I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 666

The poison is wrapped in a thin film. As long as you bite it with your teeth, the poison will spread and enter the body.

This poison was prepared by Ke Meng himself. The medicine efficacy is fast, and it spreads quickly throughout the body, in just one second.

It can spread so quickly, thanks to a certain transmission power in the poison. It can quickly spread throughout the body regardless of physical limitations.

It was also when A'Meng appeared, Peak players in the factory all stood up.

"A'Meng is really here!" Colin, the first liver emperor player on the ranking board, moved instantly, seemingly teleporting, but in fact he ran too fast, already surpassing the speed of sound , Arrived at Ke Meng's location instantly.

At this time, Ke Meng had bitten the poison, and under the influence of the mysterious power, the toxicity had instantly spread to every cell in the body.

After 100,000 times of toxicological changes, cells have successfully produced new mutations and evolved even more powerful poisons.

After Colin appeared, the rest of the players all stood up, and the fast runners had already rushed out of the factory and killed him in front of Ke Meng.

The A'Meng pursuit team also rushed out, and then they saw the scene of unforgettable.

Colin's hand passed through Ke Meng's body, as if hitting a layer of liquid, he threw himself into the air.

Ke Meng died instantly, was killed by his new poison skill, and dropped by one at the same time.

At the expense of 100% Health Value, a new poison was born.

There is no so-called poisonous cloud, and no poisonous smoke disperses. Even the liquid after A'Meng's body has melted quickly evaporates, leaving no trace of residue.

"What's the matter, I felt empty." Colin palpitated, watching his palm, the liquid evaporated and disappeared in seconds.

At this time, the sonic boom slowly followed his footsteps. The air violently squeezed by the body formed a super air cannon, blasting away all the dust in the air, and the roaring sound seemed like a thunder exploded. same.

The player Colin who was able to move mountains and suppressing seas in the low-level area was shocked for no reason. He suddenly clutched his neck and made an ah sound.

Immediately afterwards, the top players around Colin also felt uncomfortable all over, clutching their necks.


The screams resounded throughout the audience, heart-piercing.

The brain is trembling, the throat is extremely itchy, hallucinations of various colors appear in the eyes, and the body's cells are rapidly mutating, and terrifying beards are grown.

"You have been poisoned!"

Similar system hints are played on the Redstone Plateau. The unprecedented poison tears their brains apart, and every player loses the opportunity to think. , Even if his body grows fleshy whiskers, it becomes an indescribable group of strange flesh.

twin Nora and Nina looked at the mutated players on the field, their eyes seemed to shine, showing an expression of interest.

"Elder sister, this kind of poison is not the same as A'Meng's previous poison." Nina walked to an unknown strange meatball group, took a closer look, and almost wiped her small nose. Encountered those weird meatballs.

"Not equal to me, let's take poison too. Anyway, the principle is that." The younger sister continued.

Nara also walked over and took a closer look.

A'Meng's skills are easy to practice. As long as the Resistance is high and you can control your own Resistance power, you can learn A'Meng's route to practice this skill.

The main premise is self-control. Players are not used to brainlessly and can control their own Resistance power, so they cannot imitate A'Meng.

"It's not necessary. We are all liberated. It's much stronger than this." The elder sister shook her head.

Neither of them was poisoned, and Resistance is too strong to be injured at all.


Ke Meng opened his eyes and saw a pitch black with a smell of earth in front of his nose.

"Your high level poison has completed the mutation, please name the poison."

"The unnamed poison has killed the player "Kolin"."

"Unnamed poison has killed players. "The truth is only in the caliber of the cannon"."

"Unnamed poison has killed players. "Orange Star brainless sword expert player"."

Countless texts popped up, scouring like running water, Ke Meng could no longer accurately calculate how many players he killed.

Ke Meng thought for a moment, he was a nameless person, so he simply named the new poison A'Meng poison.

"The naming is successful, and the new poison is named A'Meng Poison.

The role is to invade the life force of intelligent thinking things, transforming them into indescribable waste, poisoning speed It depends on Resistance.

The spreading method is meme influence. Those who know the name of A'Meng will be poisoned.

The longer the distance, the slower the poisoning speed. Once it exceeds this world The poison is zero for the distance beyond.

Each time you activate A'Meng Poison, you must sacrifice 100% of your Health Value.

The damage value of this skill is "?" ? ? ", the way to improve is unknown."

A line of long text prompts popped up, and Ke Meng quickly finished reading the new poison's ability.

This ability is simply invincible!

Needless to say meme influence. For example, Evil God’s nightmare disease is an example. Knowing the content will make you dream, dreaming of a joint dream.

The meme of nightmare disease is the dream content, and the meme of A'Meng poison is the name of A'Meng.

There are many people who know A'Meng's name throughout the world, and Ke Meng doesn't know how many people there are.

Seeing that you click Must Kill List in the upper right corner, you have swiped to the card screen.

The experience bar does not require money, it skyrocketed wildly.

Originally, Ke Meng's death sacrifice dropped a level, but now the level has skyrocketed, and he skipped Lv. 1 in the blink of an eye, and the good guy went straight back.

I killed myself, and then succeeded in getting back to my money!

The magical operation made Ke Meng feel refreshed inexplicably.

If there is no first play through BOSS to stare at him, the strongest player is him.

Thinking of this, Ke Meng's palm condensed the Earth Element magic ball, banged, and blasted the soil that was pressing on him.

The ground was blasted into a big hole, and Ke Meng crawled out of the hole.

Turning back to look at the pit, there is a coffin inside. The cross of Ke Meng's resurrection was originally buried in the coffin. After the resurrection, it was transferred to the coffin. Therefore, after the resurrection, it was pitch black and smelled of earth.

At this time, there are two pop-ups on the friend list to chat privately.

Nara: "I will show you the live pictures. "Pictures" "Pictures" "Pictures""

Nina's reply is much simpler, with only four words: "many thanks Hospitality. "

Ke Meng closed Nina’s chat box and looked towards Narafa’s picture.

The first picture, there are thousands of people on the Red Rock Plateau. Named meatballs, Ke Meng looked at these meatballs and inexplicably thought of the indescribable Dark Cuisine Pot.

The dark cuisine produced by Dark Cuisine Pot every time is almost a weird style that cannot be described. It makes people feel nauseous and disgusted instinctively.

"Does the toxicity of A'Meng poison refer to dark cuisine?" "Ke Meng divine light flashed muttered.

The second picture is the player’s miserable situation.

The third picture is the status of the player’s main city. There is a group of players at the resurrection point. Resurrection.

Because there are too many people resurrected, the resurrection point has been crowded as never before. Because there is no room for resurrection, a large number of players have crowded and stepped on people, and the crowd just overlaps. It's more than ten stories high.

At this time, Ke Meng's ears greeted level level up again, and the sound of ding ding was endless.

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