I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 659

After waking up from the dream, Ke Meng exercised outside to retrieve his memory and pondered what he had dreamed of.

The influence of Cthulhu's thinking still exists, and because of the inability to direct a showdown, Ke Meng can only passively watch himself thinking about the great cause of unblocking in his dream.

"I don't want to go, leveling."

Only strength is the last word. If strength is not enough, there is no way to change the status quo no matter how much you think about it.

After Ke Meng returns to the game world, he accelerates his leveling speed.

In order to avoid the regular killing of players, Ke Meng no longer runs around, staying in the 500-level area to focus on spawning monsters, and to control the poisonous smoke in a certain area.

By the way, hundreds of pets were collected and let the pets help Ke Meng patrol all around. Once a group of players appeared, they quickly moved their positions and changed their leveling.


Silent mountains and forests.

The necromancer, whose whole body is in the shape of a bone skeleton, is riding a bone horse and rushing into the woods like flying.

Suddenly, a string of numbers appeared at the feet of the skeleton horse.



"Call!" Necromancer reined in his mount, and in the eyes of the beating skull of the spirit fire, the vegetation of this mountain forest can be seen withered Only some trees have not withered, and horses will be poisoned if they step on the soil.

One second later, dust flew on him, black flames ignited on the surface of the bones, and strange fleshy whiskers grew out of them, which then melted into black liquid.


The poison resistance of this necromancer is much higher than that of the mount. Even so, it can't directly resist the enemy's poison.

"This guy is in the vicinity." necromancer muttered.

He gently waved his right hand and drew a door in the air.

In the next second, the cold breath poured into the forest like a tide, and a light gate naturally formed in the sky. The rays of light turned from white to black quickly, and the black bones formed out of thin air, slowly forming a light gate. A door with black bone entrance.

"Necromancer, listen to my orders, search!" necromancer said coldly.

The black bone entrance was opened, and a large group of bone skeleton soldiers rushed into the forest, holding swords and shields, riding bone horses.

But soon, necromancer found that his decision was wrong.

The damage of tens of thousands of losses, the damage of tens of thousands of losses came out, instantly destroying a group of necromantic troops.

"Well, these soldiers' poison resistance is too low." Necromancer forgot that A'Meng's virulent poison is a dust virus, which can spread through the air.

"Close the door!" he shouted to the black bone entrance.

The Black Bone Entrance immediately closes the entrance and no longer releases the Skeleton Admission.

Without the skeleton soldiers, the scene became quiet again. The dead skeleton soldiers melted into black liquid and melted into the soil.

"Not good, do it, this poison is so fierce, it can't stand it without the resistance of seventy to eighty thousand." necromancer muttered.

The mount under his crotch has been targeted by him more than ten times, and he has also made various enhancements. The poison resistance is stable at about 100,000, so these poisonous injuries cannot directly poison him and The mount under his crotch.

No matter what, he can only pull out the guild chat channel and call people in the guild for help.

"A'Meng's poison was found, coordinates..."

"Come on!"


One Hours later.

All nearby players gathered around and searched the forest three circles inside and three outside circles.

"No one!"

"He was gone!"


People flustered and exasperated, It was another failed capture.

Ke Meng realized his existence as early as when Necromancer entered the woods, and then he was suspicious, using the player's teleportation skills to leave this place, go to another safe point, and then move to a new place to continue leveling.

As long as the players don't have the ability to predict the player's direction in a wide range, they cannot accurately catch Ke Meng.

Ke Meng has used a lot of spirituality scans recently, and I feel I can improve it a bit.

"Look how long you can catch me." Ke Meng whispered.

Ke Meng is not afraid of them, as long as the level is up, it will be no problem to directly attack tens of thousands of players.

Days pass.

The players of the second echelon have caught A'Meng for several days, and every time they found poisonous soil, then they couldn't see people and couldn't catch A'Meng.

This has greatly affected the leveling efficiency of the Orange Star people. You must know that all the Orange Star people have almost put their entire family into the game in order to fight a turnaround.

Each batch of leveling regiments is part of the leveling system, and one less piece will affect the efficiency of the first flight of steps.

The people in the second echelon are the reserve army. They are mainly responsible for making materials, using life and resurrection techniques to detect more advanced leveling areas. Without them, the first echelon cannot be leveling without brains.

On the Orange Star side, because of A'Meng, there have been several conferences. Every meeting is full of gunpowder and smoke. People who scold A'Meng every day, but they don’t have Ke Meng. Method.

Once, they had already ran into A'Meng, a player who was releasing poisonous smoke, but in a blink of an eye, A'Meng teleported away.

They remembered A'Meng's face and mount.

When they sent people to investigate people on a large scale, for some reason, they couldn't find the person in this area at all, as if the face didn't exist.

"You can no longer waste time and resources. We cut 99% of the resources, leaving only 10,000 players to form the A'Meng pursuit team, and the rest of the players will return to their posts." Professor Li Shen, also must not submit unyielding to the rampant of A'Meng.

The cost of manpower, material resources, and time can't be delayed, and spending seven days to catch people has given A'Meng a lot of face. Unfortunately, they just can't catch A'Meng. He is too cunning.

In this way, the Orange Star people were forced to eat this dumb loss, and wrote down the words A'Meng in the notebook and the first appearance of A'Meng.

If you meet this guy in the future, you must chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades.

"Unfortunately, no player in our guild knows A'Meng, otherwise he won't be able to jump for that long." Li Shen looked regretful.

After Orange Star gave up, not long after, the people of Cthulhu sect also received news from senior undercover agents. A'Meng was given up and Orange Star no longer wasted a lot of resources to apprehend.

"A'Meng managed to escape, but we don't know who he is." Liu Sect Lord looked at the undercover private message in the chat channel with a strange expression.

I have asked all the players of Quanjiao, but I can't find it.

On the AI ​​side, they have also checked themselves and don’t know where they are from.

"These AIs don’t feel very credible. They may know about A'Meng and hide him."

"The number of AIs cannot be expanded too much. There are restrictions." Liu Siting tapped the tabletop with his hands, with a thoughtful expression on his face.

The artificial intelligence is extremely calm, saying that they are Cthulhu believers, and they are also part of the believer.

But AI is too calm, even if it encounters some mind pollution sources, it is more than a hundred times calmer than normal human beings.

Unless it is an AI that is personally contaminated by Evil God, you really cannot believe that they will completely obey this teaching.

In the current AI society, large-scale AIs dominate lower-level AIs. Large-scale AIs are basically artificial intelligences that have been polluted by Evil God in the joint dream, and are 100 percent pure believer. This point does not need to be questioned.

The small AI is hard to predict. On the surface, it listens to the orders of the superior AI, but in such a free place as the game world, things are hard to say.

In Liu Siting's concept, these AIs are used to stir up sticks. The more chaotic the situation, the better, so that the Orange Star talents have no time to pay attention to them, so that they can solve the ancient God with peace of mind. The secret of Seal.

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