I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 663

Half an hour passed.

Ke Meng opened his eyes suspiciously, but Sense Connection went blank.

But once Ke Meng Sense Connects to others, he can see what others are doing.

Of course, if you are too far away, you can only watch some small clips of the past, and you cannot track them in real time.

Comparing the two, Ke Meng feels that the two twins are not small and cannot be treated as ordinary players.

"Could it be mutated AI?" Ke Meng muttered.

Since Cthulhu believer came up with AILegion, the source of players has become very messy.

But there is a premise here, even for AILegion, leveling takes time.

Ke Meng's leveling speed has surpassed AILegion and walked ahead of them.

"No, even AI can't do this." Ke Meng closed his eyes and found another AI player to experiment.

Ke Meng didn't find them before, but saw them in a dream. With this relationship, Ke Meng quickly saw the silhouette of AI players.

Unlike those two twins, Sense Connection is empty.

Obviously, I was able to sense the physical condition of the other person while sitting at a table, but now I can’t do it, as if I lost my goal.

"Are those two Evil God Avatars..." A terrifying thought flashed through Ke Meng's mind.

If it's that guy, it's normal for Sense Connection to fail. After all, the opponent is an Evil God Avatar and has more means than Ke Meng.

Ke Meng repeated Sense Connection but failed to see the phantom.

Ke Meng opened his eyes again, his mind moved slightly, and he slid out of the system's friend list.

The two friends are still online and there is no log off.

Ke Meng thought for a moment, started a private chat with Nora directly, and typed a few words in the past: "Nyaratotip?"

The other party did not reply in a second, Instead, he responded to Ke Meng after one minute.

Nara: "???"

These three question marks are very spiritual. Ke Meng can feel that the other person is like a human girl, but this feeling is not accurate , The other party is deep and unmeasurable, and cannot look at the other party with normal thinking at all.

Next, Ke Meng used the same text and sent it to twin’s younger sister Nina.

Nina replied in a second: "I don't know this person."

"How could you not know, you are." The more Ke Meng thinks about it, the more he feels like this. It's close to the truth.

"You are poisonous!" Nina said angrily.

"I poisoned a lot of players, but I didn't expect that I would meet the ultimate BOSS on the first day of playing the game." Ke Meng is not afraid. If the opponent wants to kill him, he can also be resurrected.

The probability of being killed by them to Class 0 is relatively small, but also not.

The opponent can find him in the vast crowd, and naturally he can chase him all the way to a random resurrection point.

"You are looking for me just to find me to drink?" Ke Meng felt that the other party must have found something.

It was not a coincidence meeting, it was an encounter they deliberately designed.

After Ke Meng's words were sent out, the private chat channel remained silent for a long time.

He can only wait for a while, and he doesn't plan to go out leveling and wait for half a day.

Half a day passed, Nora took the lead in replying to Ke Meng’s question: "I think you have been using the poison for so long. You must want to kill the players. Not equal to me. It's."

Looking at Nora's answer, Ke Meng has already felt the other party's meaning, equivalent to defaulted that the other party is the ultimate BOSS of the first play through.

Nayatolatip, a madman, is keen to deceive and seduce human beings. He likes to watch human beings fall into a situation of horror and despair, and enjoys this.

Ke Meng wants to poison a group of Orange Star players, so that they will retire in the face of difficulties and stop messing with him.

Nara and Nina also want to make big news, they want to take a ride and make things bigger.

"With your strength, do you need to do this?" After Ke Meng knew that the opponent was really the ultimate boss, his heart couldn't help but speed up a bit. It was a nervous mood.

The ultimate BOSS is not the target that Ke Meng can kill at this stage. The opponent only needs a slap to clear Ke Meng's health bar without any vain.

"A slap to death is too boring, and we like to manipulate behind the scenes, watching humans step by step into the abyss of despair behind the scenes." Nara said her true thoughts.

Ke Meng sees this, there is no room for rejection.

Being stared at by the ultimate BOSS is not so comfortable.

Behind Ke Meng, there is a big trouble with Cthulhu Evil God.

"What do I need to do?"

"There is no need to do anything, just do what you should do. We just help you make a big wave." Nara replied Here, I won't reply any more, no matter if Ke Meng asked more details later, he didn't reply again.

Ke Meng changed his personal question and talked directly to younger sister Nina, "You came to me for the first time, what did you want to do?"

The time Ke Meng said The point is that time in the novice zone, Ke Meng hadn't regarded them as BOSS at the beginning.

Nina: "You are very strange, different from other players, we found out as soon as we came in, so come and see what you look like."

"What do you look like? "Ke Meng probed.

"Hehe, you know it in your own heart, don't ask me."

"Don't be dumb, we are all in a showdown, why hide things again."

< p>Nina: "Do you remember the ability to capture shadows?"

When Ke Meng saw this line of words, lightning flashed in his mind.

Shadow Catching Hand!

At this time, Ke Meng finally knows where the familiarity of Shadow Catching Hand comes from-Nyatolatip.

"How did you do it?" Ke Meng felt incredible.

The ability of the system is obviously only to become Cthulhu in a dream, not to become Naia.

"The entire world is covered by my power. The first time you invaded Cthulhu, it attracted our attention. When you invaded Cthulhu for the second time, we analyzed the nature of your power. , And secretly implant an extraordinary power of little strength for you." Nina said.

After reading this passage, Ke Meng knew it was true.

If Cthulhu is not sealed, he can also perform similar manipulations.

For a while, his mind was empty, his thoughts were erratic, and he had no direction.

"It is indeed a True God that has not been sealed." Ke Meng suddenly has no hard-hearted capital.

The other party is a real god, a transcendent existence that has not been sealed, fooling the world and distorting the high-personal existence of civilized history.

Virtual gods, like Evil God Cthulhu, were sealed in R'lyeh and could not move for countless years.

True gods, such as Nora and Nina, their influence covers the entire game world, and they pretend to be human players, game the world, and enjoy it.

Even if their names are reported to the players, the ending is not that they are killed by the players, but that the players continue to be played by them.

Nina then sent Ke Meng a smiley face.

Nara also popped up the window at the same time and made a smile.

Two smiling faces, as if looking at a clown.

It turns out that the clown is myself?

Ke Meng looked at these two smiling faces and was a little unconvinced. He was extremely eager to unblock Cthulhu's Ancient God Seal, become the No. 1 New Game+ BOSS, and beat twin Evil God.

Cthulhu can be banned by the game as the New Game+ BOSS in this game. In terms of strength, after being unblocked, they will definitely be able to beat the two Nyah Avatars.

"Let’s get back to business." Nora dī dī said, "We do not conflict with your business, you practice your level, you untie your seal, we just secretly contribute to the flames and appreciate their desperation Looks like, no problem, right?"

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