I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 668

"Colin, I saw your hand hit A'Meng at the time, you didn't kill him?"

"Not killed, it was too late when I touched him." Colin Shaking his head, very sorry.

"There is new news. The poison in our at first is an unnamed poison. Later, after some people died, they learned that this poison was called A'Meng poison." The female Druid player of Antlers took a mouthful of ice slime and said.

"What is the situation, where is the new news, wouldn't the enemy release it?" Colin didn't believe it.

When Colin died, but stared wide-eyed, he saw a message written in his status bar: "You have an unnamed poison."

Then, the body passed Dozens of abnormal buffs came, and then he died within two or three seconds.

"The picture is passed to you, see for yourself." The Druid player who is close to nature slid his finger slightly and sent the picture to his friends.

Ke Meng is not in this list. He is just a passerby who has changed his face and body. He has even changed his breath. In addition, he also uses a spirituality disguise to disguise his spirituality as another kind. temperament.

Even if this person has a very high spirituality, it is difficult to detect Ke Meng's spirituality disguise, unless this person has one-half of Ke Meng's spirituality.

"Little Brother, your ramen is ready." Boss squinted his eyes to say with a slight smile and placed the beautiful ramen on Ke Meng's table.

In the bowl, the ice slime slider is on the upper left, the cooked lesser dragon egg is cut in half and placed on the right, the thin and long ramen is lying in a circle in the thick soup. The heat is coming out.

Ke Meng poked the ice slime with his chopsticks. The cold and heat blended together. There is a wonderful feeling, which can refresh the mind and clean up part of the mind pollution.

"This bowl of noodles can heal people's minds." Ke Meng realized the power of this bowl of noodles.

A lightly tasted slime taste, very slippery, very ice, a strange smell that has never been eaten before stimulating Ke Meng’s tongue, as if it made his soul be iced. .

It is this kind of freezing feeling, as if it can freeze some of the impurities in the human body and soul, and mind pollution is also reduced a bit.

"It's really A'Meng poison." Colin muttered next to it.

"After we were resurrected, the poisoning effect disappeared, and the death toll stopped growing. It should be a one-time severe poison. A'Meng has nowhere to go." The Druid Antlers player once again provided big data, Analysis Road.

Ke Meng listened in the sidelines, thinking that this is not enough to die, whether to die again, kill them until they are afraid.

At this time, Colin heard the analysis from his companion and shook his head: "no!"

"Regardless of whether the A'Meng poison can reappear, we can't easily attack him anymore. , After all, this kind of poison is beyond what we can handle, our poison resistance is not high enough, there is no way to fight this kind of poison."

"But we submit to humiliation like this!" The elder sister swallowed a huge lesser dragon egg to vent her anger.

"Hold it!" Colin looked at Miss Antlers directly, "Only our poison resistance is high enough to ignore the poison of A'Meng, can we slash A'Meng, chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades!"

Ke Meng ate a lesser dragon egg expressionlessly, agreeing with classmate Colin's thoughts in his heart.

It is the time to eat the lesser dragon eggs. With the nutrition entering the stomach, it seems that there is a fire, rushing into the stomach, and then into the liver.

Afterwards, the warm limbs and blood energy surged up, as if it could not be used up.

Immediately afterwards, the influence of the ice slime also occurred. The feeling of cold summer rose in the mind, occupying the whole body, fighting with the heat source, regardless of you and me.

Ke Meng feels that he has infinite strength and is extremely calm.

He firmly believes that this is the effect of ramen. This ramen can not only clean up a part of the pollution, but also increase power and restore a lot of blood energy.

This bowl of noodles is really not straightforward, it is worthy of the food ordered by the old players, and the vision is unique.

“It’s not just a question of poison resistance. I have experienced mental torture and physical torture from that poison. I feel that I want to fight A'Meng poison and I have to improve my body. Material resistance, magic resistance, poison resistance, and mind resistance......"

"There are so many Resistances, it’s not easy to improve."

"In short, you should be able to barely resist when you reach the max level. A'Meng poison." Colin said silently for a while.

"Why are you so sure, Colin?"

"I don't know, I only know that this is my intuition. My intuition has always been accurate." Colin shook his head. .

Several liver emperor players finished eating the noodles and felt satisfied. Essence, Qi, and Spirit all returned.

"Boss, goodbye, come to eat next time."


The players are gone, the original seats are still warm, It was filled in by a new player again: "Boss, let’s have a bowl of slime ramen!"

"I want a dark attribute!"

"Light Attribute!"

The taste of youngster have nothing common with each other. Ke Meng sits here and hears several different types of registration.

The noodles are delicious. Ke Meng stopped completely after eating. He ate several kinds of ramen in the noodle restaurant and ate the slime series again.


Orange Star, Division of Research Institute.

The red alert message pops up. The scientists on duty all lift the head and read the red alert message of the game world as quickly as possible.

"A'Meng poison swept the world, at least 40% of the players are recruited!"

"The poisoning speed varies from person to person, far in the 500-level area. The leveling person said that he only lost half a million blood and successfully survived through non-suspension medicine!"

"A'Meng is not hopeless!"

Except for words The report, there are also various live pictures, and video tapes with meme influence capabilities have not yet been checked.

All kinds of documents need to be tried by specific volunteers. After they have tried them, it is determined that they will not die suddenly in a short period of time, and then they are open to all scientists for joint research.

Soon, the formula for the damage size and distance of A'Meng Poison was calculated, and the accuracy was directly expanded to one hundred decimal places after zero, and this decimal point was increasing step by step.

The increase of the decimal point means that the researcher's speculation model is becoming more and more accurate.

When A'Meng poison can be described by mathematical formulas, it is no longer so terrifying.

"We have calculated the distance relationship, but the communication method is still not clear. Let's sort out the information and see if there is anything in common." The chief dean said solemnly.

Professor Li Shen blinked bloodshot eyes, "I feel it is a meme infection. As for what this meme is, my instinct tells me that it is the ID name of A'Meng."

After that, the holographic three-dimensional projection pops up hundreds of millions of information comparison tables, in which the ID name of A'Meng is highlighted.

The one hundred percent number, marked in the air in blood red, stings everyone's eyes.

"You mean, as long as you know A'Meng's name, you will be poisoned?" An old scientist trembled.

"Not necessarily, but there is a high probability that the name A'Meng has a problem." Li Shen checked repeatedly and marked out hundreds of millions of non-poisoned lists.

These people who have not been poisoned do not even know A'Meng's name.

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