I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 672

Ke Meng's heart jumped. Without knowing what he had done in reality, he didn't feel good when he heard the name.

Since a few months ago, after he fell asleep, he found that he was missing a certain part of his actual memory.

This is spirituality’s intuition, as well as one’s own vigilance.

Intuition tells him, don’t get too entangled, there is no harm.

Because there is no harm, Ke Meng will not be overly entangled in this matter in his dream, but he didn't expect to hear the term A'Meng today, and his heart beat.

This kind of heartbeat sound is not a good sign.

This name seems ominous. If you hear it, something bad will happen.

But is this really the case?

While listening to the player, Ke Meng watched out for possible dangers, but the danger never happened. R'lyeh was very quiet, with only the sound of bubbles rolling.

Joint Dreamland, player Colin and Antlers drink and play billiards. In their dreams, they just want to relax and entertain, but thinking of recent strange events, they couldn’t help but talk about A'Meng with their colleagues.

When talking about the name, Colin looked around first, but no one went on to say:

"The scout team found a strange land, walked into that land, and you would hear A certain voice called A'Meng’s name. I don’t want to know it. It’s a terrible experience."

"The land has been designated as a forbidden zone. Anyway, I don’t want to hear that person again. My name is too terrifying." Miss Antlers trembled every time she thought of that taboo name.

A'Meng poison is not an easy poison. It not only poisons the body, but also poisons the soul, making people feel uncomfortable.

If it weren't for the negative effect to be automatically removed after rebirth, Miss Antlers felt that she was going crazy.

"It's not terrifying that a piece of land has such a situation. The team that was investigating the news found seven pieces of land, all with that kind of weird calling." Colin sighed.

Colin and Antlers are both liver king players. They recently accepted the 24-hour game plan. They are currently sleeping in the game world and dream of a joint dream automatically.

"If the land after the 900th Lv. 50 has his name, then we will be in big trouble, which means that we can hardly resist his poison after the 900th level." Colin said solemnly.

While listening, Ke Meng pondered whether the name A'Meng had any profound meaning. It was so powerful in the game world that it became a taboo name.

On the other hand, his spiritual perception is vaguely worried about something happening, but the crisis has never happened, as if his unknown worry is unnecessary.

The two Peak players didn't talk for too long in the dream, and the dream disappeared after a while.

Ke Meng is fascinated by the term A'Meng. It sounds like the name of a big boss behind the scenes. Judging from the attitude of the Orange Star people, A'Meng is behind more than 900 land Da Ming Rin.

The more inquired, Ke Meng got more information.

Ke Meng learned that the people at Orange Star knew that A'Meng was a taboo name and could not be spread, so they issued a banning order. Those who don’t know just don’t know, only that it’s a name that cannot be spoken. , Knowing that there will be risks.

People who know the name of A'Meng, when they talk about A'Meng's name, they should look around and make sure that there is no one before they say that name.

Ke Meng gradually realized that this is a terrifying meme influence, which cannot be easily said just like nightmare disease.

Ke Meng, who is curious about this name, can no longer stop his inner curiosity, wanting to know who A'Meng is.

Ke Meng has a hunch that this guy may be an acquaintance.

After that, Ke Meng used the power of Cthulhu to start Sense Connection.

One second, two seconds, three seconds...

Several seconds later, Ke Meng saw a young man lying on a chair with his head in a helmet with a needle.

Looking at that face, Ke Meng suddenly felt a sense of horror.

After that, he woke up instantly.

Yes, Ke Meng is back to reality.

Looking at the white ceiling, Ke Meng's forehead burst out with fine sweat, and he wiped it lightly with his hand to wipe out the fine sweat.

"A'Meng is actually myself?" Ke Meng muttered.

Sweet Dumpling stood round and round. It had already completed the quest for digging the sinkhole, and used dog hair to take out the memory bottle.

Looking at the bottle, Ke Meng has a feeling in his mind again, and a few pictures flashed through, which are historical pictures of self-extracting memories.

Receiving the crystal bottle and feeling the awe from the bottle, his intuition is more accurate, and there are traces of use.

Not once, but many times!

"No wonder, that many days I lost that memory, it turned out that I did it." Ke Meng thoughts move and entered the battlefield of souls.

The crystal bottle automatically gave up the battle and returned the memory to Ke Meng.

Ke Meng closed his eyes and quietly savored the lost memory.

Experienced in a dream, met twin, pitted people, all kinds of pictures have come back.

After that, Ke Meng looked towards his own Resistance, 130,000 points of Resistance.

These Resistance values ​​include an increase of 760 Lv. 19, but do not include the increase of equipment.

Only when you return to your dream can you enjoy the increase brought by equipment.

"I'm fine, Cthulhu really didn't do anything to me." Ke Meng's dream this time was actually risky, but before dreaming, Ke Meng's spirituality gave a hint of surprise.

However, even Ke Meng himself doubts that this kind of hint is accurate. After all, it is too difficult to predict the movement of Evil God.

He spent ten days in the game world before returning to sleep in reality, thinking about a lot of miscellaneous things, and finally believed in the rule power bestowed by Blue Star.

Once you dream, say to control Cthulhu, you control Cthulhu.

Even if the other party has any wrong thoughts, Ke Meng is the one who controls him in his dream, not by the controller.

What Ke Meng is afraid of is that once he wakes up, it is equal to disconnection, and some strange things may happen in reality.

Nara and Nina, who are better than first play through, secretly gave him the Shadow Catching Hand, and he felt that Cthulhu could also do some small moves.

Ke Meng got up and opened the curtains. The sunlight outside the window was quite dazzling, and it instantly shone into the bedroom, dispelling the low-pressure atmosphere.

This is Blue Star, too strong force will be blocked by the large filter membrane.

Furthermore, Ke Meng has also prepared resurrection props. If he dies, he will be resurrected. It will be prepared with multiple hands so that there is no way to survive.

"It's good to be alive." Ke Meng closed his eyes and called out the air of Whale City. He had never felt that life was so beautiful.

Downstairs, the convenience store has already opened, and Mrs. Chen sprayed wine and mist with a disinfectant spray to wet the ground.

It seems that he heard the sound of pulling the curtains. Mrs. Chen dangled his hair and looked up. He happened to see Ke Meng standing by the window and breathing.

"Morning Boss Ke!" Mrs. Chen said with a smile.

This "general" actually means Boss.

"Morning, Mrs. Chen, it's another new day."

"Yes, it's another new day." Mrs. Chen returned after disinfecting the poison. Go to the store to clean up.

On the way, student parties have appeared, in twos and threes, chasing each other and fighting each other, full of youth.

The calm office workers are also wearing uniforms, while carrying briefcases and breakfast, while holding a mobile phone in one hand to scan short videos, they are in a hurry.

Everyone has their own life trajectory, most people’s lives are static, and only a few people take different paths because of accidents.

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