I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 646

"This call is not simple, it is definitely related to first play through BOSS." Ke Meng muttered.

The first play through BOSS is not the younger brother of Cthulhu, but the Avatar of another Evil God.

Ke Meng knows his name, but according to the game settings, this Evil God’s Avatar will not be active in the world under the name of Nyaratotip. He will definitely play the world with a face that ordinary people don’t know. .

Naya, a crazy guy.

According to Ke Meng's known settings, this guy likes to play the world with a human face. The image is not fixed, but is randomized by the game.

Because it is random, the result can be imagined, even the official staff do not know where this guy is!

Now the player world of Orange Star is in the ranks, and will soon receive the main story related to first play through BOSS in the 900-level main city.

Through the plot, slowly find the clues to the first play through BOSS.

Otherwise, they may not find where this guy is in their entire lives, and they will live in the world like someone else.

Ke Meng fell asleep and took a look at his own video account, then swiped the video for a while to see what was popular at station B recently.

He remembered that for a while, everyone liked punching, and then he said aloud, Youngster didn't speak martial arts, so he could do it for himself.

Turning around, there is nothing I want to see.

Suddenly, he flipped to a strange video.

This is a normal house dance video.

But the dancer's skirt was so fluttering, it seemed to come alive, giving Ke Meng a strange feeling.

It's like the skirt has life, I'm afraid it became a spirit.

Barrage netizens:

"This dress is so beautiful, it smells like a perfect sword."

"Little Sister, don’t post yourself on the Internet Come on, I’ll give you a debut question..."

"Where can I buy a small skirt, ask UP for a link!"

Ke Meng feels a little strange, not just a little skirt Strange, the shadow of this girl is also a bit strange, like a member of Shadowflow.

Shadowflow is gone, there is nothing at the top level, and the middle level is also broken, leaving only some rookie members and Shadowflow mentors who have not yet been fully collected.

But there are very few such shadows. As the disappearance case spreads, they will be caught sooner or later.

Ke Meng used his privileges to call Internet Divine Beast to check the IP. After checking the physical address through the IP, Ke Meng surprisingly discovered that this person is from Whale City.

Internet Divine Beast can still be used. Ke Meng inquired that the Koi Continent Investigation Bureau has a magic weapon to restrict the Internet Divine Beast, otherwise it would not let it have such a huge power in the Internet.

For restricted items, internet Divine Beast is fairly controllable.

Ke Meng watched the video of the house dance girl a few times, and Sense Connection got various scenes.

As the Sense Connection deepened again and again, Ke Meng suddenly flashed a dark picture in his mind.

Speaking of which, there is another behind the scenes behind Shadowflow, which is in the black invisible light area.

That's not vanity, it's just similar to vanity that's all.

Ke Meng feels it is necessary to investigate.

Blue Star is now safe, but it does not mean that the Shadowflow Organization cannot make a comeback. As long as this behind the scenes is still there, the risks still exist.

Similarly, the True God behind the door organization is real, and the risks are still there.

Ke Meng has recently had time to deal with personal matters. When the meeting has dealt with the shadow members, he will find time to sort out the doctrine of the door organization and completely change the doctrine of the door organization to atheism.

If there are those who do not obey, they are directly washed into an atheist.

Ke Meng does not need to believe in other gods, no matter who you believe in, it is difficult to guarantee a good start and a good end.

Do not believe in any gods, believe in yourself, Ke Meng thinks this is the best way to live.

If you don't believe in gods, you can't get extraordinary powers from gods.

For some people who desire extraordinary power, it will feel unfair, but this will not make Ke Meng change his mind.

Everything, only to blame these extraordinary influences on the normal human social order.

Ke Meng put his mobile phone away, he, who has Sense Connection to the coordinates, directly plugged in angel wings, took off his halo, and flew into the sky.

In a few minutes, Ke Meng fell from the sky and landed on the roof of the house.

While Ke Meng was flying, the Investigation Bureau had been notified. The Investigator, who had been patrolling downstairs, walked over with the containment objects and raised his head to give Ke Meng a sign that he could enter the building.

Ke Meng squatted down and touched the floor with his hands, amplifying his hearing, and heard the sound of breathing and heartbeat in the building.

There are one man and two women in the room. It should be the house dance girl’s parents and herself.

Ke Meng didn't come to get the skirt this time. His quest was only to get the Shadowflow members out, and the skirt of the controller was kept by the authorities.

Jumped downstairs and knocked on the door with a team of Investigators.

"Open the door, check the water meter!"

dong dong dong, the knock on the door was extremely loud.

"Came, came."

Not long after the door opened, it was her mother who opened the door.

Ke Meng originally planned to enter the house, but suddenly Sense Connection arrived at something, he quickly left the corridor and ran outside.

I saw a dark shadow swiftly wandering on the wire, leaving as if flying away.

"Is a rookie member." Ke Meng felt the shadow quality of the other party, spread his wings, and chased in the city.

The distribution of electrical wires in the urban area extends in all directions. If the flying technology is not good enough, it may fly crookedly.

Ke Meng predicts the opponent's escape route in advance with perverted spiritual perception.

Without knowing it, Shadow met Ke Meng's hand at the corner after ten seconds, and then couldn't escape again and was caught in the palm of his hand.

"Sure enough, there is the breath of that monster." Ke Meng grasped the shadow and felt the aura that exists behind the scenes of Shadowflow.

That guy, he has acted again!

Scenes of Sense Connection screens flashed before Ke Meng's eyes. It turned out that this shadow was the original owner who heard sounds that normal people could not hear during the process of listening to songs.

Following an accident, she succeeded in having a shadow form, able to parted from the body, wandering at night.

But because she has become a shadow creature, she knows the investment bureau ability Heavenspan, she will definitely not let go of the Shadowflow Organization members.

Who expected, that skirt became a spirit!

Not only did she become a spirit, she also controlled her body for a dance.

It can only be said that fate is making fun of people. As soon as Shadowflow's behind-the-scenes existence found a new heir, it was cut off by Ke Meng.

Coincidentally, it is from Whale City.

Ke Meng passed it to the people of the Investigation Bureau. The shadow member positioning is no longer needed. He caught the opponent's sight through spiritual perception just now.

That is the sight from the void.

When Ke Meng raised his head to look at the sky, he was not looking at the sky, but through the appearance, using spirituality to peer into the void, and saw the place where Shadowflow exists behind the scenes.

That is the companion small space attached to the Blue Star, just like the habitat of the blood race, it exists alone in the sky, and is in its own way, attached to the Blue Star.

"She is afraid of Shadow Catching Hand, this is a reward given by the system."

About Shadow Catching Hand, Ke Meng actually has a question that has not been solved.

I asked Blue Star’s will, but it doesn’t know where the Shadow Catching Hand came from. Perhaps it was an accident when the system ability intersected with another world, commonly known as a BUG.

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