I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 664

In one sentence, bring the opposing relationship back to the cooperative relationship.

Nina and Nora don't care if Ke Meng is going against them.

For this unique taste of Evil God, any accident can be regarded as a kind of fun.

Slap all lives to death. Life is too boring. This is not the life Nina and Nora want to see.

Ke Meng was silent for only a few seconds, and then replied: "Three days later, Redstone Plateau."


End of the two Word, the portrait of twin goes dark.

Ke Meng looked at the other person's portrait that went dark. He watched for ten minutes, but he didn't see the other person's portrait light up again.

These two people, where did they log in the game.

Should you board the game in the game, or the two have already invaded Orange Star?

There is Demoness sect on Orange Star, but the two deny that they are members of Demoness. The authenticity is not considered for the time being. In short, the strength control of the game by the two Evil God Avatars has reached a heinous level.

Can gamer really defeat this Evil God? Ke Meng couldn't think of a way forward.

The road ahead is dark and desperate.

As they expected, they like to appreciate the desperate expression of human beings.

They succeeded. Ke Meng, an insider, has no sense of hope for mankind.

Ke Meng thought about it for a while, the other party is so powerful, he must even know about Blue Star.

At this moment, an intuition flashed through his mind that the fellow of the Lord of Shadowflow, speaking of which, fits well with Nyatolatip.

After log off, Ke Meng didn't want to do anything, so he returned to Blue Star and ran along Yanjiang Road, emptying his brain.

Running too fast, the ears were filled with strong winds, and the buildings lifted up the afterimages, and they were quickly thrown behind them.

Ke Meng stepped his legs toward the sun, until his eyes were shining directly from the rising sun, and then he stopped running in the morning.

At this time, the office workers have boarded the bus and headed to their own Office Public Area Point.

The aunts and uncles who bought the groceries went to the supermarket with their baskets.

People have their own life choices. Living under the sun shone brightly sky, the whole smiling face is pure and flawless.

Even if there are people with a frown, it is only a matter of work, finances, family, etc., rather than despair of life and death.

"Leveling, you still have to practice." Ke Meng stared directly at the sun in the sky, clarifying the clues of the moment.

Ke Meng uses game cabin log in game. If he dies in the game, he is dead. As long as the body is still in reality, there is no problem.

Across the infinite distance, as long as Nora and Nina are not interested in Blue Star, he doesn't need to be too desperate.

Despair is just relative to the Orange Star players. Their path is really dark and they can't even see a beam of light.

Ke Meng can already have a foreboding of the darkness in the future. When the players reach max level, Nalanina will tease the players.

For example, a certain player has been leveling hard for several years, thinking that he can rely on the number of people to pile up, max out the first play through BOSS, didn't expect to be beaten on the ground by the BOSS, precisely control the health pool, impossible to ask for death, not have the will to live, let alone resurrected.

This method is too simple. As long as you use group control skills and don't improve damage was enough, you keep the player on the ground and cannot move, just like Cthulhu is impossible to move.

"My goal is not to save the player, and I cannot substitute the player's perspective." Ke Meng took a deep breath.

Until now, the purpose of Ke Meng's actions is not to save the player, but to improve his own strength.

Only with a strong strength can you get the right to choose.

This time Ke Meng didn't have a choice in front of Nina and Nora. The opponent was too strong, too strong that he could contend.

One day off.

On this day, under the influence of Evil God, Ke Meng began to promote player leveling in his dream.

From various literature studies of believer, it has been pointed out that history is distorted, and the first play through BOSS must be tackled. If he does not die, he will never know the truth of the buried history, so he must push players to level up.

When Ke Meng woke up, he tasted what he did in his dream, which is almost the opposite of what he did after waking up.

The dream is to promote the development of level. After waking up, he is ready to pit a wave of Orange Star players and kill others.

"If you don't do it this time, you have to do it. It's a pitfall for the players." Ke Meng cleared up his mood and re-logged in the game.

After returning to the game world, Ke Meng went to the Redstone Plateau in the 700 Lv. 80 area through the ancient Transmission Formation in the Giant City of Graycastle to conduct a field investigation.

After two laps, Ke Meng saw a large number of players leveling on the Redstone Plateau, and a large number of players were enclosing mines.

Mining teams one by one, forming large-scale production. One team of wizards is responsible for releasing nuclear detonation, another team of players is responsible for maintaining the durable maintenance of the alchemy furnace, and a team of players is responsible for receiving ore on a large scale, and Participate in alchemy work.

Ke Meng stood on the Red Rock Plateau and saw one after another nuclear blast fire bombs falling on the mining area. The skyrocketing light pollution spread unscrupulously all around, and the mushroom cloud rising on the flat ground was like money. One by one.

When both feet are on the plateau land, an average of 30 aftershocks are felt every minute, and a nuclear explosion is almost every two seconds.

On the edge of the nuclear explosion in the mining area, there are thousands of gold alchemy furnaces hanging in the air, and countless players are like hardworking bees with a clear division of labor, transporting redstone ore to each furnace.

Under the control of the alchemy mage, the furnace produces a large number of redstone essence blocks and redstone stock solution.

The original liquid can be sent to the industrial pharmaceutical factory and heavy industrial forging factory established by the Orange Star players in the game world, and the redstone essence block is continued to be returned to the furnace for remaking until the original liquid is generated.

Under the control of the Orange Star Research Institute, every resource has been developed to the extreme, and the large-scale production efficiency is directly full. The daily output of popular raw materials is in units of 10,000 tons.

"Such a large raw material production base, it must be very painful to be poisoned by me." Ke Meng muttered.

The hatred between the two parties was not big and should not rise to this level, but because of the face problem, after two months of chasing Ke Meng, he also wanted to breathe out a bad breath.

He knows the industrial capabilities of Orange Star very well. When an accident occurs in the player factory of the Redstone Plateau, players from the first echelon will definitely be recalled.

It's just that the time of the recall varies quickly and slowly. When Ke Meng takes the shot, he has been poisoned to death by himself.

"If even the players of the first echelon are poisoned by me, then I don't have to be afraid of them in the future."

Ke Meng was thinking about his own business in his heart, but couldn't bear it. I think of those two twins that seem harmless to humans and animals.

Twin is definitely going to do things. If you want to make a big mess, you must disclose information to the first echelon in advance, so that the other party has free time to react quickly.

After Ke Meng stepped on, he went to another place and buried the resurrection items in another place.

When he died, he will be resurrected with blood in a different place 5,000 kilometers away from the Redstone Plateau.

After completing these preparations, Ke Meng disguised as an Orange Star player on the evening of the 3rd day and appeared in front of the player’s alchemy factory camp.

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