I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 645

Ke Meng was poisoning monsters on the battlefield, and it didn't take long for players to appear.

The players are in groups, the level is not low, they are all around Lv. 200, and the level distribution is more balanced.

This is a leveling team. In order to improve efficiency, the players will form a team with Lv. 10 and 2 Lv. 10 to spawn monsters.

The level up speed of group leapfrog spawning monsters is efficient and safe, and it is not slower than single spawning expert, or even faster.

Of course, this speed is only relative to the ordinary single brush pro gamer.

Freaks like Ke Meng who cross Lv. 100 to spawn monsters have not found one in the whole game.

"Look! Someone! It seems that he is the only one."

"What's the matter with that guy, the sword and the people are smoking black smoke."

"His, amazingly poisonous!"

Poison a monster in ten seconds, you say metamorphosis.

If you focus on that many people, you can infuse the field monster with hard damage within ten seconds.

But that player poisoned a field monster by himself.


Walking closer 3~4 ten steps, everyone saw the damage that jumped out of the field monster.

10,000 injuries!

What is Ke Meng's level, everyone is not sure.

He set the level as hidden and his nickname is not exposed.

At this time, you can only see Ke Meng's name and level if you add it as a friend.

Or Ke Meng took the initiative to disclose his level, but that is impossible. Ke Meng will have to integrate into the player team in the future, and the secret of fast leveling cannot be announced just like that.

So, everyone can't figure out Ke Meng's level, and everyone is shocked by the poisonous injury that jumped ten thousand in one second.


"This damage is really scary to look at up close!"

There is no way to be scary, anyone who looks at it will be scared Let's jump.

At this time, Ke Meng stopped killing monsters and bathed in venom. The ordinary equipment made them startled who are familiar with the Lv. 200 equipment style.

"This equipment seems to be a one-hundred Lv. 50 boutique suit. What is it called? It seems to increase toxicity."

"It can also increase movement speed."< /p>

The players of the leveling group whispered and quickly shook out the bottom of the equipment worn by Ke Meng.

This matter is impossible. As long as in Orange Star or Cthulhu cult, players will have the opportunity to learn about these little information.

"Hello, we are the leveling group of Orange Star, can we add a friend? We want to buy your leveling routine, and Orange Star will buy it at a high price internally." The head of the leveling group stood up Said.

In this game, the official strategy can no longer guarantee the optimal leveling.

Game mutation has occurred, black spectre is rampant, NPCs and field monsters have become smart, and even field monsters have formed alliances.

Game is no longer the original West, full of unknown variables.

Occasionally, players create new leveling ideas. The Orange Star leveling team is very eager for this kind of small routine, even if it improves the leveling efficiency by one percent.

Of course, leveling routines often have limitations. Once they pass a certain level, they are not easy to use, or they are not easy to use if they are outside a certain area.

"I'm just a black domain player who came here to collect medicine, not for leveling." Ke Meng said coldly in the Orange Star language.

Black domain is the name of a leveling area in more than 800-level areas. Everyone can understand it right away. He is a solo high-level player.

No one knows that Resistance is Ke Meng's secret. Without high Resistance, there is no intermediate poison.

In short, the secret of leveling fast cannot be known to passers-by.

After listening to the leveling group, they were disappointed.

They made up Ke Meng's brain into a high-level player.

High-level players go to the low-level area to spawn monsters, of course, it is random killing.

"Then we won't woo you." The leveling group said in a low voice and left here.

Ke Meng did not leave, but pretended to collect materials in situ.

In fact, Ke Meng secretly controls his spiritual perception, Sense Connection again and again in his mind.

Unfortunately, there are not many screens that can be seen by Sense Connection. Ke Meng can't know how many such low-level leveling groups are there. He only feels that there are leveling groups around here.

Orange Star players have gathered in high level areas, but there are still many adult players showing up every month. These players will form a leveling group under the leadership of the Research Institute.

The land of Game World is too big, and Novice Village is far more than one. It is rare for Ke Meng to meet a low-level leveling group.

At the same time, Ke Meng also thought of the AIleveling group of the Cthulhu Order.

The Cthulhu Order created a large number of AILegions, which means that Ke Meng's believer began to increase violently.

Besides, because of the quantitative nature of AI, the Cthulhu cult does not have enough manpower. I am afraid that my own people will not be able to control it, and it does not promote AI into the game infinitely.

They only created several millions of players. At present, this group of players has only more than one hundred levels. They are leveling in another remote area. This is the first phase, and the second phase of leveling will be expanded in the future. group.

When Ke Meng planned the leveling route, he deliberately avoided the millions of leveling troops of the Cthulhu Order to prevent being known by the believer and then secretly known by the Evil God Cthulhu.

Ke Meng's Resistance is not high enough now, and he doesn't want to take the risk to contact Cthulhu Legion. You must know that Evil God Cthulhu is alive, it is just sealed.

Ke Meng has a hunch that one day there will be a battle between him and him.

The final battle has not yet arrived. Now Ke Meng is still alive, which shows that Evil God Cthulhu did not realize that Ke Meng entered the game.

He may also know, but He doesn't care.

Ke Meng himself is hard to guess the thoughts of the gods. Cthulhu itself is an unimaginable thing.


The sky is slowly getting darker.

Ke Meng has been here for several days and is a little sleepy.

But he does not intend to sleep in the game world, for the same reason, he is afraid of being noticed by Cthulhu.

Everything waits until the Resistance rises high enough before taking this risk.

Ke Meng clicked log off, and he was not attacked for ten seconds, his body was destroyed naturally, and his consciousness returned to the real world.

The air in reality is not as fresh as the game world, and there seems to be something missing in the air.

Ke Meng unplugged the virtual reality game helmet, repaired his brain, and then opened the door to his bedroom.

White Sugar just stood and rested in the bedroom, playing with her mobile phone cautiously with her wings. The mobile phone does not need to be connected to a charging cable and adopts mature wireless charging technology.

This charging technology has existed ten years ago and has recently begun to be commercialized on a large scale.

Ke Meng touched White Sugar's head, took out the big-faced cat by the way, and fed it a small dried fish.

Sitting on the balcony, Ke Meng looked at the sky in the distance. The sun in the distance has not yet sunk. The summer sun is like this. It sets very late.

The zhizhi sound of Zhizhi came from my ear, and there was a noisy and unpleasant white noise.

Ke Meng breathed the air of the real world, listening to the white noise, suddenly remembered the difference between reality and game.

In the game, Ke Meng seems to be in a state of hearing a certain calling sound at all times, but in reality, there is no such feeling of auditory hallucination.

Ke Meng once tried the voice of Sense Connection in the game world, but he felt lonely in Sense Connection. The answer given by spirituality was that he had auditory hallucinations.

"If you borrow Evil God's strength Sense Connection in your dream, you should be able to eliminate the interference." Ke Meng muttered.

Through the alternate experience of reality and illusion, Ke Meng remembered the difference between mortal Sense Connection and Evil God Sense Connection.

The personality is different, and the upper limit of Sense Connection is also different.

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