I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 653

With regional toxic smoke, Ke Meng's leveling road has become smoother.

The plan is a little bit behind the plan, and there is still a long way to go from here to the 500-level area.

Ke Meng can only run all the way to the established destination, and from time to time he emits a piece of poisonous smoke, poisoning a group of wild beasts.


The black smoke falls in the sky, and the grass will wither, and the object will melt.

The withered grass will regenerate after a period of time. This is the refresh mechanism of the game world.

A team of players pass by the wilderness, walking on the up and down hills.

Suddenly it was dark.

"Strange, why is it dark?"

"No way, the sky in the distance is not dark."

People lift the head and see The baring fangs and brandishing claws covered the sky with black mist.

The giant tree several meters high touched the black smoke and made a zīla zīla sound.

The insect hiding in the forest made a painful loud noise, and then tens of thousands of damage jumps appeared, and the words continued to beat, and the health pool dropped sharply.

"Oops, it's poison mist!" The sharp-eyed people have already understood that this thing is not a random weather, but a poisonous attack!

Squad immediately changed into anti-virus equipment, and took out more than a dozen antidote, taking turns to take it again.

In the player's status bar, there were more than a dozen temporary poison resistance type BUFFs immediately.

His own poison resistance has also soared by seven to eight thousand. When everyone saw this, they secretly breathed a sigh of relief. This wave should be fine.

The poison mist is slowly covered, like a giant palm that covers the sky, and everything it touches melts into black liquid.

Some little BOSS resisted the poison mist and did not die, but weird fleshy whiskers appeared on their bodies, and then the fleshy whiskers began to melt, making a sound of one after another life.

The expressions of the players remain unchanged and they are very calm.

The immortal are not afraid of everything, and the worst ending will be reborn that's all, so there is no need to panic too much.


The first wave of poison mist touched the player team, and the skin melted directly. There is no reason at all.

Hundreds of thousands of damage jumped out, and its jumping characters were more exaggerated than animals, as if this kind of poison targeted the human body.

"How is it possible!" The leader of the team stared directly at his eyes, his health bar emptied and died in an instant in less than two seconds.

The screen turns gray, the consciousness is asleep, and the game prompts whether to resurrect.

The leader of this leveling group brought resurrection props, and everyone in the group had a resurrection technique.

shuāla, there is no need for Captain to use the resurrection props himself. He was rescued by his teammates and was instantly resurrected.

After he was resurrected, others also fell.

But before falling down, another person used the resurrection technique to suck the man back.

The leader is a veteran of multiple quick-response games anyway. Knowing the terrifying nature of poison mist, he subconsciously stimulated the resurrection skills and pointed to a corpse next to him.

"Resurrection! Resurrect teammates!"

He didn’t say anything. The moment after the skill was released, the poison mist exploded in the body again, instantly turning into a mass of black liquor, and died directly. .

One second later, the team leader was rescued by his teammates.

The team leader hurriedly seized the time to resurrect his teammates. After milking a teammate, hundreds of thousands of poisonous wounds popped out of his body and he died instantly.

One second later, the head was resurrected again.

The teammates around me are swearing to the death. The first moment of resurrection is to save the teammates, rather die than submit.

At the same time, in the upper right corner of the game system interface, the message that a certain player killed himself and his teammates were constantly popped up.

""A'Meng" killed "I don't want to be a mage""

""A'Meng" killed "The Fourth Legion Commander Reserve""< /p>

""A'Meng" killed..."

These players are teamed up, and everyone can see the text in the upper right corner that pops out in real time.

The death screens of teammates were swiped one by one, densely packed, and poured down like running water.

"This person! Who is it!"

"How to pronounce this player's name, I need to know what it is!"

Unfortunately, game The system is not that smart.

If you want to know what word this is, you can only wait for them to type Koi Language "A'Meng" in the input box, and then use system to translate.

However, their situation is not good. They have to resurrect their teammates as soon as they are resurrected, otherwise these leveling groups will soon be gone.

Not long.

Game popped up the option of whether to resurrect randomly in different places, the leader chose to refuse, and then resurrected again.

So back and forth, teammates use a lot of resurrection skills, the light and shadow effects of resurrection almost become the light of hope in the dark.

"Poison mist will definitely disappear. The player's poison mist skill has not been as long as half an hour or more, unless the person has been on the scene to maintain the poison mist skill consumption." The leader quickly calculated in his mind.

However, the head of the group absolutely didn't expect that the terrifying poison mist parted from the body could get rid of for six hours.

In these few hours, rebirth-resurrection teammate-death-resurrected-resurrected teammate-death, infinite loop.

Some players can't hold on anymore, and the level is getting back.

Although the skills are cooled down after the players are resurrected, and the resurrection skills can be seamlessly connected, the human psychological endurance is limited.

The leveling squad of 200 people lost 70% of the people in two hours.

The remaining Sancheng are extremely determined people, who forcibly resisted for three hours.

In three hours, the poison mist's toxicity has dropped to the point where it cannot kill the player instantly. It took about three seconds to kill the player.

At this time, the leader numbly used the resurrection skills, until the skills entered the cooling down, he was surprised that he was not dead.

After that, he looked at his health bar, and finally one third emptied.

When he was resurrected again, he loudly shouted: "The toxicity has dropped, all pay attention! Get out of the poison mist zone!"

With the brainless resurrection mechanism, the players spent another four I ran out of the poison mist area in ten minutes.

Wait until the head of the regiment "the Fourth Legion Chief Reservoir" stood outside the poison mist, looked back and was afraid for a while.

The poison mist is already very light. The fog has settled on the surface of the soil. People who step on the ground will definitely poison to death. If they fly up, they will also raise the dust of the poison mist, and they will die.

Only people who are flying at high altitude can avoid raising the toxic dust on the ground.

"Alive, come alive!" The head roared loudly, his face flushed.

There has never been such a day, I feel so lucky to avoid a catastrophe.


"I remember you, go back to check your information, if you don't face to face to hand you to the hospital, I won't be a human being!" His face was stubborn, and his fists squeezed ka ka.

"A'Meng! Damn it!"

The surviving teammates were also full of anger and called A'Meng's name hundreds of times.

The pronunciation is rather weird. If it weren’t for the translation of the game system and the pronunciation reference, they couldn’t call Ke Meng's player name at all.

Why they would rather die than leave this area, and just want to resurrect to the end, just to leave evidence on the spot, and then use this fog to reversely investigate the location of A'Meng.

If you resurrection directly from another place, you don’t know how many days you want to go back to this area, and there is no close resurrection point nearby.

Furthermore, they originally thought it would pass after half an hour.

It didn't end until half an hour, and I felt that it would pass after another half an hour. Didn't expect dragged on for three hours.

Anyway, this account, Orange Star players remembered.

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