I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 649

Ke Meng sits here and calls the local Investigation Bureau.

The director of Octopus City already knew that Ke Meng had entered the city, but Ke Meng did not come to the game, so Bureau Chief Zhang naturally did not act.

Now I have been notified by Ke Meng, and the whole situation has been moved to collect the item that turned into flesh for Ke Meng.

That item is not Octopus City, but Whale City.

Considering that it is the body of the Lord of Shadowflow, Whale City Investigation Bureau immediately used the teleport stone to speed up the transmission, and immediately sent the things outside the Guardian Spirit barrier.

Ke Meng did not call out the pet to bring in, nor did he let others in. Even if the Lord of Shadowflow died, his body would not be able to resist by the ordinary person.

"Put things down and send them away, don't stay here for a long time." Ke Meng gathered spirituality in his throat and shouted.

The Investigator outside the Guardian Spirit immediately put down the item and looked at the talisman seal jade stone in his arms. The jade stone was already dark and even dyed the second jade stone, which scared him Jump.

The gods polluted that many without noticing it, and he immediately crushed the teleportation stone and teleported away.

Ke Meng personally walked out of the edge of the Guardian Spirit barrier and retrieved the things.

Whether it is trees or soil, Ke Meng will not let it go.

This item that meatizes the real thing is called a blender. The prototype is a bean paddle machine. In addition to stirring soybeans, it can also stir other things.

Last year, this blender was mutation, and it can blend the real thing into minced meat.

This minced meat is real meat.

For example, if you throw in soybeans and stir, what comes out is pork mince, not juice.

When the mixer is running, it consumes electricity. Fortunately, the Investigation Bureau has considered this a long time ago and equipped Ke Meng's storage items with a mutated super power supply, so there is no need to worry about insufficient power.

Ke Meng put the blender on the ground. The base of the blender is yellow, and the upper body is a transparent glass container with a stirring tool in the middle.

"I don't know if you are really dead. If you are not dead, just use any means." Ke Meng said while taking out the Size Transforming Lamp and zooming in on the mixer.

The machine, which was originally the size of a normal blender, quickly expanded after being illuminated by the light.

Half a meter, one meter, two meters, three meters, and finally fixed at a height of five meters!

The bulb of the Body Enlarging Lamp kācha clicked, and the filament broke.

Ke Meng took out the repair tank, and there was a rumbling inside the tank.

Unplug the jar and hold a drop of the repair bulb, then take the photo after repairing it.

wēng wēng wēng.

The mixer is getting bigger again.

But this time it won’t work if it reaches a height of six meters, and the light bulb is broken again.

Ke Meng looked up at this tall figure. Feeling that he no longer needs to zoom in, he started to squeeze in the trees.

A pile of trees with distorted shadows was violently broken by Ke Meng and thrown into the mixer.

If you can’t plug it in, you will squeeze it violently, and then compensate for a pile of trees after pressing it halfway.

After several compressions, Ke Meng covered the mixer, connected the external power supply from the Investigation Bureau, and turned on the switch.

Boom rumbling.

The trees with weird shadows were stirred frantically by the mixer, and the transparent container quickly turned into green vortex.

But after one minute, a red dot appeared in the middle of the green vortex. The red dot was small at first, but expanded rapidly over a period of time.

When the liquid was all red, the blender suddenly stopped rotating, and the liquid vortex screen instantly stagnated, revealing one after another small ground meat solids.

"It really is real pork." Ke Meng's spiritual perception opened wide, capturing a trace of inspiration.

That is the process of plant cells transforming into animal cells in an instant, the process of change. There is a mysterious power in the middle, which seems to be transformed from electricity, but the specific transformation theory can't explain it, or it can't explain it at all.

The mysterious power can stop even time, and it is not difficult to transform the cell form.

"Start the meal." Ke Meng lifted the lid.

The big-faced cat looked up to the sky, and could not make any movements. It could only be forced to feed some weird things by Ke Meng.

Even if these meats are transformed from trees, their shadows are still distorted Tentacles.

Ke Meng sent these weird pork into the mouth of the big-faced cat, and it never refused to come, swallowed them all clean, leaving no residue.

"It's all indifferent, it seems absolutely dead." Ke Meng fed up the whole bottle of meat without waiting to attack.

There are many trees on the ground, Ke Meng ruthlessly sent them all into the mixing bottle, ignoring the twisted shadows of Tentacles.

There was another rumbling sound of stirring.

They all turned into weird pork, the shadows are extremely distorted, normal people will see it, the rational value will definitely fall crazily.

"If you don't resist, you will be dead soon." Ke Meng muttered while stuffing pork to the big-faced cat.

Poor big-faced cat, unable to move, can only passively eat meat.

"Your feeding conditions are added by yourself. In fact, you are very happy when you eat meat. No matter what kind of meat you eat, as long as there is enough meat, right?"

Ke Meng has no object to talk to, and can only talk to a kitten who has stopped thinking.

His this remark is not unfounded.

Did Big Face Cat really stop thinking? Ke Meng remains skeptical.

At least in terms of daily meat feeding conditions, Ke Meng suspects that this is something added by the big-faced cat. In fact, it can survive without eating.

Of course, Ke Meng doesn't mind feeding him more weird things.

"Be full. I have Level Fish again recently. I will feed it to you later. Sweet Dumpling can no longer be eaten."

With the new Ke department believer The team entered the game, and they found some Level Fish, dedicated to Ke Meng.

The trees on the ground gradually became scarce. After half a day, the woods turned into flat ground. Not even a single piece of grass fell. They were all turned into pork and fed to the big-faced cat.

At this time, Ke Meng had the idea of ​​sand.

Digging the ground three feet, and can't let go of any opportunity to the Lord of Shadowflow.

One day, two days, three days.

The sand on the ground sinks slowly, and the sand outside is obstructed by the Guardian Spirit, making it impossible to enter, causing the ground under Ke Meng's feet to drop all the time.

Every pound of sand is polluted by the mind left by the Lord of Shadowflow.

Even the sand outside. Ke Meng did it for three days and felt that he couldn't keep doing it, otherwise he could not do anything because he was trapped here.

"The pollutants in the Core Zone have been discharged by me, and the remaining pollution is not enough to be afraid of. Sweet Dumpling and Xueli, the work will be left to you two."

Ke Meng Finally called Xueli and Sweet Dumpling out and let them do things for him.

Sweet Dumpling shook her dog hair and moved quickly.

Xueli said yes, his hind foot followed along.

Ke Meng liberated himself, walked out of the Guardian Spirit barrier, and personally measured which soil was polluted through his steps, and then let the Guardian Spirit expand the coverage area.

Slowly, the border of Guardian Spirit was expanded to the urban architectural area.

The Investment Bureau went out nervously, contacted Ke Meng, then evacuated the relevant people, and attached a talisman seal jade stone for temporary treatment.

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