I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 651

Soon, the Investigation Bureau approved Ke Meng's pit filling plan and ordered people to dig the soil on the fifth sequence planet.

Because the soil in the deep pit has not been completely transformed, the people from the Investigation Bureau first dug the soil and put it in the storage props, and then filled the soil until the deep pit in the crust was dug.

Ke Meng himself did not go to Koi City for a meeting, he is busy right now.

Level up in the game world during the day, and show up in the wasteland cultivation area for ten minutes at night, and gather ordinary godfathers and priests in the wasteland cultivation area.

"This is a new doctrine." Ke Meng took out a stack of thick printed paper.

Ordinary godfathers and priests picked up this paper manuscript with a pious expression on their faces, as if holding a new holy scripture.

"You will get acquainted with them for a few days, and then you will gradually influence the believers and guide them to learn the new doctrine." Ke Meng said.

In fact, he has a better way, and that is to use the Thunderbolt Ring for a wave of group electrotherapy.

As long as the purple special lightning is cleared and replaced with a non-special power lightning, the electrotherapy released by the ring will not cause death.

It's just that the amount of work is a bit large, the wasteland area has tens of thousands of people, and the other fertile land cultivation area has more people.

This is not something that can be solved in a few minutes.

Ke Meng's heart is not in this, and he has no intention of ruling this group of people. At present, he has not thought of a way to use their methods, so he does not want to waste one or two days of group therapy.

"Unless, they also become gamer, so they will be useful." Ke Meng sat in the black plush seat, observing their expressions from the corner of the eye, and wondering in his heart. Can this way work?

"Orange Star people like to use a large number of people to form a leveling group. The division of labor is clear, the medicine is collected, the ore is brushed, and the leveling is the main leveling. At the same time, you must hone yourself. Combat capability."

"What about me, do I need these people?"

It stands to reason that Ke Meng has tens of millions of believer, there is no shortage of resources, as long as Dare to meet believer.

But once you meet with believers, it means that Ke Meng can't hide it anymore, and he will definitely be known by Evil God Cthulhu.

Ke Meng couldn't guess the true attitude of Evil God. He always felt that this guy didn't care about wearing games.

But Ke Meng knows that creatures have the instinct to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. He always subconsciously feels that Evil God will let him go, but his body avoids all this involuntarily.

Ke Meng chooses to believe in his Sixth Sense, hides his development, and when he ignores the enchantment of Evil God, he can stand out openly.

Anyway, Cthulhu can't move anymore and can't come to another place in his true form. The only way is to confuse it across regions and launch a mind-type attack.

Being able to obstruct this type of attack, Ke Meng will truly be alive, and he can freely make the choice he wants.

"Sect master, why is there no His name in it? Did you miss something?" The priest and pastor's faces are not very beautiful, restless, for fear that they have misunderstood the concept of the new sect master.

"How can the name of Spiritual God be mentioned by mortals? The former Sect Lord Jin didn't realize it, so he died on the wrong path. I am the current silver key controller, spokesperson of True God , Knows the gods better than Sect Lord Jin."

"No doubt, I have hidden his name in the doctrine."

"Every line, every word, is It represents His existence. Didn’t you comprehend the true meaning of the nameless hidden in the text?"

Ke Meng crossed his legs and talked nonsense solemnly.

When the priest and the pastor heard this, they immediately enlightenment, and they realized: "I understand, sect master, thank you!"

"Don’t thank you, come, everyone feels the nameless doctrine Connotation, by the way, this process will be more painful, you have to bear it down."

Ke Meng calmly and composed took out the ring of the Thunder Lord and beckoned to them.

"Yes, sect master." Several priests and a dozen pastors came over, crouched slightly, bowed their heads, and recited the real name of the god, chanting divine name.

"Did you one after another read the doctrine seriously? The prayers have been changed. You cannot mention the name of that god, nor can you chant the god." Ke Meng released the purple lightning and injected another Among the power-absorbing props.

The horrible purple thunder and lightning carried a mysterious coercion, which made the godfather and priests shiver coldly and felt scared from the bottom of their hearts, and the voice of their singing was interrupted.

Ke Meng's voice penetrates everyone’s ears like a magical sound: "The gods do not need you to chant, nor do they need your dedication. You are just insignificant dust. For the gods, Your attention or not, will not affect His greatness, your prayers are superfluous, and your chanting is superfluous. The daily chanting every month, the gods cannot hear, you just read to yourself that’s all, chant Show that's all to others. Don’t do this kind of meditation in the future."

"Come on, accept the baptism of the new doctrine." Ke Meng let the purple thunder empty and started from another normal The battery is drawn out of thunder and lightning.

Thunder and lightning surged into the ring and transformed, and when it surged again, it was already the lightning that purged the faith.

The theory of Ke Meng is atheism.

There are gods, but people can also become gods. There is no need to believe in gods.

Others can believe in God, but in the field where Ke Meng is located, they are not allowed to believe in the unity of all things organized by the door.

zīla zīla.

The blue arc generated by ionized air squeezed through the air and squeezed into their bodies, stimulating every cell, passing through the soul, and clearing the faith.

Severe pain broke out in people.


Both the priest and the priest screamed.

"God, please help me!"

"Please don't punish me! God!"

They show veins and sweat. , As if wearing a mask of pain, the body and soul are extremely painful.

Ke Meng's heart is as hard as iron, said solemnly: "Hold it! This is the latest doctrine of baptism. Only by giving up thinking and accepting it without the brain can you transform and have a new life!"

"Yes! Sir Gate Master!"

The voice of the sect master is like the sound of nature, urging them to give up thinking and abandon their original beliefs.

Why give up, they can't figure out.

The more you think about it, the more it hurts.

Only by giving up thinking and accepting all this without thinking, as Ke Sect master said, can the pain be reduced.

A dozen pastors took the lead in taking off the invisible "mask of pain", emptied their minds, stretched their eyebrows, and felt the warmth of thunder and lightning.

After that, several priests also gave up thinking.

Once you accept this setting, every thunder and lightning's stimulus pain becomes an incentive, allowing the cell activity to rise rapidly.

The metabolism of the new formation accelerated, and the twenty-odd people immediately became stinky and sweaty.

Ke Meng stopped the electrotherapy and looked at them with satisfaction: "You perfectly comprehended the new doctrine. Then go back to the room and recite the doctrine. When you memorize it, you can lead ordinary people to learn the new doctrine."

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