I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 661

Ke Meng changed his face and walked into the ancient gray castle with the largest flow of people in the game world.

Graycastle is located in the ancient forest. It is very large. The total area is equivalent to the management area of ​​a capital-level city. People in this city are just a drop in the ocean.

It is made of graystone with a strange pattern, and every pattern of graystone is filled with rays of light.

It is not dazzling, it makes people feel warm, it can remove heart irritability and reduce mind pollution.

Ke Meng looked at these lines, his heart shuddering, thinking of the higher civilization.

He gathers his eyes with spirituality, and he can see the rays of light rising into the sky, as vast as a big sun.

Every graystone is like this. It has a huge background. It is the ancient city left by the advanced civilization. It may be the Holy City in the dark, which retains the human fire.

Ke Meng stepped on this graycastle land. It is not a jade stone, but a material that has never been seen before. The spiritual perception was swept away, and only silicon was thought of in his mind.

Its hardness and flexibility are far beyond what simple silicon can do. Even if a nuclear bomb is opened on graystone, it cannot be cracked. Higher civilization must have incorporated some kind of Ke Meng. Something that can't be understood.

This thing may not even be understood by Cthulhu.

So even if the player can move mountains and suppressing seas, they can't do that on the ground of this gray castle.

Moving mountains and suppressing seas can only be played in low- and medium-level soil areas.

When they reach the high level area, the ground material of a super main city is not something they can shake.

Ke Meng's thoughts diverged, and suddenly he thought of R'lyeh seabed the pile of sacrifices. There are also some items related to gods, and the breath is more terrifying than the gray stone under his feet.

Maybe players enter R'lyeh, they don't need Evil God to take action. Just the mind pollution accumulated by the pile of sacrifices can turn players into cerebral palsy.

"A'Meng hunting team is not too good. It has been two months. Mao didn't catch it. Every time I found the traces of the other party." Someone's ears heard. Grumble.

This game is played by billions of people and is huge.

In this big human city, it has become the center of human flow, from level 700 to level 800 players will come here to make trades.

Ke Meng learned from the game information that the city’s teleportation station can be teleported to various ancient Transmission Formation points, which are close to the major high level leveling areas.

If you want to go to the sea, there are also several ancient Transmission Formation, which are directly connected to the deep sea islands, and a place inside the deep sea.

Ke Meng doesn't need to look back, just a slight swipe with spirituality, you can see the talking expression of the person behind him, the heartbeat frequency, the flow rate of blood flow in each body part, the change of smell, etc.

"Where did A'Meng come from? It should be an NPC."

"In my opinion, it may be the incarnation of the final BOSS."< /p>

The person behind him was silent for two seconds, then burst into surprise, clapping his legs.

"Hey, you well said, how did I didn't expect!"

"It's really possible to be the first play through BOSS, this guy can hide so, and we I saw his face three times, but every time he changed his face, this guy changed his face and kept moving."

Ke Meng is speechless, where is all this going?

"Did you make a mistake, A'Meng is the player." Ke Meng slowed his feet and spit out casually. Anyway, if you don’t know each other, change your face to another place, the other party won’t be able to recognize it. Up.


"That's right, A'Meng is the player, and impossible is the NPC."

After Ke Meng complained, the two researchers again Put your thinking back on track.

At the time, there was a kill text pop up in the upper right corner. If an NPC kills the player, the kill text will not appear in the upper right corner.

Also talk about other games. Anyway, the designer of this game designed it like this. Clicking on the Must Kill List in the upper right corner can only kill the player, even if the player becomes a non-human being.

Not long after, Ke Meng went into a large pub to drink, and closed his eyes for a while to rest. In fact, his ears were always receiving the message from this pub.

The voices of players' conversations flooded into Ke Meng's ears.

If you don’t chat and only chat with the friend system, then they don’t need to come to the pub to talk, and it’s enough to chat with friends in different places.

Furthermore, those who come to the pub to chat with the friend system will appear bored. They sit and do not talk, just like human beings in modern society are sitting together and playing with their heads down. Boring.

So the players who come to the tavern, Jiucheng is a person who chats with their mouths, and Ke Meng also listens to a lot of the latest information in the game world.

Ke Meng listened for half an hour, and there were groups of people in the pub.

The pub has a large space, with a multi-layered space setting, which will always be filled with dissatisfaction.

Similarly, the housing in Graycastle City also adopts a multi-story space setting, always filled with dissatisfaction, and the theoretical population is unlimited.

"Hey, drunk alone."

Suddenly, a glutinous loli sound rang in front of him.

This sound is a bit familiar, but it feels like I haven't heard it for a long time.

Ke Meng opened his eyes and saw Nora who looked like Loli, and behind him was Nina who was holding her little hand by the elder sister.

That pair of twins!

Ke Meng remembered the scene of the encounter at the beginning. It was a twilight night. Ke Meng was about to quit. He happened to quit and met them. After chatting, he added a friend. Afterwards, there was no further involvement.

Suddenly meeting them in this high level main city, Ke Meng was a little puzzled.

He opened the friend list quietly, and both were online.

I want to check the level of two people, but a warning box that cannot be checked pops up.

The opponent has set the level invisible, unless there are props peeking into the player's level, otherwise it is difficult to know the opponent's level.

Ke Meng glanced at the opponent's head. Like him, he didn't set the level to float on the head.

"Why, do we know each other?" Ke Meng gu lu gu lu took a sip of wine.

At this moment, Ke Meng is not the previous image, but a rough man with a big beard, broad shoulders, and huge muscles as hard and solid as a rock.

"I don't know each other, but I want to know about it. After all, you are the only one in this tavern to drink booze alone." Nora took the younger sister's small hand and sat openly opposite Ke Meng, younger sister Sitting next to the elder sister, she looked reticent.

Ke Meng does not need to look at the people at every table in the pub, even if the other person is right, the people sitting in this pub are at least two people, and they don’t drink alone.

Ke Meng alone looked a little weird and attracted the attention of the twins.

However, Ke Meng believes in his disguise. The A'Meng hunting team has been chasing for so long, and Ke Meng has not been found.

"Drink?" Ke Meng greeted the bartender to bring two wine glasses, took out the wine bottle, and filled them directly.

The wine in the bottle can never be poured. You can drink as much as you want, but every time you pour it, the bartender will secretly keep money.

gu lu gu lu.

Twin is not pretentious, and the elder sister takes the lead to drink directly, looking up one cup after another.

The younger sister holds the wine glass with both hands, puts her lips on the side of the glass, and takes a light mouthful, then a few more mouthfuls after a few seconds.

While drinking, Ke Meng released the spirituality scan secretly, aiming at the twin sister in front of him.

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