I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 671

On the empty main city street, only the local natives showed a puzzled expression, watching those players turn into indescribable scraps.

Some NPCs pick up the broom, sweep the trash, and throw it in the trash can for disposal.

The NPCs of the wizard class flashed out flames to burn these indescribable waste materials.

Every NPC in this city is a max level boss. The Resistance is extremely high and the moves are very powerful. There is nothing they can't burn.

Ke Meng walked on the street, watching them use their skills, the special effects of flames, rays of light, were suppressed to the extreme, unlike a nuclear bomb that bloomed with huge light pollution, but the terror contained in it was enough to penetrate the surface.

Ke Meng walked quietly in the alleys, feeling the changes in the city. The player has already left and no one is left in the city.

As the shadow of the cabin covers his body, Ke Meng pinches Teleportation Talisman to leave here.

At the point, Ke Meng did not return to reality to sleep.

This time point is not too good, it is the peak of the A'Meng event. Not only all Orange Star people will discuss A'Meng in their dreams, but also Cthulhu believer.

Ke Meng avoids hearing A'Meng's topic in the joint dream. In theory, this is not a good topic. As long as Ke Meng listens, Cthulhu will capture A'Meng's information and analyze it. what.

After all, the word A'Meng is also called Ke Meng on Blue Star.

Ke Meng was convenient when registering a screen name at the time, and now it has become one of the troubles.

In fact, Ke Meng also thought about it. Cthulhu already knew the little actions behind him, but didn't care about these things.

Or since he wanted to do it, he couldn't do anything extraordinary.

Ke Meng stayed in the game world for a few days, occasionally log off eating and exercising, and then returned to leveling in the game.

Because the players avoided him, they changed the leveling place, and never stayed too much. They shot one shot and changed one place. Like a guerrilla, they would never stabilize leveling in one place.

Ke Meng caught a few times in a few days, and his level went up a few more times, but that's all. The players' heal supplements are too abundant, and when the distance is far away Down, the gain is more than the loss.

Why does the gain outweigh the loss? This involves the problem of low-level experience dilution. The lower the level of the player killed, the experience provided will be diluted proportionally.

Only players at the same level will provide experience at the rate of 100 percent. Players beyond this level will be killed, and the experience will be slightly increased, exceeding 100 percent.

So it's not worth it to clean up low-level players, it's not as efficient as field monsters.

Ke Meng spent a few days researching a new leveling method.

I still sacrifice Liu Dafa, but instead of catching the first echelon players, I chased after those super high level field monsters.

Sacrifice yourself to activate A'Meng poison. The condition for poisoning is to know your name. Field monsters naturally don't know A'Meng's name, but Ke Meng can actively inform the field monster of his name.

This trick, called the voice of spirituality, penetrates the field monster's mind through sound, so that the other party will force the other party to remember A'Meng's name.

Ke Meng is not satisfied with the propagation speed of spirituality, and enters the void, in the sky Sense Connection, obtains the knowledge of Evil God about mind pollution, and then returns to the game, constantly Practicing and using this kind of knowledge, Ke Meng finally developed the mind pollution game skill.

Ke Meng's mind state is not stable anymore. If he doesn't sleep for many days, he can be sleepy in the game, but he still can't sleep.

He stood in a leveling place with more than 900 levels, his spirituality ran away, and his mind moved again, using mind pollution skills.

Wherever the spirituality passes, the ground is stained with an invisible aura.

Ke Meng's lips were shaking, but no sound came out.

There is an inexplicable sound from the ground under my feet.

The voice has been calling a person's name: "A'Meng ——"

When Ke Meng walked through this land, this land became A' The soil Meng has walked has left his own mind pollution.

When the field monsters living here hear the noun A'Meng, they remember A'Meng's name inadvertently.

When Ke Meng activated the A'Meng poison, those field monsters grew terrifying fleshy whiskers, and then turned into strange things that are indescribable.

The experience bar once again ushered in a soaring, and more than when suppressing and killing all players in the city.

Ke Meng's level suddenly jumped to 700 Lv. 40.

Ke Meng is walking longer and longer, but he is also getting sleepy.

He has not found the kind of item that can never sleep. After all, he is not a cultivation boss. The brain can be destroyed and reorganized, but his soul is already mind exhausted.

By the tenth day, Ke Meng decided to log off.

The A'Meng virus was not activated before log off, so that the field monsters could be reborn.

As soon as the newly reborn field monsters were resurrected, they heard inexplicable voices.

The voice seemed to be calling A'Meng's name, but they had never seen A'Meng.

Who is A'Meng?

The field monsters don't know, but they have a vague image of him in their hearts.

It was the image of a human adventurer, but it was very vague and it was hard to see what it looked like.


Ke Meng was already too sleepy after eating in reality.

Currently, there is no such thing as avoiding sleep. Ke Meng can only take off his memory and go to sleep with his head covered.

In this sleep, I slept for a long time.

In his dream, Ke Meng still didn't feel anything. Even if he didn't fall asleep for many days, it would not affect his thinking activity.

Ke Meng, who has no real memory, has subconsciously stopped thinking about it, staring at the city in the sea in a daze.

Subsequently, there was an illusory bewildered mumbling sound.

Ke Meng Sacrifice Acceptance, after listening to the call of believers, silently collect sacrifices, and then provide power increase.

I still think about how to promote the great cause of unblocking. If you don't unblock it, you can't travel the world.

After thinking about everything, black spectre came in again.

Faced with black spectre, Ke Meng listened to the other party's report silently.

Black Spectre reported that the adventurer started the road of leveling and was always looking for the first play through BOSS, either by finding a way to kill the opponent, or asking the truth about the year.

Yes, during the period when Ke Meng was not dreaming, new progress has been made in just ten years. Cthulhu believers think that the opponent is a big boss anyway, as long as they can ask something, they can also not kill. of.

Based on this theory, believers have changed their minds. The first plan is to secretly assist Orange Star players in leveling, and the second plan is to sect it alone.

black spectre feels that the two programs can be carried out simultaneously.

Ke Meng was silent for a while and issued a new order to black spectre.

Find him and ask the truth.

The content of this series of instructions is a bit long. Ke Meng changed his mind to answer and just send out the idea of ​​consent.

After answering, black spectre stayed for a while and left.

Ke Meng stared bored in the sea, and started Sense Connection to unite his dreams.

At the beginning of Sense Connection, Ke Meng heard a very interesting name.


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