I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 670

"The experience bar rose slowly after the eighth second, and the number of kills decreased. Why? Is it because the player used the drug to resist the lethal period?" Ke Meng looked at the experience bar and silently analyzed it. .

A large main city with unlimited capacity, but online players are not unlimited.

The distribution of the Orange Star people is very reasonable, and the players who stay in the city are in the minority.

A large number of players are active in the field monster area, setting up alchemy factories.

Moreover, there are still a large number of players log off and rest, not everyone is online 24 hours a day.

According to the information found in the dream, in order to avoid the increase of mental illness, the eight-hour system is implemented. Work hours can only be done within the rules allowed, and the rest of the time is at the reasonable control of the Orange Stars themselves.

And the players of the first echelon are always the heaviest group of people, living in the game for almost 24 hours.

In order to become the liver emperor, the player has agreed to intubate the body, input the nutrients needed by the body into the body through the tube, and then the bathing matter is also monitored by artificial intelligence, and then use the automatic bathing machine to help clean the body.

Laza and other things are also monitored and cleaned by the machine to ensure that the Liver Emperor players can live in the game for 24 hours.

Ke Meng looked at his experience bar and felt that he could still feel good, so he put down the resurrection props on the toilet floor, and then sacrificed his Health Value again.

As the body disappeared and regained light, Ke Meng's level rose again.

Click Must Kill List in the upper right corner, and it flows repeatedly, and the screen is stuck again.

But the good times did not last long. Ke Meng found that the experience of this growth was much less than before.

"A player has logged off." Ke Meng realized one thing, that fear would make them afraid to log off.

Before they dared to walk around the city even if they died once, it was because the Orange Star people did not want to waste time and resources. They bet that A'Meng's skills could not be used multiple times, so they continued to order the people who should go to work. Work, don’t waste time at all.

But this time is different. The A'Meng poison that infects the whole world strikes again, indicating that A'Meng’s skills have a very short cooling time, and may even have a zero cooling time. They don’t need to die for the sake of face. Do not log off, after all, every time you stay online for one minute, you may die.

Death is not particularly painful for them, and death is not the end. They just don't want to experience the uncomfortable feeling of turning into waste. It is really uncomfortable.

"At least half of it." Ke Meng muttered, his Sixth Sense won't go wrong in this regard, and he really lost half of his experience.

The level brushed, only rubbed to 690 Lv. 5 and stopped.

If those people do not log off, it is possible to break through the 700-level mark.

Unfortunately, there is no if.

"Go, let's get more high-level wool." Since Ke Meng has taken the shot, he can't stop, and maximize the income of the player's wool road.

Inject a drop of magic power into Teleportation Talisman, Ke Meng is sent to the large Transmission Formation point in the main city of Greycastle, and then sent to the leveling area of ​​the first echelon through the post.

Lingdie Snowfield.

The blue butterfly flies in the air. Its wings are small and beautiful. When the wings vibrate, they cast stars like stars in the sky.

But don't underestimate these stars. The energy contained in each star is comparable to a five-ton atomic bomb.

If the spirit butterfly is chased in anger, it will attract a more terrifying attack.

Ke Meng stood on this land. The snowstorm was supposed to cover the entire snowfield, but the air was warm and full of high-energy radiation.

Just take a breath, let the resistance force work throughout the body, eliminating the high-energy radiation factor contained in the air.

Ahead, the fiery red sky seemed to burn, the earth was shaking all the time, and the special effects of various skills, rays of light, filled half of the sky.

It is quite far from the main city of Graycastle. If there is no large-scale cross-regional Transmission Formation, the ghost knows how many days it will take to fly.

"There are only a thousand players, which is a bit less." Ke Meng used spirituality Sense Connection to reach the number of players on the snowy field.

Fortunately, there are other high level leveling areas near the snowy field, and the first echelon leveling group also exists.

Ke Meng stood here, first planted a resurrection prop, and then sacrificed his life on the spot.

After that, in the blink of an eye, Ke Meng was resurrected on the spot again.

A new Must Kill List popped up in the upper right corner, and the experience bar rose again.

But the rising speed is really not fast. At this moment, there are already many players who log off. The main head players are in the high level leveling area. Some people have received the wind and log off directly, but there are The player team saw that the health bar of the field monster was about to be cleared. Anyway, it had not been poisoned by A'Meng, so it knocked the medicine heal while killing monsters.

It's just that these lucky people absolutely didn't expect, the poisonous injury suddenly jumped for a long time, and the instant death became an indescribable waste.

After Ke Meng brushed off all nearby players, the snowfield in front of him no longer has earthquakes, and the special effects rays of light no longer have new colors.

It was so lively in the first second, two seconds have been dead, and the high level players who were poisoned to death do not come back at all, just click log off and wait for Lv. 10 minutes to log off.

Ke Meng passed to the main city again, killed a sudden thrust, and killed the high level players again.

Being offline takes time. If you are still in combat during the offline period, you cannot go offline freely.

They can log off, but the body will continue to be in a state of combat, and no one wants to drop out like this.

So, after the high level players are resurrected again, they hurriedly teleported away, and how far they ran.

If A'Meng can catch up, he will be ruthless.

Unfortunately, Ke Meng has only two legs and one body, and he cannot pursue hundreds of people at the same time.

As the high level player ran away, Ke Meng stalked the wool for the last time, let his level break through to 70Lv. 5, and then paused.

If the crowd were not too scattered, Ke Meng felt that he kept reaching the 800th level.

He tried to chat privately with Nora and Nina, asking them if they had any new big moves.

Nara replied in seconds: "No, it's interesting to see you chase them."

Nina: "You are a big move."

"I mean, can we bring people together again." Ke Meng said.

Nara: "You mean to move any plural items in the whole world to one coordinate? Wake up, I'm not that great."

Nina: "What's new You can find us again for ideas."

Ke Meng closed the private chat window, his eyebrows were heartbeat, and he always felt that he couldn't talk to these two fairies more. The sense of crisis rose and disappeared slightly.

He has an instinct. Just now, the two twins wanted to dig a hole to bury him, but they might be concerned about the existence of Evil God Cthulhu, and there is no further information.

Because of this inspiration, Ke Meng has a vague understanding. These two people are Evil God Avatars, and the backer is Niya.

They regard Ke Meng as the Evil God Avatar, and Cthulhu is the backer behind Ke Meng. They regard him as the same kind.

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