I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 656

The patter of rain falls down the multi-faceted valley, where wood melts, water becomes black, and soil becomes scorched.

The animals touched the rain. First, the head fuse together with the environment suddenly became unable to mimic, and then a little bit of flesh appeared from the body, and then the melted black liquor swallowed everything, with a sound After a long howl, it melted into a ball of liquid.

The wild beast here will be refreshed after a while as long as it dies. Ke Meng starts very quickly without considering ecological issues. The destroyed environment will also recover over a period of time. This is the game mechanism. .

Otherwise, players use explosive magic to bombard the surface every day, and they have already penetrated the ground. How could there be a good place.

The animals in the forest were terrified, and then went crazy. They ran towards Ke Meng, waved the claws in their hands, and burst out terrifying rays of light. Even the air began to vibrate, and the sound was booming. thunder.

For a time, the rays of light with special effects of skills covered the entire valley in the middle of the valley. Ke Meng was surrounded by monsters, and countless skills shouted towards his face.





The field monster of Multiface Valley is not very strong after all. It barely breaks through Ke Meng's defense, but it can only cause a little damage.

Five thousand damage is a side effect of poison, otherwise Ke Meng will not lose blood at all.

But Ke Meng wore a tank suit. He didn’t work for nothing. He deliberately left equipment that added health pool and recovery health every time he touched the prize. He also picked up a few pieces of defense equipment. But the effect is not great.

The weirdness of the wild beast in the multifaceted valley lies in the mind pollution, but it happens that Ke Meng's resistance is all-round resistance. This mind pollution can dissuade ordinary players, but it cannot dissuade Ke Meng.

No matter how many attacks, Ke Meng can't kill Ke Meng, and even watched Ke Meng's health pool rise in despair, before being reduced by the side effects of the poison.

Their attack can only tick the skin. Even the mind stunts at the bottom of the box can't be released, because they breathed the poison qi and their bodies began to mutate.

After a desperate sound, they died a few seconds later.

Ke Meng survived, becoming the only survivor in the withered valley.

A lot of experience text jumped out, and the system prompt bar was filled.

Ke Meng started a long journey of touching the corpse. Every time he touched a ball of black liquid, he would find a pile of debris and equipment.

There is not a mask of the faceless, not too good luck.

Fortunately, Ke Meng wiped out all the animals in the valley. He touched him until the thousandth training, and finally he touched a mask of the Faceless Man.

Three hours later, Ke Meng had touched all the corpses, and a total of four faceless masks were drawn out, showing how touching its explosive rate was.

Ke Meng puts the mask on his face, and the system pops up the body editing interface.

Ke Meng canceled this interface, used spirituality to invade the Faceless Mask, and began to edit the face as he imagined in his mind, so that his breath, face, height, etc. are completely different from him in reality. same.

This non-mainstream usage method allows Ke Meng to use the Faceless Mask without relying on the system.

With the face-changing props, Ke Meng is not afraid of them hunting down even if he kills too many people. After all, his face has changed.

"It is estimated that there are props to detect ID, um, proceed carefully was enough, if you detect me, my spiritual perception will definitely know." Ke Meng muttered.

His spiritual perception is one percent of Evil God Cthulhu, which is countless times higher than that of Shadowflow bosses, Sect Lord Jin and other absolutely crazy guys. It is impossible to find anyone peeping at it.

Even if the sleeping Cthulhu suddenly wakes up to look at him, he will be spotted.

Even the boss of Shadowflow can perceive the attention of Evil God, Ke Meng's spirituality is so high, there is no reason not to know.

After clearing the valley area, Ke Meng's level has risen to 290 Lv. 1 in general.

Out of the valley, the giant lizard riding pet was still waiting restlessly at the door.

Ke Meng stepped on the riding pet and set off to the next leveling place.

Giant lizard knew that he could leave the multi-faceted valley, and immediately ran away, as if there was something terrifying behind chasing it.

Ke Meng felt that his pet was too naive, so he looked back at the valley surrounded by high mountains.

Facing Ke Meng's face on the mountain wall, the appearance changed suddenly, and one after another eye grew. The pupil in the eye seemed to be equipped with a positioning tracker, staring at Ke Meng firmly.

Ke Meng's crotch riding pet leaves at a speed a little more than the speed of three sound, and the distance traveled per second is quite exaggerated.

At such an exaggerated speed, the strange faces on the mountain walls of the human face are also moving their pupils, following the changes in Ke Meng's position, as if they are really looking at Ke Meng.

"Are the mountains alive?" Ke Meng felt the strong mind pollution, but these mind pollution was difficult to break through Ke Meng's defenses.

"Slow down." Ke Meng patted the big pet, "Turn around and go back to the multi-faceted valley."

The big pet was a little unwilling to hear it, but due to the master-servant contract, it could only Unwillingly ran back, the speed dropped slightly, but it was still fast.

The faces of several face mountains are cold and weird. When I left, my pupils were staring at Ke Meng. Now that Ke Meng turns to kill him, those faces are staring at in midair again, as if they were not in midair. Did not stare at Ke Meng, it was just Ke Meng's illusion.

Back to the bottom of the face mountain, Ke Meng took out the game props from the storage bag.

Ke Meng took that many sacrifices from the game world. Naturally, he knew that some things were very powerful, and he consciously used such props on the road.

The Faceless One prop is one of them, and the item Ke Meng is holding at the moment is another huge might prop.

"Have you heard of a meteorite falling from the sky?" Ke Meng muttered.

Ke Meng once used a meteorite summon device in reality. Its function is to extract stones from a few kilometers in a radius of a few kilometers, shape them into meteorites and then fall down.

Ke Meng looked at the item in his hand. The shape is different from the Blue Star meteorite summon. It is a bone and tooth necklace. When the necklace is waved, the hole in the bone will make a strange sound. It seems to be an inexplicable summon sound.

item named Lucky Meteorite Necklace, which can summon a meteorite of a fixed size and drop from the sky to the place set by the player.

The condition is to draw 10,000 points of magic value to replace the diameter of 100 meters, the upper limit of the magic value is 50,000, and the magic value is not enough, you can use the health pool value instead.

But to change to the health pool value, you need to multiply it by five.

If you put it in Blue Star, it will kill you if you use it once.

"You have been staring at me just now. I don't like trouble asking for the door. Once my ability is enough to clean up the trouble, I definitely can't save it until the future." Ke Meng slowly said.

He waved his hand, and the necklace rustled in his hand, making an ethereal sound like a wind chime, passing into the sky, and the summon meteorite descended.

Take out the magic value directly on the body, and then take a part of the health pool.

Tons, tons.

Ke Meng drank the blood medicine and was dissatisfied with the health pool, and felt uncomfortable.

After the props were activated, the clouds in the sky dispersed, and a 500-meter-diameter boulder fell from the sky and fell to the top of Human Face Mountain.

The horse's legs trembled under the crotch and felt the danger of death. Ke Meng put him in the storage bag ahead of time to avoid being killed by the shock wave of the meteorite.

At this time, the strange faces of Renface Mountain finally showed shock, and the mouth squirmed quickly, sending out a violent mind pollution sound to Ke Meng.

Some things, once they die, they may actually die.

After all, they have mutated, out of the original setting, the environmental mechanism of death and resurrection may not protect them.

Ke Meng guessed this point and boldly killed a sudden thrust to eliminate the danger without leaving any hidden dangers.

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