I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 644

"Intermediate Poison"

"Your body has taken toxic substances tens of thousands of times. Your body can produce venom continuously, but at the same time, your body will become weak due to poisoning. Cultivation suitable poison can reduce the damage.”

Ke Meng did not rush to let Resistance power eliminate this poison. After he discovered the intermediate poison, the body's blood loss speed was even faster.




Now Ke Meng's level is 100 Lv. 50, and the level up speed is slightly Drop a little, and the total health pool is 50,000.

At this rate, Ke Meng's health bar will be emptied after 100 seconds.

"It's so fast!" Ke Meng muttered.

Because the player dies will not really die, and he still has a chance to be reborn, Ke Meng calms down.

This place is very close to the nearby resurrection point. Ke Meng trot all the way to the nearest resurrection point. If the equipment is dropped, he can run over and pick it up after resurrection.

"What kind of experience is death?" Ke Meng thought, he could answer for the world.

One hundred seconds, the blood is really cleared.

Ke Meng both eyes went dark, and a text reminder of the level drop by one came in his mind.

Because of death, the body shuddered for a moment, touching the soul and body, there was a kind of unexplainable uncomfortable feeling.

When I blink again, my body is better, and the reorganization has been completed at the resurrection altar, and the clothes on his body are automatically restored, which will not give the player a chance to be naked.

After the time jumped to ten seconds, Ke Meng didn't feel the ten-second time at all, as if it was artificially reduced by ten seconds.




Intermediate poisons still exist, and the Ke Meng health pool continues to decrease.

Ke Meng couldn't help but think of what kind of poison skills must be learned to perfectly adapt to intermediate poisons.

He thought of the large amount of game background information analyzed by Cthulhu, and that information also contained various game mental methods, cultivation techniques, and so on.

Seeing that the health bar is about to be cleared again, Ke Meng uses Resistance to sweep the toxic substances, and the negative state of the intermediate poison body is immediately gone.

"No, if the player's Resistance is very high, how can he cultivation poison?" Ke Meng looked at his resistance value of tens of thousands, with no difficulty sweeping away the intermediate poison, how would the player practice?

Ke Meng took a look at his game Resistance again. There were physical resistance, magic resistance, and poison resistance, which was more than 80,000.

However, the increase in poison resistance is far from the increase in physical resistance and magic resistance.

One hundred and four Lv. 19, throwing away the original 80,000 Resistance strength, the poison Resistance is only 98, you dare to believe it.

In the one-hundred-four Lv. 19 leap, both physical resistance and magic resistance have increased by two or three thousand points, and poison resistance has increased by this point.

Thinking about it this way, the player's increase is not comprehensive, and the player's poison resistance growth is low, and it is impossible to erase such violent poison.

Only the cultivation special poison technique can go far on the path of poison attack.

Ke Meng has not practiced the Poison Kungfu Mind Method, he is forcibly trained to the intermediate poison body with basic attributes.

Ke Meng walked to the field, because of the rise of his body level, he has already wandered into the wild area of ​​200 Lv. 50.

The field monsters here are more ferocious, and the poisonous monsters are more violent.

Ke Meng took the poison again. The cells of the body took the poison several times, and the cells immediately made corresponding actions, digested and secreted the violent poison, and the state of intermediate poison appeared again.

Ke Meng touched the sword, the body of the sword was stained black with black blood, and layers of black air appeared.

The little Tyrant Dragon passing by has his legs upright, holding both hands, and seeing the black energy on Ke Meng's sword, he is frightened and hesitates to eat Ke Meng.

Ke Meng took the initiative to attack, fell up and thrust his sword into Tyrant Dragon's eyes.

Tyrant Dragon also not to be outdone, first stepped back two steps, avoiding Ke Meng's leap, then slapped Ke Meng with a paw, hit the person to the ground, and then swallowed Ke Meng with his big mouth.

Normal players encounter this scene, they will definitely be squeezed into their mouths and cause damage of 20,000 to 30,000. Without life-saving skills, they will undoubtedly die without the help of teammates.

But Ke Meng is different. He stayed in Tyrant Dragon's stomach, pierced the stomach with a sword, and the black blood burned like boiling water.

shuā la la la.




A number that is more exaggerated than Ke Meng's blood loss figure jumps out, twenty Seconds later, the Tyrant Dragon of 25Class 0 melted into black liquid, and Ke Meng walked out of the black liquid alive with the strength of Resistance.

Buzz, skipping grades to kill strange, Ke Meng's level rose from 100 49 to 100 Lv. 50.

"The intermediate-level poison is so fierce." Ke Meng looked towards the sword in his hand. The black blood touched the air, and layers of black smoke were emitting.

These black blood are the liquid that Ke Meng's cells actively secrete when they encounter external stimuli. The energy consumed is mana bar, which is the Magic Power Value commonly owned by players.

"My sword is a short sword, if I change it to a long sword." Ke Meng took another breath, waited until the intermediate poison body BUFF came out, and immediately smeared a blood on the long sword.

shuā la, black blood fuse together with the sword body of the long sword, billowing black air rushing into the sky.

Wearing the long sword consumes a thousand Magic Power Value.

The dagger only consumes 800 Magic Power Value, which means that the less blood is wiped out, the less Magic Power Value is consumed.

"A god-like physique, but I don't have poison, I can only eliminate it." Ke Meng muttered.

During thoughts move, he pinched off the intermediate poison body.

Resistance is too rascal. According to this method, Ke Meng can also poke out the high level poison.

Ordinary players can't learn Ke Meng's method, even if it is a poison cultivator, because poison resistance is not tens of thousands, it is easy to poison yourself to death.

Ke Meng, if I remember correctly, even his own Meditation Method has to meditate for two hours to achieve the best effect, and others' poisonous work is estimated to run for more than a few hours.

During the operation of the special mental method, it is impossible to do other things, so it is difficult to take poison tens of thousands of times without the brain like Ke Meng.

"Continue to eat, the next breakthrough should be one hundred thousand poisons." Ke Meng silently calculated the number of times.

Some people, after practicing postures 100,000 times, will they understand new skills.

Similarly, high-level poisons may need to be taken more than 100,000 times.

Ke Meng knelt down, touched the corpse, and took out a new sword to compare with the old equipment. The attribute is very powerful, but the Ke Meng level is not high and cannot be worn, so he can only throw it into his backpack. , Continue the leveling journey.

The speed of Ke Meng and leveling is different from the ordinary person. Others can't kill two hundred Lv. 50 monsters at 100 Lv. 50, but Ke Meng can already get into other people’s Dao Transformation. Launch a poisonous attack from the inside.

In this 25Class 0 forest area, every field monster saw the weak Ke Meng, his eyes lit up, and he ran to beat Ke Meng with a palm first, and then ate it and digested it in his stomach. .

This set of actions will at least cause tens of thousands of damage to players.

After being thrown into the Dao Transformation by the monster, the blood loss rate is even greater, but Ke Meng forcibly cuts a blood path with the resistance attribute like a rogue.

Of course, the experience gained from killing monsters every time I pass Lv. 100 also soars like a rocket.

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