I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 648

"The Horn of Shadow can only hold a smart life, as long as I let you in, you can't kill me." The Lord of Shadowflow has accepted his fate and made the final struggle.

It secretly hates it, if it weren't for thinking that it can count Ke Meng, and the limit is changed, how could it fall into a dire situation.

Unexpectedly, Ke Meng's weird power seems to surpass its understanding and is in its blind zone of knowledge.

Ke Meng remain unmoved, "Do you think I will come alone? I brought my pet."

"humph." The Lord of Shadowflow didn't want to talk.

"Even if you try to enter the corner of the shadow from in the sky, this is useless. I still need my consent to replace it." The Lord of Shadowflow broke the jar and hit the bar.

The powerful setting of the corner of shadow makes it safe enough to stay in one corner.

"As long as I don't come out, you can't kill me. I will continue to call out and look for the soul eager to change faces. The inheritance of Shadowflow will never fall!" The Lord of Shadowflow's mood suddenly improved. Now, it has looked away and feels that life is so beautiful.

Ke Meng in front of me, no matter what, there is no way to break into it. If people can't get in, it is safe. In theory, it can stay in it until the end of time, world annihilation.

Ke Meng stood in the shade of the trees and didn't want to say a word, but simply used the spiritual perception of the past of the Lord of Sense Connection Shadowflow.

Although it is not face to face or the same level, Ke Meng has encountered some difficulties.


The invisible ocean waves spread from the body, and countless leaves tremble crazily as a result, as if they are about to be washed away by the spirituality of the sea.

"Really exaggerated spirituality, you are a monster." The Lord of Shadowflow said disgustingly.

Normal people can't see the sea of ​​spirituality, only the creatures who use spirituality to observe things can feel the terrifying aura emanating from Ke Meng.

The sound of hong long long waves hit the ground frantically, Ke Meng's head seemed to explode, and Sense Connection came to countless images.

There are scenes about the Lord of Shadowflow secretly searching for potential seeds, and there are also scenes about the Lord of Shadowflow being spied by an Evil God and lose one's head out of fear.

But these pictures are not what Ke Meng wants to see. Ke Meng wants to know where the Lord of Shadowflow comes from.

Ke Meng used violent spirituality to communicate the will of the Blue Star, and got an answer. The Shadowflow Organization’s behind-the-scenes existence is outsider, not the birth of Blue Star.

Furthermore, the corner of the shadow is not something born of Blue Star, it is also a foreign object.

Because of the concealment of the corner of the shadow, even Blue Star's will does not know what it is time to appear here, living in the shadow somewhere in the boulevard.

"Perhaps, the lord of Shadow Horn and Shadowflow originated from a meteorite fall." Ke Meng's mind flashed a picture of a meteorite falling from the sky.

It is this picture that allows Ke Meng to determine that the Lord of Shadowflow is from an alien.

And its own strength is not very strong. Faced with tens of thousands of Resistance strength, it will be broken at the touch of a touch, and it will not withstand fierce attacks.

"It's over." Ke Meng muttered.

"What is over?" asked the Lord of Shadowflow.

In the next second, all the sea of ​​spirituality shrinks and converges on Ke Meng's fingertips, turning into an extremely compressed bright crystal.

The small crystals reflect the fluctuations of terrifying. Even the Lord of Shadowflow, who has long regarded madness as normal, feels throbbing in his heart.


Ke Meng uses extremely condensed spirituality rays to shoot at a floating shadow.

The atmosphere of riots rages in the local area, and Lord's will of Shadowflow plunges into a new level of madness.

"*****" It can no longer speak normal words, it is full of nonsense, and it is all extremely terrifying mind pollution.

Because of the confusion of mind, the Lord of Shadowflow's thinking is not controlled by himself, and he vents indiscriminately.

Ke Meng condenses another ray to penetrate the thinking of "replace small insect".

"Replace! Replace! Replace!" The master of Shadowflow is subconsciously muttered, without brain thinking at all, only crazy bewildered mumbling is left in his mind.

It is a crazy guy, and it can make a crazy guy go crazy again. It takes some tricks that others can't expect.

That takes normal thinking as the core, condenses into spirituality rays, penetrates the opponent, and impacts the opponent's crazy and chaotic world view.

In this way, the opponent received a blow from the weakened version of True God, even if the world view was crazy, but also because of Ke Meng's stirring, the crazy world view was shattered and reentered into chaos.

One second later, the earthworms in the forest disappeared.

Immediately afterwards, a guy with a naked upper body and an unclear face fell to the ground.

Its lower body is made up of a large number of weird tentacles, which are terrifying in appearance, with mind pollution all over the body, countless plants and trees have become weird, and all shadows have grown twists of countless Tentacles. form.

But what is surprising is that the shadow of the big-faced cat has not changed in any way, and no shadow has grown.

Ke Meng noticed this detail and remembered it a little bit in his heart.


Ke Meng thoughts move, instantly freezing the opponent's blood and detonating inside.

The backlash, which draws energy, came right after that, hitting Ke Meng's body over and over again, but fortunately, Ke Meng was completely blocked.

Even if the Lord of Shadowflow's strength drops to 30%, its fleshy body is still terrifying, the strength is not weakened, and the weakened power is the soul.

"Ah, replace, replace me, replace me!" It yelled, and thoughts flashed through his mind.

"The earthworm has become the new owner of the corner of the shadow, you can't use it." Ke Meng ruthlessly and coldly picked up every distorted corpse and threw it to the enlarged version of the big-faced cat.

However, the mouth of the big-faced cat is closed daily, Ke Meng has to pull its mouth again, and then throw the carcass into its mouth.

As a distorted corpse enters the mouth of the big-faced cat, the Lord of Shadowflow's breath is reduced by one thousandth.

This is a real reduction without any moisture.

"Shadows can also be eaten, because shadows can also be part of the meat?" Ke Meng looked at the big-faced cat who stopped thinking. The more he looked at it, the more he felt that the big-faced cat itself was not simple.

This kitten may be stronger than Ke Meng.

Faced with the mind pollution emitted by the Lord of Shadowflow, Ke Meng worried that the pollution would spread to Octopus City and quickly raised the speed of picking up meat.

A burst of strong wind scattering the last clouds, throwing all the twisted pieces of meat into the mouth of the enlarged version of the big-faced cat.

Every piece of meat is thrown in, and the breath of living creatures will not come out.

Really terrifying digestion ability!

Be aware that this is the meat of the Lord of Shadowflow. Each piece of meat can contaminate several large cities within a few days.

Ordinary attacks can't destroy these meats. Ke Meng suspects that even if the nuclear explosion is open, it can't be completely eliminated.

The effect of extracting energy and freezing it into blocks is not very good. The most suitable way is to let the big-faced cat eat it.

Just in case, Ke Meng dug the ground three feet and threw all the Insects in the ground into the mouth of the big-faced cat.

As for the mutation trees that grow the shadow of Tentacles, he plans to gather one piece first, and then ask the Investigation Bureau for a prop that can turn objects into meat, and then feed it to the big-faced cat. future trouble.

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