I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 662

On the surface, Ke Meng's drinking style is very rough, and he drank gu lu gu lu directly in front of the bottle.

In fact, Ke Meng does not drink, but in order to maintain the current personality after disguise, he can only drink.

As the spirituality scans to the twins, I want to know each other's heartbeat index, blood flow rate, muscle density, spirituality, etc.

In addition, the magic power contained in each muscle is also within the scanning range of spirituality.

In less than a second, Ke Meng had a vague human impression in his mind.

At this time, the younger sister Nina's expression was slightly twisted, she put down the wine glass, her eyebrows were all frowned, she stared at Ke Meng's eyes cautiously, and then turned her eyes to the elder sister, using her fleshy little hands. Briefly fanned the air to the throat, "It's spicy, elder sister."

"Don't drink it when it's spicy." The elder sister put down the wine glass and took out a handkerchief to wipe the alcohol droplets on the younger sister's mouth, staring at her big eyes. With the younger sister, it seems to be looking at an exquisite artwork.

At this time, Ke Meng looked weird.

According to the feedback from the spirituality scan, the body data of the two twins are very low. To what extent, they are similar to their physical fitness when they first met.

No, it’s been three months now, so how come your physical fitness has to be promoted to several levels.

The lower-level players, after reaching the hundreds, their physical fitness is the difference between Heaven and Earth compared to the original body.

"You..." Ke Meng turned the words in his head, thinking about whether there are any bugs in his words.

"What's the matter?" Nara turned her head and put away the handkerchief.

"I just used the level item to probe, are you lazy and leveling?"

Nara was taken aback and wanted to deny it, but this is undeniable, she can only admit "Yeah, why, do you look down on lazy people?"

"The leveling group does not allow lazy people to exist, right? Are you out of the leveling group? Are you guys... Demoness teaches?" Ke Meng unexpectedly said.

When it comes to the words taught by Demoness, Ke Meng did not say it directly, but wrote the words Demoness on the desktop with his fingers.

Demoness sect is the only illegal organization on Orange Star.

At present, this sect has been madly targeted by the Orange Star people. Orange Star has allowed religious believers to exist. The number of Demoness teachers has repeatedly hit new lows. It is said that there are not many core masses, except for babies and preschool children. Both teenagers and adults were drawn into the game to wash a wave of faith.

In such a severe environment, Demoness teaches to spread as always, but you wash your faith, and I continue to pick people randomly to spread in my dreams.

So even if the faith is washed away, some people will still relapse in their dreams. This makes Orange Star people start a long and regular process of washing their faith. Every adult has to do it, and the process lasts for one year.

Nara and Nina are very likely new Demoness followers. They found new opportunities in the game and walked out of the group.

The two were silent for a few seconds, and the elder sister suddenly pushed the wine bottle.

"Drink, don't talk about it."

"Talk to me about the teaching." Ke Meng continued to intensify his private chat, wanting to know the inside story.

Teacher Demoness, this super mysterious organization on Orange Star is said to recruit people through dreams. Once you accept the baptism of doctrine and mysterious sounds, your body will slowly change in a few days.

Some people have a special physique, and they change in one night, and some people need some time to transform into a transform body.

"I am not."

"Not what?"

"Not the one who taught."

"Huh?" Ke Meng looked towards the two of them, "Don't you dare to admit it?"

"No, no, A'Meng! If you mention it again, I'll be anxious to you! Call out your name in public!"


Nara can’t stand it, so she directly initiates a private chat with Ke Meng’s account in the chat window, typing the word A'Meng,

Ke Meng stares at the two of them, and then looks at her private Talking to the window, Nora’s account sentence came over like a nail and pierced the window paper.

"When did you find it?" Ke Meng felt unusual, these two people not simple. Not only did they see through the disguise of the Faceless Man’s mask, but they also used props to hide the level to make the body data. Cured, in fact, the two of them may become bigwigs at any time.

"I found it as soon as I entered the tavern." Nora rolled her eyes without being very happy. "You guy, you have been chased for a month, and you dare to drink here, depending on whether you have a face. The props are great."

Ke Meng really has the strength to be confident. After all, his poison has already been half-footed in a higher level area. As long as he takes the poison again, it will definitely spread a more terrifying poison mist. .

The price is nothing more than drop a level that's all. If a large number of players are killed with poison after death, the lost experience is enough to make up for it after the resurrection, and it may even increase one level.

"I'm really not afraid of this, you dare to shout, I will self-destruct, who is afraid of whom."

"So confident?" Nora showed a different color, didn't expect A'Meng's poison to be so confident.

In the tavern, there are people who drink in the tavern, there are 700 people, and there are people of 799 over Lv. 10, and people of level 800 are leveling outside, and they rarely waste time appearing in the tavern.

This large number of players alone is enough to destroy Ke Meng.

But Ke Meng was not afraid when he heard it, which made the two sisters drum.

"Don't tell me, your true level is over Lv. 10. Let me see how many levels you are." Ke Meng is obsessed with the other's level. For some reason, I feel that the more I think about it Not quite right.

If the opponent is high level, why go to such a low level area.

I can't figure it out.

"If you survive, we'll tell you what our level is next time we meet." Nara rolled her eyes, holding the younger sister's hand, and slowly got up.

Ke Meng's spiritual perception issued a warning. Sixth Sense had a premonition that the other party would openly shout "A'Meng is here."

After that, Ke Meng took out a one-time Teleportation Talisman, which was sent directly to the place, and it only took three seconds to activate.

As the magic power is injected, Teleportation Talisman emits a slight light, without paying attention to the movement here. After all, many people don't want to move and use teleportation to leave the tavern.

Nara wanted to be yelled, but when Ke Meng took out the Teleportation Talisman, her opened mouth closed again.


A glare flashed, Ke Meng appeared on a street in Graycastle.

People coming, people going on the street, occasional teleportation aura emerges, passers-by are not surprised about this, and they don't care about Ke Meng.

Ke Meng quickly got into an alley on the side of the road, and when he came out, his face, body shape and clothes were all changed.

"I want to play tricks on me, no way."

If you want to use the poison pitman, you have to do a lot of calculations, and you can't release the ultimate skill so hastily.

The first time the ultimate skill is used is the most effective, the second time you use this poison, the enemy will take precautions.

Ke Meng has to be a big one, and can't be led by the nose by the two sisters.

Buy a house in Graycastle City, and then Ke Meng quietly in the room with Meditation Method, Sense Connection, the two twins with many doubts.

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