I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 658

Ke Meng didn't want to meet them, after all, it was the hatred he caused by accidentally killing a group of players.

If you chase someone to chop, things will become very troublesome. It is possible that a small hit will lead to a larger guild group.

However, if others insist on killing themselves with a face, Ke Meng will definitely not let them get what they want, and will fight back.

"More than seven hundred levels, this level of damage can already hurt me, so be careful." Ke Meng hesitated and felt that he had to hide.

If only one necromancer of 750 Lv. 19 was chasing him, Ke Meng would dare to fight against the opponent's 1V1 real man.

But when a group of more than 700 level players beat him, Ke Meng is a bit overwhelmed. With his Resistance value, he can't ignore the 300~400 high level players firepower to encircle Europe.

Because of the long distance, three kilometers apart, and the middle is not absolutely flat, Ke Meng consciously made the riding pet slow down.

Running too fast will make a huge noise. It was just the beginning stage, and the speed was not so exaggerated. Fortunately, it did not disturb the player team over there.

The riding pet's speed slowed down, and he galloped through the forest, leaving behind the scenery along the way quickly.

Ke Meng's spiritual perception is like the Spiritual Consciousness of the immortal cultivator, sweeping circle after circle, the situation of several kilometers in the radius is controlled by Ke Meng.

The spiritual perception of these players is not particularly high, and they cannot detect that someone is spying on him.

"There are five large teams, and they are all people who came to kill me." Ke Meng's ears moved slightly, he heard more sounds, and scenes of real-time scenes flashed in front of him. .

"I stabbed a hornet's nest?" Ke Meng, no matter how stupid he was, understood the seriousness of the situation.

This is not the hatred of a guild, but Ke Meng stabbed the hornet's nest of Orange Star and angered the reverse scale of the Orange Star people.

Orange Star has a large population. Cthulhu sect’s quest is to remove the Ancient God Seal, so there is no fierce conflict with the mainstream players of Orange Star. Things like this kind of killing players hundreds of times have never happened. Over.

Ke Meng opened his head for the first time. If he doesn't kill him, who else can do it?

"It’s a big game." Ke Meng understands the danger. It cannot be blocked by the player team. Once blocked, they can directly report the coordinates with the chat function in the friend system. Use vast crowds to contain them in all directions.

Currently, the Orange Stars have not dispatched 800-level players. Ke Meng still has room to deal with. He has a faceless mask and flies into the crowd to change his face. I am not afraid of them for the time being.

Ke Meng cautiously, controls the pet under the crotch to change lanes many times, bypassing the marching player team.

Players can't see Ke Meng. There are scout players in the crowd, but their scout skills are mainly used to prevent wild beasts and monsters. They are not particularly good at dealing with players.

After all, the main opposition group of players is the field monster. Under the rule of Orange Star, a game mode similar to industrialization has been formed. Infighting is difficult to occur, so the field monsters are the direction of reconnaissance. Going in the direction, Ke Meng escaped by accident.

Two hours later.

Ke Meng has left the player's round-up area, and no one can be found within a few kilometers of the player.

"Huh, it's safe." Ke Meng breathed a sigh of relief and wiped the cold sweat from his head.

If Ke Meng's level is not high enough, how can they kill themselves at the same level.

"Leveling, crazy leveling, only high level can wear good equipment." Ke Meng brushed up to now, still has not brushed out the multiplication increase Resistance equipment.

In low- and middle-level areas, the multiplication increase is mainly for attack power and spell weapons, and the defense equipment is mainly for increasing the value. One plus is one or two thousand.

One or two thousand is a qualitative improvement for low-level players, but for people like Ke Meng who is close to one hundred thousand Resistance, there are too few people who can only stuff their teeth.

Ke Meng clicked on his panel, and the Resistance value has reached 98,000, which is about to break through the 100,000 level.

"You have to run a little farther, you can't stay in this area." Ke Meng patted the pet, rushing all the way.

Don't dare to open toxic smoke on the road, lest you be tracked down.

“Change the route, you can’t go to the originally set leveling point.” Ke Meng thought of his poisonous smoke. The poisonous smoke is blown by the wind. Players only need to calculate the wind direction and move further from the poisonous soil along the road. Through analysis, we can figure out where Ke Meng will move next.

half a day later.

Hiding far enough, Ke Meng returned from log off in a low-lying woodland.

After returning to reality, Ke Meng returned to the tiankeng with the big-faced cat and devoured the mutated pork.

In order to improve the speed of eating pork, Ke Meng used storage props to collect the pork transformed from the past few days at a time, and then put the storage props inside the big face cat’s mouth, thoughts move, Send instructions to go in, and want the storage items to release the pork inside.

But Ke Meng found that his thoughts could not take effect on the mouth of the big face cat.

"Spiritality has also been swallowed?" Ke Meng's heart was stunned.

Ke Meng sat in front of the enlarged version of the big-faced cat, lost in thought.

Spiritality is also a part of meat. After all, all things have spirits, big-faced cats who like to eat meat will naturally swallow that part.

After understanding this level, Ke Meng looked at the chopsticks in his hand for ten seconds.

"It's not the spirituality of meat, so you don't want to eat it." Ke Meng pressed the head of the big face cat with his hand.

Chopsticks are dead things, not meat. The big-faced cat is very clear about whether to eat or not.

But Ke Meng still has a way to cure it.

Since people cannot release the item in the air, then change to a longer item and stretch out the mouth to release the pork.

After waiting for a period of time, Ke Meng switched to a new item from the Investigation Bureau, and then successfully released hundreds of tons of pork inside the mouth of the big-faced cat.

Hundreds of tons of mutated pork will disappear if it enters the bottomless pit, without any stagnation.

Ke Meng took back the storage items and took away the big-faced cat, and told Xueli and Sweet Dumpling: "You two continue to work. I will go back first. I will come back to collect pork later."< /p>

Xueli and Sweet Dumpling complied, this work is a bit boring, but Sweet Dumpling does not find it hard, because there is an internet here, while working while using mobile phones, life is elated, it is much better than the days in the storage scarf Up.

Back to his house, Ke Meng took some memory measures and then went to sleep with hypnotism.

In my dream, R'lyeh.

Ke Meng uses Evil God Sense Connection to spy on players' leveling daily.

High level Cthulhu believer, half of the time is spent on mob leveling, and the other half is spent on the literature of Ancient Ruins.

There are many such relics on the whole land. Cthulhu believers have unearthed at least 500 ancient relics, but the history distorted by the first play through BOSS is too much. Many historical records are contrary to other historical documents. No number.

The progress of the investigation is stuck, and this hurdle cannot be passed. Ke Meng has begun to think about how to use the game information on hand to promote the rapid development of the first play through plot.

"No, the time has not yet arrived, so I have to wait for their max level." Ke Meng thought.

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