in a blink of an eye, the whole body was covered, the heavy feeling disappeared, and the state of at the peak period was restored.

Not far away, an asteroid was shattered by a small ten draw. Several powerhouses in the sea world have already died three people, and two others are putting up a desperate struggle.

The tall man frowned, said: “You help the remaining two to deal with Tailed Beast together, mainly for containment, and the little Byakugan in front of me will solve it.”

“Yes, Captain.”

The pirate ship accelerated in an instant, and the white light flashed on the ship again. Xiao Shi noticed the energy fluctuation of the opponent in an instant, turned his head to look at the opponent, and opened his mouth.

Countless energy began to gather in the mouth, and a huge energy ball was formed in a blink of an eye. This is a Bijūdama, comparable to an asteroid.

Bijūdama flashed with thunder and lightning outside, shrank suddenly, expanded again, and compressed continuously, seeing the direction where the white light was coming from, and spraying out instantly.


The silent impact sounded in the Universe Starry Sky, like a star appearing here, the dazzling light makes it impossible to look directly at it.

Bijūdama’s energy is highly compressed, and the pillar of light can’t stop him from moving forward. After the two sides collided, Bijūdama pressed the pillar of light and advanced a long distance.

Thunder and lightning began to appear above, becoming more and more unstable.


A silent explosion sounded in the starry sky, and the shock wave produced by the explosion quickly spread all around, and all the enveloped matter was completely turned into dust.

A thick protective shield suddenly appeared on the periphery of the pirate ship, covering the entire ship.

The fire light instantly enveloped the pirate ship, and the only two powerhouses remaining in the sea world had already been spitting blood from the impact, and flew towards the distance.

The tails behind Xiaoshi waved quickly, as if the giant tails of an asteroid were suddenly drawn on their bodies.

The huge force acts on the body, and the two of them directly become blood mist, floating in the starry sky, completely skeleton doesn’t exist.

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