I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 650

Ke Meng returned to his home and fell asleep in a dream.

Dreaming into R'lyeh, Ke Meng first saw the strategy situation of the game world frontline.

In the endless distance, a giant gray castle stands on the ground in the sky-filled poisonous forest, and the corresponding is the gray sky, and the sky is full of thunder surging.

A large number of players flock to the city of Greycastle to do quests, and peripheral players are responsible for collecting materials, allowing the main players to concentrate on leveling.

R'lyeh’s believers are mixed in the city, inquiring about the situation, otherwise Ke Meng would not be able to Sense Connection to the frontline scenery so easily.

There are several places of max level. Above Greycastle is a forbidden place of max level. There are monsters from level 900 to max level.

Ke Meng looked up slightly, and saw a small tail protruding from the end of a huge island in the thundercloud.

According to the information analyzed from the previous time, there are important clues related to the first play through BOSS in the several restricted areas in the entire game.

If you want to find the BOSS who wanders the world, you have to search for the answer deeply.

The R'lyeh restricted area where Ke Meng is located will also be one of the clues, but according to the original setting, Cthulhu is in a sleeping state and impossible to wake up. Players entering R'lyeh will not be suppressed by Evil God .

Ke Meng blinked, if players dare to come to R'lyeh, they will see a series of high level items piled up like hills, and more than ten items that are contaminated with the breath of gods.

Ke Meng doesn't want players to swallow these sacrifices. If you want to come to R'lyeh, you have to plan to die and leave.

"Oh, some players have already started to swim in the deep sea." In Ke Meng's mind, Sense Connection reached a believer who got on a large sailing ship among the crowd and faced up to more than 800-level sea monsters.

Currently, the most high-level player has reached 800 Level 12. At this level, the level is getting slower and slower. Ke Meng is ready to be leveling for a long time.

"It's a bit slow to brush the level like this. If there is a new method, it would be great." Ke Meng muttered.

After all, there is another believer offering sacrifice to Ke Meng.

Ke Meng glanced around, but it was a sacrifice that could not be delivered to Blue Star.

Speaking of which, sleeping outside of Blue Star, there should be no such restrictions.

Ke Meng rejected the sacrifice of believer, and soon there was another sacrifice of a believer, a low-level artificial intelligence leveling group.

After confirming that the sacrificial abilities were not strong, Ke Meng accepted the item.

In a few hours.

Ke Meng woke up.

Under the reminder of White Sugar, retrieve the memory, then go inside the Void, and selectively Sense Connection part of the memory.

Ke Meng is able to acquire memories so easily based on his connection with Cthulhu. If someone else does it, it is impossible to remember what he wants.

After taking part of the map knowledge, Ke Meng returned to the house, took out the magical notebook of the world, and planned the leveling route.

"Ah yes, today there is an interesting sacrifice." Ke Meng looked back towards an item beside the bed.

It is a drop of liquid, which can add a lock function to the book, and it cannot be opened by non-owner.

Ke Meng took the drop of liquid in the bottle and dripped it on the notebook.

The notebook glowed with a misty light, revealing a transparent lock, waiting for Ke Meng to enter the spirituality mark.

Ke Meng spirituality moves slightly, hits the mark, and after a second, recognizes the owner successfully.

There is an extra lock on the surface of the notebook. It is not that Ke Meng cannot open the notebook.

After that, Ke Meng unblocked the notebook and added hundreds of pages in the Investigation Bureau to increase the number of pages in the notebook.

This notebook is not intended to be seen by others. Ke Meng wants to stay by his side as a memorial. Maybe he will feel very nostalgic when he picks it up and reads the contents in the future.

"You have to avoid the people of the Cthulhu Order." Ke Meng muttered.

Be cautious, avoid it if you can.

The resistance of game world can be brought back with the soul, and this alone is worth it.

Moreover, Ke Meng feels that welfare is much more than that.

"Any soul-related power, I should try it." Ke Meng thought about the game information he wanted to know next time.

Soul wear, which can bring back the strength of the soul level, this is too hot.

Immediately, Ke Meng thought of the Orange Star people.

Orange Star people are undoubtedly heavy players of virtual reality games, the highest level of people has reached 800 Level 12, their Resistance power has already been tens of thousands, approaching the 100,000 mark.

So, are their bodies powerful in reality?

Ke Meng closed his eyes and tried to remember the Cthulhu believer he had dreamed of.

Cthulhu believer is not in Blue Star. They are on spaceship. They are also early leveling players. Even if they have not reached the top 10,000 on the ranking board, some people have officially entered the 800-level mark.

"I didn't pay attention to this before, so I can't remember it anymore." Ke Meng frowned.

In order to be safe, Ke Meng pinches the teleportation stone again, enters the void, and then through his connection with Cthulhu, he constantly recalls the strength of Liu Siting and the others' actual body.

3 minutes later, Ke Meng returned from in the sky.

"Strangely, their physical strength has not changed significantly, and their souls have not been particularly strong."

Ke Meng can feel the weirdness while sitting on the chair.

Ke Meng's body is different from them!

The problem must come from Ke Meng himself.

"Before entering the game, I already had all-round Resistance power, as well as system. In addition, I became Cthulhu in my dream, and I also had the system panel of BOSS. This is something that no one else does." Ke Meng tapped his finger on the desktop.

The particularity of Ke Meng makes him different after he enters the game.

Ke Meng thought of Shadow Catching Hand, Blue Star will call this an unknown influence when Blue Star power meets another world.

"Shadow Catching Hand, not from Cthulhu." Ke Meng looked at his hands. After discovering the problem, his spiritual perception Sense Connection had an unusual aura that he hadn't noticed before.

This breath is very weak, it is extremely concealed, like a chameleon, it will disguise itself and integrate into Ke Meng's spirituality. As long as Ke Meng does not know the truth, he will not notice it.

"Yes, it is a familiar feeling. I once met the owner of Shadow Catching Hand."

Shadow Catching Hand is not the breath of Cthulhu, but is related to another existence.

However, Ke Meng does not know where he met the original owner for the time being.

Is the master of Shadowflow?

Don't be kidding, the Lord of Shadowflow was overturned by him, and now he can only be swallowed by the big-faced cat.

But thinking of the Lord of Shadowflow, Ke Meng is still a bit worried about whether this guy will resurrect, so it's better to take a look.

Ke Meng returned to the scene and saw several hundred meters sinking in the isolation zone of Octopus City, which shows how hard Sweet Dumpling and Xueli are.

The super power supply of that mixer was overwhelming. When Ke Meng came, Xueli took out the super power supply and asked the people from the Investigation Bureau to pull in a special line.

"Owner, to pull the wires in, you need your Guardian Spirit to allow the wires to pass through the barrier and allow electrical energy to enter." Xueli asked.

"No, continue to use the battery, just wait if there is no electricity." Ke Meng didn't want the accident to happen, must hollow out the land, not giving the Lord of Shadowflow any chance.

The Lord of Shadowflow is an extreme existence in shadow creatures, as long as there is a shadow, it can survive.

Ke Meng stood in a huge pit up to 600 meters deep. He could feel that the scene was empty and there was nothing.

But the vigilance that comes from the heart still exists, even if it fades several times, you can't underestimate this opponent.

"By the way, I will give you three a check." Ke Meng used the Shadow Catching Hand for Sweet Dumpling and Xueli and Big Face Cat respectively, and no strange shadows were separated.

After using the blender again, there is still no strange shadow separated.

"The super power supply is dead, let's dig next time, Guardian Spirit, without my permission, no one can put it in, nor can any particle of air go out." Ke Meng said.

"Yes!" said the transparent Qiongyu.

Ke Meng took away the big face cat and waited until the power supply was fully charged next time.

Guardian Spirit goes deep down to the earth's crust, so it will take a long time to dig through this pit.

Put the wings on and fly to the sky hole, Bureau Chief Zhang rode his flying pet companion on the right side, and asked: "Ke team, how deep is this probably?"

"Dig To the crust." Ke Meng said firmly, and Bureau Chief Zhang was also shocked by the mind.

"You can dig some soil from the moon to fill the deep hole. By the way, there are many doors in the gate organization. You can all use it to mine the soil resources of different planets to fill this deep hole." Ke Meng Instructed.

"Okay." Bureau Chief Zhang stretched his eyebrows, worrying about how to solve this sinkhole, this is not every cloud has a silver lining.

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