I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 667

The virus of meme influence is beyond common sense. It ignores any physical isolation restrictions and becomes a terrifying memory virus.

But it does not mean that this virus is invincible. First of all, 100 percent Health Value must be sacrificed before using this skill.

After death and rebirth, Ke Meng will not continue to instant kill the players who are not online.

Ke Meng looked at the picture sent by Nora, feeling infinitely in his heart.

Life and death are only in an instant, no matter good or bad, anyone who knows his ID name suddenly died of poisoning.

And his level also rose all the way to 600 Lv. 50, and finally locked the experience value in a few seconds, never rising again.

"This is A'Meng poison." Ke Meng muttered.

Using game to create such a terrifying virus, Ke Meng has a kind of fire in his heart, which is burning.

This is not nameless anger, but a certain kind of pleasure, which can also be called human desire.

Ke Meng can feel the abnormal secretion of chemical hormones in the body, which often stimulates the brain, making him feel extremely happy, as if he is expert.

But soon, after a few minutes, Ke Meng calmed down and abandoned this arrogant pleasure.

"Next, no one should dare to mess with my leveling anymore." Ke Meng muttered.

Nara and Nina are bosses. Their fun is to tease the world. Ke Meng is an outlier among players. Even if the player can't play, there is still a large Cthulhu to play, so neither I want to play with Ke Meng.

But they may also have a plan in mind, but have no action.

Ke Meng did not log off, but put on the faceless mask again, teleported back to the main city of Graycastle, check the resurrection point, and inquire about the player's information by the way.

He walked out of the main city teleportation point, his spirituality gathered in his ears, and he heard the noise of the whole city without having to go to the scene in person.

In his mind, the illusion of resurrection point flashed from time to time, real-time Sense Connection, which is equivalent to live broadcast, with a hidden camera.

The main city resurrection point in Greycastle.

"Don't squeeze, don't squeeze, all go down!"

"Which bastard, don't run if you touch me, my old lady will stabb you to death!"

"You are not all poisoned, how do you die that many people?"

"Don't make noise, be quiet, quit, don't crowd, grass!"

"Dog stuff You are actually a man. What are you going to do?"

The name of a certain green plant appeared back and forth on the court. People were very irritable, and they collided with each other.

Some rough guys couldn't stand it, so they screamed violently and started daoist fencing on the spot.

In an instant, the gorgeous sword trick special effects cover the resurrection point, the rays of light shoot all around, the sword is powerful, and the health bar of the lady's elder is cleared and sent back to the West.

Because some people started fencing, their moves accidentally injured others, and the people here were all rushing to resurrect, and the accidental injury area was too large. For a while, the rough guy seemed to anger the public. Hundreds of players took it. Out of staff, big swords, hammers, iron rods and other things.

The resurrection square becomes a quality square, everyone releases their skills, the sky changes color, the air is full of extremely active high-energy energy, and low-level players are recruited in patches.

A few Lv. 10 gaps between players are enough to kill them, and the hit list in the upper right corner shows a large number of dead, so and so and so and so and so and so and killing the player.

Of course, these dead people have nothing to do with Ke Meng. They will not provide Ke Meng with any experience bonus, and Ke Meng's level has not risen in a few minutes.

At this time, even if there are players online, it does not matter to know the name of A'Meng, because at this time Ke Meng did not sacrifice all of his Health Value.

"As expected of the player, I just fought in the nest when I was resurrected." Ke Meng muttered.

However, the good times are not long. The Orange Star Research Institute has natural management rights for the Orange Star players, and quickly used the guild experience to put pressure from the head to let its players stop.

In the fifth minute of the Quality Plaza, the conferences appeared to suppress the internal chaos of the players and suppress the chaos fiercely. No one dared to fencing and draw a staff in front of the president.

"Come down and return to my original job!"

"A'Meng Poison has been believed, and A'Meng will be attacked by our first echelon players. Kill, you people who are not poisoned hurry up and work, all watching what I do, go back, where do you come from!"

The chiefs of the assembly brandished the golden weapons in their hands, their eyes drilled like knives. Players, let them return to their posts.

Orange Star people have not been treated like this for a long time, and they dare not speak up. After all, this is a crisis related to the survival of the nation. Every citizen has a reason to work hard.

Ke Meng sat in a small noodle shop one kilometer away from Resurrection Square, eating noodles, sucking noodles while feeling the atmosphere of the city.

This atmosphere made him think of the term company dog ​​inexplicably.

Tired and exhausted, people live like a company dog, being drunk by people, under undue pressure, as if there is no humanity, squeezing out the last point of human value.

"I don't know if this approach will succeed, but Orange Star is betting on all mankind in order to fight against fate. I can't despise them in my heart." Ke Meng once again suppressed the arrogance that suddenly surged in his heart. .

"It's really bad luck!" Liver Emperor player Colin walked into the small noodle restaurant with a full face, sat next to Ke Meng, and called out, "Boss, give me a bowl of ice slime. Smooth ramen!"


NPCBoss smiled and complied, kneading the noodles quickly, tapping, stretching, fast as lightning, and pulling back and forth. Hundreds of times.

After that, NPCBoss took out a live Ice Attribute slime, and jumped and jumped, icy mist appeared all over the body, round and translucent, and there seemed to be stars shining in it.

Boss quickly cut a small piece with a knife, the blue slime slider was poured into the bowl, and then poured a thick and fragrant lesser dragon broth.

He took out a cooked lesser dragon egg from another pot, cut it in half, exposing the egg white and egg yolk, and put it into a bowl.

A sweet and steamy ice slime ramen was freshly baked, Ke Meng couldn't help but see from the beginning.

After Colin sat down, several players also sat at the table and ordered the same ramen.

The small noodle shop has square tables and long tables. Ke Meng’s table is directly connected to the counter. Boss himself pulls the noodles at the counter and cooks the food on the spot. The style is exquisite and fragrant. Have a great appetite.

Ke Meng was eating while listening to the players' chat, thinking that there is actually this kind of food in the game, which he didn't expect.

The menu offered by this tavern is only a few. Ke Meng devoted himself to Sense Connection at the time, and ordered a normal noodle that seemed normal and was the most familiar.

"Boss, also order me a bowl of ice slime ramen." Ke Meng said.

"Okay!" Boss laughed, and made a bowl for Ke Meng on the spot.

At this time, Colin next to him ate half a bowl of noodles. The whole person's Essence, Qi, and Spirit came back, and only then began to talk about A'Meng.

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