I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 669

The name of A'Meng has become taboo knowledge in the new era.

The Orange Star people gave up the Redstone Plateau and re-developed it in another place.

The number of A'Meng poisoned players in the body is as high as hundreds of millions, but the people who were poisoned to death did not exceed 100 million, only the death of more than 20 million people.

The rest of the players have stabilized the health pool by constantly taking blood medicines, and have not dropped.

Orange Star people developed the potion factory earlier, and a large number of players refine potion in batches for supply to first-line players.

Wait until the potion reserve of the first-line players is full before passing the potion to the second echelon, third echelon and lower players.

In three years, almost Orange Star players have tens of thousands of potions. Potions can’t be consumed or used up. In many cases, field monsters are controlled to death by intensive skills. No need to drink medicine.

Scenarios that need to take medicine only exist in dangerous first-line strategies. Game mutations cause the skills of field monsters to become different. First-line players often have accidents. If they don’t replenish their blood, they will die, and death will fall. Level, no one dares to trust big.

Now, after the spread of A'Meng poison, Orange Star Research Institute has found that this wave of meme influence consumes at least 17% of the total potion stock of Orange Star players.

If A'Meng prescribes the poison several times, once the potion runs out, he will face the risk of unlimited drop.

Therefore, the potion factory, which reduced its production capacity a year ago, replenished a wave of player resources and mass-produced potion to ensure that the potion of first-line players is sufficient and cannot be poisoned to death.

According to the A'Meng poison distance damage conversion formula, the Orange Star people re-customized a set of interval distance plan between player guild actions to prevent A'Meng poison from killing a large number of potential stocks.

With multiple integrations, Orange Star’s large industrial gamer operating system operates efficiently again. The head player is leveling, the waist player is the core of resource production, and the lower player is extremely small and is catching up with leveling.

The whole structural system is like one vertical eye, with fat in the middle and narrow at both ends.

Ke Meng didn't know these things, he once again devoted himself to the great cause of leveling.

A'Meng poison is too scary, but the poison can also be used. Ke Meng's cells have remembered that feeling and can freely control the poison, sacrifice their life force and release the poison mist.

However, this leveling speed is obviously not fast enough.

Yesterday, it jumped from more than five hundred to more than six hundred. It was as fast as riding a rocket, which saved a normal person from training for three to five months.

Ke Meng finds it difficult to return to the slow leveling era.

Now, he can activate A'Meng Poison again, sacrifice his life, and then gain experience on a large scale.

This thought, like a certain desire, burns in my heart.

Who doesn't want to become stronger?

even more how, the way to become stronger is so simple and easy, as long as you sacrifice your life was enough.

Ke Meng counted his own resurrection props. These resurrection props cannot prevent Ke Meng from dropping the risk. He can only choose a fixed location to respawn, so as not to respawn to the nearest respawn point.

"There is no way, first brush up the level. If the level is too low, I feel so at ease." Ke Meng once again stood on the land of the main city of Graycastle. People coming, people going around, people seem to have no It is expected that a new crisis is coming.

The last time it was revenge, I came up with a bad breath, this time I was purely a wicked person.

Ke Meng feels that he is not a Great Saint. If there is a Blue Star among the players, he will persuade the opponent to stay away. After all, the farther the distance is, the less the injury will be.

Ke Meng walked around and secretly investigated the city’s popularity. Most players were up and down at level 700.

There are a bunch of people at more than 600 level, and the most at level 700, and there are also a bunch of people at more than 700 level. The people at level 800 are basically leveling outside, and only a small number of people at level 800 stay City rest.

He frowned slightly. According to this trend, Ke Meng's level will surpass them without having to brush for too long, and these players will lose their highest value.

Ke Meng's goal is still the highest level of Orange Star players. The higher their level, the more experience they will provide after killing.

However, the experience gained by killing the player is not as good as the field monster after all.

Ke Meng did a round of quizzes on the way here. Through comparison, it was found that within the same level, the field monster must have more than a hundred times more experience than the player.

The experience of killing BOSS is incalculable, but at least tens of thousands of times higher than the experience of the player.

The higher the field monster level, the more exaggerated the experience is given, but in the same way, the experience required for each level up of the player also rises like flying.

making the most with minimal effort until the end, after all, you still have to brush the field monster. The experience that players can provide is very useful in the early stage, but in the later stage, it is a drop in the bucket.

"The farther the distance, the lower the damage. I used A'Meng Poison for a round yesterday, but only jumped a few Lv. 10, and the second time I turned on A'Meng Poison, it should be two or three. Lv. 10 or so." Ke Meng secretly estimated.

Think about it, Ke Meng found a toilet, closed the door, and secretly activated the A'Meng Poison Skill to sacrifice all Health Value.

At that instant, the muscles all over the body melted into black liquor, which quickly evaporated and disappeared.

With Ke Meng as the center of the circle, the invisible poison wave spreads all around.

Anyone who knows A'Meng's name covers his neck and stares in the city.

In 1~2 seconds of silence, even if you take the medicine heal, you can’t resist the exaggerated blood loss rate. It is instantly cleared, and you die in a black screen!

They couldn't even scream out, and they turned into strange meatballs that are indescribable.

These meats have been consumed by mysterious power, and the internal essence is lost inexplicably. It has no nutritional value and no ornamental value. It will only continuously emit a wave of mind pollution.

Those players who didn't know A'Meng were shocked.

Such a terrifying scene, they met again yesterday, which was really shocked.

There are also some players who were not online when A'Meng Poison was activated yesterday, and they were not recruited.

Everyone who knows is turned into indescribable waste in the city.

Those who don’t know Akatsuki have their legs weakened, teleported away nervously, and quickly log off.

Soon, the news of A'Meng poison spread throughout the game world.

The resurrection point in the main city of Greycastle is once again crowded with people.

Humanity is complicated, and perverted hands are inevitable in overcrowded places, so some people staged yesterday’s fencing activities. The world was broken and blood flowing into a river.

Ke Meng hid in the toilet of the hotel and watched the Must Kill List popping up in the upper right corner. He swiped until the screen got stuck, agitated in his heart.

After that, the experience bar kept jumping up, level Lv. 1 Lv. 1 jumped up, and once again completed the leveling of others in March to April.

This time, Ke Meng saw that his level stopped at 680 Level 14, and his experience was still rising slowly, but the rising speed became the turtle speed.

"Sure enough, level up is getting slower and slower." Ke Meng looked at this experience and knew that the city could no longer withstand making the most with minimal effort many times.

At most one or two times, the city will lose the value of making the most with minimal effort.

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