I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 652

The priests and pastors being reborn have never felt so relaxed in their bodies and so clear in their minds.

The new doctrine advocates deification. There is no god’s name, and it does not approve of chanting of gods. The gods do not like them to make meaningless prayers.

What the gods want to see, they want to see their people learn knowledge, love learning, and be proud of knowledge.

Furthermore, you must not be a nerd, you must use your knowledge in practice, and you must not blindly develop theories without practice.

Under the multi-layered packaging, the surface core of the new doctrine is knowledge, and the core is atheism.

Ke Meng watched them leave, and then continued to wonder whether the player should be his resource team.

Doctrine or something can be changed at any time.

The doctrine at the current stage does not deviate from the original idea of ​​pursuing knowledge, but only adds the idea of ​​emphasizing practice.

If it is the player's work team that regards those different clansman as Ke Meng, the doctrine must be changed, otherwise it will be difficult to convince the public.

"But, am I short of resources?" Ke Meng asked himself.

Orange Star adopts the division of labor and cooperation model to reach the level, but Ke Meng is different. Ke Meng is an individual, and Orange Star is a team model, serving the team with team resources, not serving individuals.

The resources required by a Peak team are huge.

But the resources a player needs are only a few thousandths of the Peak team, and maybe even tens of thousands of them can fill Ke Meng's stomach.

"I know where the map resources are, and I know where to trigger the quest. I also know the channels for obtaining divine equipment. I can do all of these things by myself." Ke Meng used his brain to calculate. It really didn't The role of expect this group of people.

The resources Ke Meng wants do not need a lot of help.

The powerful Resistance is enough to ensure that Ke Meng has the most efficient leveling efficiency in the early and mid-term. The more than one hundred levels to kill monsters, this is something other players can't do. The level up efficiency is too terrifying.

Furthermore, as Ke Meng's number of poisons in the game increases, Ke Meng feels that he can prepare to challenge the 500-level monster.

Ke Meng closes the door, let White Sugar watch the door, then takes out the virtual reality game machine, plugs in his mind and enters the game.

As a burst of light flashed, Ke Meng closed his eyes and opened his eyes, returning to the game world.

The level column shows that Ke Meng is already 200 and Level 2.

The efficiency of skipping grades to kill is too terrifying, and even Ke Meng is secretly shocked.

"The poison has been used more than 90,000 times, and it is only 7,000 times to reach the 100,000 level." Ke Meng muttered.

The terrifying of intermediate poisons allows Ke Meng to walk unhindered in this area.

The area where Ke Meng is located is no longer the so-called 200 Lv. 50 area, but a 330 Lv. 10 area.

Intermediate poisons are more damage to the monster here. If you go to the high level point, you will have to collect new poisons. You need to collect the venom slowly. Ke Meng doesn't want to waste time and chooses the most efficient one. Monster spawning route.

Ke Meng takes poison while controlling the switch of Resistance.

Every time Resistance is switched, the body enters some kind of wonderful realm.

As the number of times of taking poison and clearing up to more than 99,000 times, that kind of wonderful realm is getting closer and closer to him.

Ke Meng has a clear feeling. After taking it 500 times, he will break through new heights and enter a new field of drug use.

"The increase in the number of poisons can make you stronger, and the game world can make the sense of promotion so clear." Ke Meng exclaimed.

Ke Meng dared to pack a ticket. He really didn't have much active perception. This kind of power is the same as Resistance.

However, Ke Meng likes this addition.

"Today, I did it to the end in one breath, directly breaking through one hundred thousand times."

The old venom is used up, Ke Meng prepares the new poison, and takes the poison again at high speed.

Every time you take poison, wait for the medicine efficacy to clear up, and so on.

Night is coming.

There was a rustling sound from the silent mountain range. After Ke Meng's body took the 100,000th poison, the body finally had a mutation.

The poison mist rising into the sky, condensed into a plume of smoke, rushing into the sky.

Ke Meng's body is like a moving beacon, with a billowing fire beacon soaring into the sky, drifting away with the wind.

The poison mist slowly sinks, and it hits the monster in the silent mountain range, and tens of thousands of damage jumps up.

Not long after, all the monsters in this mountain range were poisoned to death.

The words "experience" popped out, Ke Meng's experience bar rose rapidly, like riding a rocket, rising like crazy.

"So fierce!" Ke Meng muttered.

Of course, the rate of blood loss is unparalleled, and Ke Meng's health bar almost emptied.

Even if you wear a health pool outfit, you can't stand up to such consumption.

Ke Meng just took a look. The highest damage text that popped out of the field monster was 90,000 and the lowest was more than 80,000.

His blood reduction text is five thousand five thousand, which is too fast.

When Ke Meng tried to use part of the resistance power to reduce this number, the intensity of the fire beacon spilled over his body also faded.

Ke Meng's spirituality is strong, and he realized that high level poisons cannot be used in this way.

"My method of use is wrong, there must be some way to efficiently exert the power of the high level poison."

Ke Meng has been used several times in a row, the high level poison Like a medium-level poison, it cannot shut itself down.

Spent ten minutes to study the source of high level poison, and finally found that the virulent poison comes from the life force of the sacrificed fleshy body. Once the poison amount is reduced, the sacrifice level will decrease, and the virulent poison will also be weakened.

"It's really a skill that hurts eight hundred and one thousand enemies." Ke Meng clenched his fists, black smoke was emitting from every muscle line on his arm, and even the air made noise.

The experience is still rising, Ke Meng secretly chased the poisonous smoke parted from the body all the way, until the new eyes witnessed the poisonous smoke faded to nothing, and then calculated the duration of the poisonous smoke.

The poisonous smoke can last six hours after being parted from the body!

After being parted from the body, the damage of poisonous smoke drops by a level every ten minutes. The specific damage depends on the poison resistance of the field monster.

During this period, wherever the poisonous smoke goes, the field monster will suffer.

Ke Meng stood in a very distant place, looking at the poisoned field monster.

The whole body of the poisoned field monster turns black and grows strange fleshy whiskers. The fleshy whiskers melt into black liquid, and then the flesh also turns into black liquid.

In about a few to ten seconds, the field monster softened into a thick black liquid.

Even if it is a giant field monster tens of meters in height, the death speed is about the same, that is, it melts a little bit slower, but the experience will jump to Ke Meng on time.

"So, no matter how far away, as long as I kill it, I can receive the killing experience." Ke Meng said in his mind.

The high level Poison's level brushing efficiency immediately becomes more efficient, more than ten times faster than the previous single brushing.

This time, there is no need to pull any clansman into the game and become Ke Meng's resource team.

Ke Meng walked this way and he could find a bunch of items when he touched the corpse.

By the way, because of the protection of the game mechanism, most of the equipment will not burst out before didn't touch the corpse.

Like the kind of equipment that has been worn on the body, the equipment may be corroded by poisonous smoke. Ke Meng picked up a few corroded equipment, and the overall value plummeted by 20% to 30%.

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