I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 657

A huge meteorite fell from the sky, rubbing the air to generate heat, forming a ring of red air waves, dragging a long tail flame.

I didn't reach the top of my head, I heard the sound of hong long long, and the whole land was illuminated by red light.

The shadow of an incomparable gigantic meteorite enveloped several human-faced mountains. How could this meteorite change its shape if it fell.

Of course, because of the land-type restoration mechanism, it may be restored within a few hours.

Ke Meng looked at the frightened faces of the mountains, living in a mind-polluted ocean, calm and calm.

Renface Mountain did not have the means to kill Ke Meng. After finding that he could not kill Ke Meng, he could only watch the meteorite hit the mountain in despair.

hong long!

The top of the mountain was smashed by a meteorite, and one after another crack washed down from the top of the mountain, smashed to the foot of the mountain like lightning, and then spread to the ground all around.

As the first human face mountain collapsed, the other human face mountains could not withstand the suppression of meteorites, and burst into fragments one after another.

When the meteorite landed completely, Ke Meng was hit by the huge meteorite, and an exaggerated figure burst out on his head.


The number 1 is really too exaggerated compared to this world-destroying situation.

Then Ke Meng kept flashing the number 0 on his head.

Even if the nuclear bomb bursts on the head, it will not reduce Ke Meng's blood. The strength of this meteorite is more terrifying than the nuclear bomb, at least the number -1 is brushed out.

This point of blood was easily added back, and then the ground under Ke Meng's feet collapsed, the high temperature melted everything, the huge impact pool directly overturned the ground, and all the dust was lifted into the sky.

Ke Meng folded his hands in front of his face, and the ground under his feet was unsteady. He was passively blown up by the violent wind, and his ears were penetrated by the violent dust, which quickly filled his earholes. .

Ke Meng didn't know how long he flew in the air, his eyes were full of smoke and sand.

By the time Ke Meng was thrown to the ground, he was already three kilometers away from the location of the incident.

In the distance, in the sky full of yellow sand, there is a huge shadow of a plume of smoke, straight to the sky.

He shook the head, threw off the sand in his ears, and used spiritual perception Sense Connection. All the human face mountains have been destroyed by meteorites, and the entire surface has been lifted by energy, changing the landscape.

"Speaking of which, I haven't seen the game to repair the landform."

For the sake of stability, Ke Meng sits on the ground and enters a meditation state, waiting for the game world to repair the landform.

When meditating, my spirituality is extremely active.

Even if the boulder whistled past from the top of the head, or even hit the forehead, Ke Meng's meditation could not be interrupted.

Ke Meng has a deep understanding of the Meditation Method he created. It is far more profound than when he was teaching at the beginning. As long as he has the heart, it will not be easily interrupted.

In the second aftershock, the shock wave pushed Ke Meng's body away from the place over and over again, and Ke Meng did not open his eyes.

Until six hours later.

The brain feels wonderful fluctuations. It is not someone who sends out the power, but the entire world is linked together, and earth-shattering changes are about to happen.

Ke Meng predicted what would happen in three seconds, immediately opened his eyes and looked towards the front.

The dust in front has fallen to the ground and is no longer covered by the wind and sand. The fragmented huge meteorite splits from the middle, forming a new huge mountain, several times higher than the original Human Face Mountain.

One after another The crack is like an abyss, the bottom is not bottomed, the cracks between the cracks and the cracks also have several hundred meters, and some cracks have expanded to the point of two or three kilometers.

If this meteorite falls to the Blue Star, the floor of the entire continent may be lifted.

Only this point of terrain change can be caused in the game world, indicating that the soil surface of the game world also has a certain resistance.

Ke Meng sits on the ground, can feel the changes in the world, in the blink of an eye, all the soil shakes, the cracks naturally recombine, and the scattered mud returns to the nest from a distance to fill the gaps lost the quality of.

In the process of restoring the terrain, Ke Meng really felt the changes in the rules of the world. It was a force that he couldn't use. It was so huge that it was even more vast than Evil God Cthulhu.

I shudder like a blue sea, extremely small.

Originally thought he was strong enough, but in this brief moment, Ke Meng put away the pride he had accumulated because of tens of thousands of resistance points.

"This World is still very dangerous. Be cautious and then cautious." Ke Meng sinks his heart and thinks over and over again whether he has any clues in his past.

After one minute.

This area has been restored, but Human Face Mountain has not been repaired. Instead, a huge meteorite mountain stands on the ground, replacing the original Human Face Mountain.

Game World seems to have identified meteorite material as a substitute, replacing the human face mountain after mutation.

Renface Mountain is dead, and Ke Meng can't feel its breath without returning.

"The threat is cleared." Ke Meng patted his hand, turned to call out the riding pet, and left the field quickly.

When he left, Ke Meng found the trail of the players. They were all large teams, with 300 to 400 people in Wuyangyang at a glance.

"The movement here is even big enough to attract players?" Ke Meng was puzzled.

In the game world, high level players often destroy the ground and change the shape of the ground. You can’t just run over to watch the show just because of a meteorite.

Ke Meng gathered spiritual perception in his ears, and soon heard some quiet discussions.

"The multi-faceted valley is gone, which guy did it."

"Good guy, I'm thinking of entering that weird valley within the valley to challenge it, didn't expect it It’s gone."

"Don’t bother about the destroyed mountain. Our skills can also destroy the surface. Moving mountains and suppressing seas are nothing to look at. Now the top priority is to find A'Meng and use it. Your necromancy system skills imprison his soul, making him unable to survive, and unable to survive!" A female player snered.

"en." The player who led the team was uncomfortably un'ed. He had no flesh and blood, only bones, and there was a strong blue flame burning in his skull.

This is a necromantic player who has transformed his body. The shape is completely dehumanized, and the mind resistance is ten times higher than that of the average player, dozens of times more than that, and it can enter and exit a lot of mind pollution heavily.

Such necromancer players like Mind-polluted places like Multifaced Valley, and many special items can often be found in areas like this.

Ke Meng started to hear the words A'Meng.

How do they know their game ID name.

After that, Ke Meng remembered the countless hits on the Must Kill List that day, and he killed a large number of players hundreds of times.

"Good fellow, the enemy was sent over so quickly."

Ke Meng sat on the pet, gathered his eyes through spiritual perception, and saw it after a distance of three kilometers. The unconcealed level number above the necromancer player's head-level 759!

Among the crowd, the Necromancer players have the highest level, and the rest of the players are in the range of 700 Lv. 50 to 758 level.

"The second tier of people came to kill me. It seems that the deceased has a very background." Ke Meng knew he was in trouble.

Fortunately, my face has changed once. It is no longer the original face. I have also modified my body. The equipment on my body has also been changed on the way. The clothes are completely different, even if they use props. Looking back, you will see Ke Meng in the past instead of Ke Meng in the present.

If they find out the current Ke Meng, they must be the first to know about Ke Meng's spiritual perception.

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