I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 673

Ke Meng had breakfast, and check the daily uploaded video again. Resistance strength is growing steadily every day.

Then lying on the bed, thinking left and right, still hung the curtains.

Guardian Spirit appeared silently, blocking the space.

Ke Meng took out the game helmet and thrust it on his head. He immediately felt refreshed, as if the brain and the machine fuse together.

However, Ke Meng did not enter the game immediately, but closed his eyes and self-hypnotized to fall asleep.

Since it’s okay to dream, there is no need to cover it up. Cthulhu doesn’t care.

Ke Meng returned to R'lyeh with that sober memory, and immediately felt a certain thought impact on his sober thinking.

That kind of thought is called lifting the Ancient God Seal.

Cthulhu did not speak in Ke Meng's mind from beginning to end. Although he did not interfere with anything other than dreaming, Ke Meng did not want to continue to pretend to be blind.

"Let's talk." Ke Meng muttered to himself while silently perceiving the strength control of his body.

The degree of control is like using the finger, but because of the Ancient God Seal, Ke Meng unable to move.

It can be seen that Cthulhu's body is Ke Meng's after dreaming.

With Ke Meng's showdown against him, R'lyeh continued to be very quiet.

Ke Meng can't see anything in his mind, he can only vaguely perceive that the other party is sleeping.

But when sleeping, there are some sounds similar to snoring.

Ke Meng listens carefully and uses Evil God's ability to analyze.

This is a white noise that simulates seabed. Without accurate language, only Sense Connection can get emotions.

Ke Meng listened for a long time.

Because the body is Evil God, any negative effects are ignored. Ke Meng can hear clearly, even more clearly than black spectre.

The general meaning is to lift the Ancient God Seal.

Evil God is still asleep, unconscious, everything is a spontaneous thought, that is, the release of the Ancient God Seal.

Ke Meng asked several times, the snoring sound is like this.

If Ke Meng does not dream, this guy is a huge statue in the sea without any fluctuations.

Ancient God's seal is too thorough.

Ke Meng breathed a sigh of relief after clarifying the matter. He still has room and time for development.

If there is no development time, you can only brace oneself and run according to the other's wishes.

Now, Ke Meng is naturally reluctant to listen to the other party's words and act, even after unblocking Ke Meng can control his body freely.

But now Ke Meng knows that Cthulhu has been sleeping in the state of Ancient God Seal. Even if Ke Meng entered the Lord's body without awakening him, he was still sleeping.

Or, he knew, but he didn't bother about it, and he still didn't wake up.

Ke Meng decided to log off and ask the two sisters.

Following a Sense Connection, Ke Meng saw himself, and was then awakened by his spiritual perception.

Then enter the virtual reality game through the game helmet and return to the long-lost game world.

After going online, Ke Meng's mentality has improved a lot. He changed his mounts while arranging mind pollution.

The mount has been contaminated, but it doesn't matter, now the A'Meng Poison has not been activated, the mount can still sit, if it dies, catch another one.

The mount runs very fast, and the person sitting on the back is up and down, but the mood is not bad, even better than the day before.

That day, the clouds, the land, and the water were all beautiful.

My heart knot is untied, and I can give it a try.

Ke Meng first pondered over the Ancient God Seal, but discarded the hint in his heart and labeled it as opposed.

I had to accept it in my dream, and Cthulhu could not be the master when he returned to reality.

Thinking about this thing is not to say that it cannot be repaired after being affected, it is like the ring of the Lord of Thunder and the Divine Item of washing faith.

Thinking can be corrected through acquired, Ke Meng calls deeply to feel the energy factor contained in this world.

Very thick, thick until dense.

Such a dense energy density proves that this place has encountered heavy magic strikes, and the strikers have just left not long ago.

Silent Sense Connection for a while, impossible are players, only field monsters.

Field monsters also have ideas. Since the game change, they are no longer mind-set machines. If they encounter a territorial conflict, they will definitely fight.

Ke Meng patted the mount under the crotch, let it adjust its direction, and then continue to release mind pollution.

After polluting an area, Ke Meng was also prepared in his heart to activate the A'Meng poison.

In an instant Ke Meng, the screen went black and he lost his life.

The level dropped by one, but the experience quickly added back and continued to climb.

For several days, Ke Meng leveled up in the game.

Run the graph, turn on A'Meng poison after a period of time, continue to run the graph, and so on.

Ke Meng did not forget to contact the two twins, but the two sisters are not always online masters.

Ke Meng stared at the friend list for several days, and the portrait of that person was not lit, and I don’t know what log off did.

Ke Meng also tried to use the two girls of Cthulhu Sense Connection in his dream, but his Sense Connection was lonely, as if nothing existed.

But Ke Meng knows that twin is not non-existent. The opponent also has the Evil God personality and the ability Heavenspan, which is not so easy to find.

Wait until 1 month later, these two people will go online.

At this time, Ke Meng used more than 900 field monsters by constantly running maps, his own level had reached 800, and the Orange Star couldn't make it.

The more you get to the later stage, the more experience you need, and I don’t know when to brush it.

Ke Meng dī dī said, "Nara, who is the Ancient God who seals Cthulhu?"

Nara: "Why should I answer you."

"Count that I owe you favor."


Nara thought about it for a few minutes before replying to Ke Meng, which made Ke Meng see something.

"Forget it, I want to ask again later." Ke Meng stopped quickly.

This question can actually be left out, because Ke Meng does not intend to unblock it. It doesn't matter if you don't ask it. You can improve your level first, and then talk about it.

"Do you really want to unblock? The tavern meeting, don't you want to do it?" When Nora was sitting in the tavern with Ke Meng, she clearly sensed Ke Meng's emotions.

"Just ask casually, what are you doing after logging off?"

"Count as a favor?"

"No, just chatting." Ke Meng gave up owing favors, mainly because it was not worth it. Moreover, he instinctively couldn't negotiate with the other party too deeply, so as not to be fooled.

"Then I can't tell you, hehe."

"That's it? After you log off, don’t you just change back to the original shape, you need to cover it up?" Ke Meng is really right They are interested in how to play the game, try to talk to them.

The two bosses are not yet powerful enough to distort the game system. Ke Meng can feel that the game system is a part of the world, and the power of the world is much more terrifying than them.

To put it bluntly, their power to subvert history is only a film covering the entire world. The foundation of the world is still there, but everyone can't see the real world interface that's all.

Once they die, this layer of film will disappear, the world will restart, and enter the real world without distorting the history. The game term is called the "New Game+".

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