I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 647

Ke Meng spiritual perception is extremely powerful, and took the opportunity of this time to catch the other's gaze, and then Ke Meng Sense Connection arrived at the entrance.

The entrance is in a city in Koi Continent.

Ke Meng stood on a flat ground, closed his eyes and entered the meditation stage, listening with his soul, and feeling the guidance of the sight with his soul.

When the divine light flashed in his brain, Ke Meng opened his eyes again and found himself facing the direction of Octopus City.

While Ke Meng is on the road, he communicates with Blue Star’s will, Sense Connection Octopus City from the perspective of God.

The unknown place is not similar to the daoist sect of the door organization, and the fluctuation is far less exaggerated than the "door".

"That thing can't beat me." Ke Meng's inspiration is very powerful, and his own Resistance is enough to resist the opponent's attack.

After some time.

Ke Meng came to Octopus City and took the car to a jungle lane.

Take out the Elf Magic Containment Ball, throw it on the ground, and a pale-yellow light film bounces out.

"Seal this area with me as the center and a radius of 100 meters." Ke Meng reported the exact number.

"It's the owner!"

Guardian Spirit immediately expanded the translucent light curtain and blocked it in all directions. Even the void was fixed, and no one could escape from here. go with.

The boulevard here is very similar to the boulevard walked by the head of Shadowflow.

The leaves shā shā rang, and even if it was dawn outside, the sun could not penetrate the dense tree gaps, as if the light was blocked outside.

Ke Meng's spiritual perception has expanded to the largest here, and I feel the aura of that existence.

He or she or it, or Him, the Lord of Shadowflow is here.

Ke Meng can't see where the Lord of Shadowflow is, just because the two are not on the same plane.

Just like the base camp of the blood race at the time, the entry conditions are very marvel. You have to wait until a specific time in the evening to enter. For the same reason, this boulevard also has specific entry rules.

"I know you are here, you can't go, the void is sealed by Guardian Spirit." Ke Meng said.

"You must be aware of my existence." Ke Meng muttered.

A more hoarse wind blows from the opaque boulevard, and the light on both sides of the passage seems to have fallen down, and the darkness is darker than before.

The air became heavy, and the virtual sound was like a knife, scraping into Ke Meng's ears.

A huge shadow, like the sharp claw of the devil, appears behind Ke Meng, eroding Ke Meng's shadow.

Ke Meng's shadow is blackened, it is a darker color than dark gray-pure black!

The wordless terror came, but Ke Meng was in danger and even took the initiative to invite the other party into the pit.

Yes, Ke Meng has no resistance. Let the Resistance power stay on the sidelines and don't make any moves, just keep the last one percent of the soul.

In this way, the Lord of Shadowflow completed the erosion very quickly, making haha ​​laughter wildly.

When the outside light can no longer come in, Ke Meng's shadow grows the shadow of Tentacles, and a lot of non-human thoughts are poured into the body, Ke Meng motionless, it seems that it is really dead.


The darkness fades like a tide.

"Ke Meng, don’t pretend!"

The weird thing suddenly screamed, "With your power, impossible makes me enter the body so easily, you are Tempt me!"

"It's too late!" Ke Meng stopped pretending to be dead, and Resistance came out, killing every cell and every inch of soul throughout his body.

In an instant, the invading shadow was killed by Resistance. The gap of tens of thousands of Resistance made the opponent unable to react at all, and most of the power was lost.

A scream sounded in the boulevard, as if being pumped by a large artery, without the largest Life Energy.

The light in the boulevard suddenly came back. Ke Meng saw Qingchun shooting down from the cracks in the trees, shining on his face, warm.

No one has seen how dramatic this battle is.

Ke Meng opens his body to the opponent to invade. If the opponent is stronger than Ke Meng, doing so is no different from courting death. Even if he wants to regain his body, Ke Meng has to spend a lot of effort.

The Lord of Shadowflow only wants to try why Ke Meng is so strong, but didn't expect to easily invade the body, and then take over Ke Meng's whole body.

The invasion was too simple. The Lord of Shadowflow felt the crisis. Before he could completely retreat, he was intercepted and killed by Ke Meng.

So far, the Lord of Shadowflow is seriously injured.

But Ke Meng didn't want to let the opponent get seriously injured and flee, what he wanted was the opponent's life.

"No matter where you go, I can catch up." Ke Meng has already remembered the other person, even if he escapes inside the Void, he will follow him directly.

This battle is irreconcilable.

Ke Meng didn't know how to enter that dark space, so he could only call out the big-faced cat.

"Guardian Spirit has been subdued by you, Ke Meng, you are not simple, this is one of the top magic weapons of the door organization."

The voice of the Lord of Shadowflow is weak and weak. , Seeing Guardian Spirit closed, it never thought about escape.

The invasion of Ke Meng is also impossible. Ke Meng has an extremely abnormal power in his body, which is more terrifying than the ability to capture shadows.

The big-faced cat was moved out, and his head was slightly raised forty-five degrees. The hanging eyes proved that it had stopped thinking for many years.

"You are the first monster to see it in person." Ke Meng touched the kitten and said to the air.

"This is the big-faced cat in the video." A shadow on the boulevard made a sound, "Do you want it to digest me? What a good idea."

Shadowflow The Lord is not only a shadow, it also has an entity, Ke Meng can Sense Connection to the other person's body is still in that dark and directionless space.

"Will the shadow be digested too?" Ke Meng touched the kitten's head and stared at it for fifteen seconds.

"Who knows." The Lord of Shadowflow helplessly said.

"Hey, this kitten..."

The Lord of Shadowflow also gained strange knowledge.

"Shadow Corner"

"You can hide in the shadow of any object to avoid attacks."

"Shadow Corner can only be installed with one Life Wisdom Body."

"The corner of the shadow is only allowed to enter, not out, unless there is another life wisdom body to replace it."

This is a very cheating item, it can only Go in, can't get out.

The Lord of Shadowflow has survived here for many years, relying on the power of bewitching, he can already bewitching others to come to the boulevard to exchange it, but he did not do that.

Because the corner of the shadow is too safe, it is simply the safest place in the world, as long as others don’t know the location, they can’t detect it.

Unfortunately, it met Ke Meng, a freak, and through layers of contact, it directly Sense Connection got its way.

"So, you just wanted to change me out?"

"It's useless, even if you change me inside, you will be blocked from Guardian Spirit." Ke Meng looked around.

Resistance not only obstructed the opponent’s intrusion attack, but also obstructed the containment replacement power of the Shadow Horn.

Because of this, the last hole of the Lord of Shadowflow is gone.

It's already lost, it's lost completely.

"You monster." The Lord of Shadowflow cursed secretly.

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