I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 654

"You can analyze the whereabouts of A'Meng, I log off to check this forced information." The head of the group said with a full face.

Their level dropped miserably, they died too much, and they plummeted by Lv. 50.

The reason why it didn’t go down was because there was a special item in their group called the banner of “rather die than submit”, something that the original designer hadn’t designed, probably something that was born after the game mutation. It can protect the player team's level from falling below the limit.

This limit is taken from the average level in the team.

Of course, it has a limit on the number of people. It can only occur in a team of 50 to 300 people, and the difference between the highest level and the lowest level in the team cannot be greater than two.

Without this special item, they would have plunged to Lv. 1 long ago.

"Team leader, it is found out that we each beat 10,000 times, and we have to fight when we enter the hospital!" The teammates angrily said.

In Orange Star, sudden death is too difficult. Good medical services can save people and transplant prostheses.

They had a very simple idea. They beat each person 10,000 tons. If A'Meng is bad, he will be treated by the hospital, and if he is cured, he will continue to beat him.

In this technological age, treatment is extremely fast, and disabled people do not need to wait months or even years.

As long as it is not brain-dead, the disabled can be saved.

"I log off, brothers are waiting for my news." The head foul-mouthed log off, and his body disappeared after ten seconds.

Back offline, Dao Honghua left the game cabin, full of anger.

The researcher on duty in the monitoring room met and asked urgently: "What's wrong, what happened to the game?"

After normal players log off, it won’t be like this With an angry expression on his face, he usually smiles and talks about what he brushed today, or like a boring office worker, who has long been tired of brushing monsters and can't afford to be interested.

"There is a player named A'Meng who killed my leveling group thousands of times. Help check the game registration list."

"Okay." The researcher listened. , Immediately understood the seriousness of the matter.

Orange Star does not encourage players to fight internally. Once such a lone ranger who severely interferes with the great cause of leveling appears, it will definitely be punished severely.

The premise is that the player is in Orange Star.

"If it is a fleeing player, we can't sanction it. We must be psychologically prepared." The researcher on duty was vaccinated in advance.

The leader leaned over, looking towards the virtual reality projection screen with an angry face.

As the big data search progress bar climbed, from one percent to one hundred percent, the search results came out.

Orange Mother: "There is no such person!"

"How come there is no such person, I will handwrite his name to show you." The head of the group found that Orange Mother was looking up. Orange Star text is not an alien text recognized in the game.

The words shua shua, the words written by the mind are typed into the text box, and Orange Mother retrieves it again.

The retrieval speed is faster this time, because the characters written by the team leader are not commonly used characters, and the number of players named in non-mainstream languages ​​is not large, and the search is completed in less than a second.

Orange Mother: "There is still no such person! The game body has long been changed. For players who are not logged in locally in Orange Star, the registered information will not enter our internet."

Orange Mother is clear, it is a Cthulhu believer who fled.

"How could this happen!" Dao Honghua was full of pain, and desperately grabbed his own hair, and grabbed some hair.

"Your health is not right and you need psychological treatment." Orange Mother took a photo with the camera and initially judged Dao Honghua's rational breakdown and needed psychological counseling.

"No, I'm not crazy, I'm not convinced, I want to kill him! Kill A'Meng!" Dao Honghua was taken away by the robot.

"Everyone in this leveling group has to log off for psychological examination." Orange Mother urged.

Since the gamer did not voluntarily quit, the situation is not the most critical moment. Orange Mother needs to ask the supervisor to cut off the power of those people.

After the supervisor learned about the situation, he asked a group of players on standby to go online and learn about the leveling group's situation through the friend system.

Orange Star activist Li Shen learned about this and immediately took over the job and gave an order:

"Some players in this leveling group log off and undergo psychological checks, and some follow players. A'Meng's clue."

Next, Li Shen issued the most powerful arrest warrant: "Attention to the major game guilds of Orange Star, A'Meng is wanted on the guild channel, and he is marked with his name. Anyone who sees it If there is A'Meng in the name of the kill, tell the whole guild that we will besiege him all over the world. If you don't kill him to Lv. 1, don't stop. A'Meng must pay a heavy price for his evil deeds!"

< p>It is not unreasonable that Professor Li Shen is so radical.

Even Cthulhu believer sect will not easily kill the player thousands of times.

Because the entire group of players in the game world are Orange Star people, once they are tortured and killed, they are waiting for endless infighting, squatting all over the resurrection points.

Unfortunately, because of the setting of resurrecting more than ten times in different places, it is too difficult to reach Lv. 1, but at least the slogan is strong and will not let others think that Orange Star people are soft persimmons. .

A'Meng was the first pro gamer who dared to slaughter the player's leveling group in this way, which hindered Orange Star's leveling policy.

If A'Meng is not punished, anyone who is angry in the future will use his high level to abuse people thousands of times.

This kind of atmosphere must be suppressed and not let the people of Cthulhu sect take over.

Soon, the online players brought the orders from the senior leaders of Orange Star to the major game presidents.

There are guilds in game world, but the leaders of these guilds are from Orange Star after all. It is impossible to listen to the big orders of the senior leaders of Orange Star. Therefore, in less than an hour, the whole guild began to want A'Meng. name.

Everyone knows the truth. A'Meng’s behavior was originally the daily behavior of most irritable Old Brothers, but in this real game that determines the future of the Orange Star human beings, this This kind of "joke" can't be played casually.

The guild opened by the people of Cthulhu sect soon received a message from an intelligence officer that A'Meng was blocked in the whole game, and must be notified when found.

"Who is this guy, do you know that he is wanted throughout the world." The president Liu Siting luckily leveled in the game and received the news from the intelligence agent. He couldn't help being surprised.

"I don't know, I haven't seen it."

"I will go to United Dreamland to inquire about it."

"No hurry, I'll chat and ask."

Liu Siting has an undercover friend number, and the other party happened to be online, so he asked: "What's the matter with A'Meng, everyone wants him?"

An undercover: "Is that right? I killed the leveling regiment thousands of times. I don't want him. Any cat or dog on the roadside will dare to step on the head of the Orange Star Guild."

"Hiss...this great generosity." Rao is the president of Cthulhu sect, and she can't help but startled.

Dare to sabotage the leveling cause of Orange Star people, I really don’t know how to write dead words.

Liu Siting quickly log off and ordered someone to check A'Meng's news.

Ke Meng, who was wanted by the guilds, did not realize the seriousness of the matter. He was just walking on the road and suddenly got hit by tens of thousands of Must Kill List. His face was still clouded in his mind. inner.

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