I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 660

Two months passed in a hurry, and a legend of A'Meng, a poisonous wolf, appeared in the game circle of Orange Star.

Where A'Meng passed, barren and field monster died.

The General Hospital established the A'Meng hunting team, which was born specifically to hunt down this person. If necessary, it can temporarily apply for human resources to arrest it, but it must be clues to use more than 10,000 additional resources.

However, they cannot succeed every time.

Thought for a moment, the people of the A'Meng hunting team simply developed a detection skill specifically for players.

Detected with insect, was poisoned to death.

Detect with eyesight, but the poisonous wolf A'Meng is often active in the mountains and forests, and the forests are too mixed and difficult to use.

Subsequently, the players modified the earth-hearing detection skills and modified several versions. It took half a month to hear the player's footsteps.

Some people have developed heat source peeking skills to see through heat sources several kilometers away.

These two types of skills are a great obstacle to Ke Meng's leveling environment, but Ke Meng also has corresponding countermeasures for defense.

They detect the heat source, Ke Meng wears equipment that lowers body temperature. The body and the human body cannot be confused in the game. The setting of the magic value can make the body full of magic power, so that the body can also be in an extremely low temperature environment. Walk freely.

Ke Meng directly developed aerospace technique when the enemy heard the sound of the earth.

The road is one foot high, and the devil is one foot high.

Once players make progress, Ke Meng predicts in advance, changes places to hide, and develops targeted skills in less than two days. He is another hero.

After two months of mixing, the players of the first echelon have reached 833 Lv. 10, and this level is getting slower and slower.

Ke Meng also relied on his powerful Resistance and poisonous smoke to plunder the field monster's life, and he gathered a large area of ​​experience in the wild with one brush, and quickly brushed his level to 500. Multistage.

During the months of the Great Escape, Ke Meng's number of poisonings has increased rapidly. He has already taken more than 99,000 times. After the 100,000 mark, there are only three times left with naked eye visible.

He could have been faster, but Ke Meng deliberately slowed down his poisoning speed. After all, the chasing soldiers from the rear chased him too tightly to leave too many traces to be overtaken.

Now, as he gets closer to the 100,000 mark, spiritual perception feels the crisis.

This crisis does not originate from the A'Meng hunting team, but from the poison of the body.

He has a feeling in his heart that after taking it three more times, he will poison himself and die.

It is not a slow death of the poison, but the poison that spreads all over the body instantly, instant kill the body.

This means that higher-level poisons are many times more terrifying than high-level poisons.

"It's a terrible poison."

Ke Meng's eyebrows were frowned, and he didn't know whether he should continue to take the poison he had prepared.

The poison body has an advantage. The stronger the poison you prepare, the higher the damage of the poisonous smoke, but the faster you lose blood.

Going up, it must be more perverted.

huhuhu, the wind is coming.

Ke Meng's enhanced spiritual perception feels that a team of players from ten kilometers away appears.

"I'm chasing it again."

"Withdraw, or not?" Ke Meng asked a question in his heart.

While thinking, he took the poison to stimulate the body's venom and emit poisonous smoke.

Ke Meng wears a simple mage robe, and the weapon in his hand keeps shining. The whirlwind controls the poisonous smoke to be lowered. He does not fly high, only drills in the woods, deliberately bypasses the woods, only infiltrates Inside the animal.

This is Ke Meng's self-mastery of a more efficient and concealed way to kill the enemy during his life in the Great Escape.

Use Wind Element magic to control the direction of poisonous smoke, and precisely control the poisonous smoke to fall on every field monster.

The main point is that vegetation cannot be destroyed. Vegetation is a natural sheltering umbrella. With them, it can help Ke Meng obstruct clairvoyance-type direct vision skills and increase the difficulty of perspective skills.

"No, I won't run away anymore."

Ke Meng divine light flashed, thinking of the player resurrected from the dead, his own negative buffs have disappeared.

The poison on one's body can also be regarded as a negative BUFF. It is a super poison that is produced at the cost of sacrificing one's life force.

As long as the sacrifice is stopped, the body cells will stop secreting venom.

Similarly, once Ke Meng dies, there will be no such negative BUFF in the resurrection.

Next time you turn it on, you still have to take poison.

Ke Meng deduced it several times in his head, and used his spiritual perception to rehearse it several times, and all came to a good judgment.

After the judgment, Ke Meng's confidence greatly increased.

It is impossible to stop taking poison. You can only continue to take it to maintain the next efficient leveling life.

Ke Meng has become accustomed to this rolling leveling method, just like a person accustomed to eating the delicacies of mountains and seas, it is difficult for him to return to his poor days for a while.

"Even I can't resist the poison, how long can you resist, one second? Or die instantly?" Ke Meng thought maliciously.

After using Resistance to eliminate these poisons, Ke Meng took the poison again, reducing the poison count to 1.

The next time you take poison, you will officially exceed the 100,000 mark.

Ke Meng's spiritual perception has issued a strong warning that the life and death crisis of terrifying is hanging on the head, as long as you take it again, the body will inevitably evolve and secrete more terrifying poison.

"Don't hurry, bury the resurrection props and cheat people." Ke Meng had a plan in mind, but he couldn't break through now. He had to make traps and wait for the Orange Star to enter the pit.

"Killing me for so long, if I don’t kill me, I think I’m a soft persimmon and just pick it up."

Ke Meng is not a good crop. Since you can’t live in peace, kill me. To blood flowing into a river, let the other person bow their heads.

It is true that Ke Meng was at a loss when the two parties were in conflict. After all, his skills were out of control after they were released. At that time, Wind Element skills were not developed to control the field, which led to the death of the Orange Star leveling group. N times.

But the Orange Star people sent people to hunt down for two consecutive months, Ke Meng no longer felt guilty.

He is not Saint, he has been hunted down for so long, and he has been growing up to this day, just to let out a bad breath.

Once you do it, it must be a thunderous method.

Don't let the Orange Star people mass earthquake, they will continue to hunt down endlessly in the future.

Ke Meng silently uses the teleportation skill. After ten seconds, the body leaves the place and teleports to another hidden place.

Then ride on the flying pet, leave the 600-level area at five times the speed of sound, and fly to the 700-level area.

To the 700-level area.

The strength of one after another field monster has reached the level above the Blue Star big filter standard line, destroying the heavens and extinguishing the earth, moving mountains and suppressing seas, nothing difficult.

The number of 700-level field monsters is not like the low-level area. The huge field monsters often have only a few hundred in an area. A 700-level player wants to kill a field monster. , To be marked for a day.

Thousands of players can use skill Europe to fight an ordinary 700-level field monster, and it only takes two 3 minutes.

The highest team can solve it within a few dozens, and the time of the small BOSS will be calculated separately.

Little BOSS is very powerful, but strong without solution.

Even if it is a team of tens of thousands of players, it will take half an hour to play. The recovery health speed of the small BOSS is too terrifying, and the resistance is high, so it is difficult to do it alone.

Ke Meng has a strong feeling standing on this broad land.

Even field monsters of level 700 will be quickly poisoned by higher level poisons.

It doesn’t take tens of seconds, just a few seconds.

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