I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 674

Nara and Nina are doing this, observing the deceptive behavior of human beings.

Human adventurers are strange creatures. From their conscious time, human adventurers in the foreign world have come to the game world.

They are incompatible with this World, and they are infinitely tolerated by the world.

Under the in-depth investigation of the two, they found a terrifying fact, that is, adventurer is deeply loved by World Rule, as if various rules are tailored for them.

They are extremely weak, but they have unlimited potential.

How big is this potential?

Too big to become a god!

Everyone has the potential to become a god.

What does this mean? It means that after many years, everyone can become gods, and gods are no longer a rare species.

Since Nara and Nina were conscious, they began to silently admire and admire this reality that is even more magical than distorting world history.

What happened in reality is more magical than their distorted history, and Nara and Nina began to observe and record in-depth human confusing behavior.

Why should we observe confusing behavior?

Because a large number of human advertisers are either in leveling or on the road of leveling, there seems to be nothing else.

Only those things beyond common sense can provide more sample information to let Nara and Nina know about this group of players.

Research has proved that players are really children from outside the sky, maybe illegal children of the world, and various rules are taking care of them.

Nara and Nina not only discovered Ke Meng's invasion through research, but also extracted a lot of Orange Star information from the player's mouth.

virtual reality game!

This is the entrance to the game, and also the entrance for everyone to become a god.

Nara and Nina deceived the information of the game file by various methods, at the cost of invading the other's brain, similar to searching for the soul, taking the information out.

In order to ensure the integrity of the information, they used thousands of samples to confirm that the game itself was correct, and then created a game cabin in the game world and entered the game.

When Ke Meng asked about this, they smiled knowingly and did not say anything.

This matter can be said or not.

Because Ke Meng can log in to the game, he must also use Evil God Cthulhu to set the game file and make a game cabin to enter the game.

It's just that Ke Meng's speed of entering the game is very slow, and it is too late to enter the game until the players are more than 800 levels.

In addition, the Shadow Catching Hand they handed out seemed to be involved in another Nyah Avatar.

They knew the Nyah Avatar, because the Nyah Avatar was injured by them, and disappeared into the void, not knowing where to go.

Coincidentally, Ke Meng's invasion made them feel that Ke Meng had the breath of Naya Avatar.

Under the guidance of spirituality, they took advantage of the Shadow Catching Hand ability.

They firmly believe that under the teasing of fate, Ke Meng will definitely meet the injured Nyah Avatar and produce a wonderful story.

Back to the topic.

The two looked at the chat window in the game pop-up window, and zhi zhi was chatting and laughing, as if looking at some fun toy.

However, they dare not play too much. After all, according to the game rules, Ke Meng is the incarnation of Cthulhu, a growing boss.

"The power of the Blue Star connects the souls of Cthulhu and Ke Meng, who will win in the end?" Younger sister Nina blinked, holding the hands of the elder sister, staring at the elder sister with jewel-like eyes Look.

"It is because I don't know that I will look forward to it." The small dimple of the elder sister is sunken, shook the head.

The twisted history conceals the history of the entire game world.

This kind of distortion is a distortion of the information level. Without Divine Spark, it is impossible to see the real history.

But even with Divine Spark, it is difficult to see the real history. It is a question of ability. If the ability is greater than them, you can see the real history.

Ke Meng does not know the real New Game+ plot, and the players do not know the plot of New Game+. The plot is a fog.

As historical twisters, the sisters know the real world appearance, and through the game system and a large number of ruins investigations and visits, they found the hidden main line of the New Game+ world.

Through this main thread, they discovered that Ke Meng was the biggest variable. His arrival was not an accident, but was driven by fate, the closing of the world thread.

This World has a power that even they can’t resist or see. It affects everything mysteriously and inexorably. No matter how much damage they cause, they can’t get out of this vicious circle, and the event will end in the end. To the established route.

Nara and Nina have the ability to break the plot, but what about breaking.

Ke Meng has resurrection items, which can be resurrected not only in the game, but also outside the game.

He will definitely survive, and the plot line will become out of their control, no longer see the future direction, everything will step into a new unknown.

Ke Meng pop-up window: "Is there a better leveling method, or a method to improve Resistance."

The two twins looked at each other, look, Ke Meng again Asking something.

It’s good to grow up and see the future as soon as possible.

The more the twins investigate, the more surprises they discover. The future that has not yet happened is still full of unknowns.

Ke Meng is the key point. Pushing him to leveling quickly will allow them to see the unpredictable future faster.


Ke Meng looked at the chat window and didn't intend to hope anymore. Didn't expect Nora and Nina sent the leveling method.

The way is to enter the max level area, swipe faster field monsters, and poison to death more monsters.

However, at the level of Ke Meng, max level monster is not poisoned for the time being, unless it can increase the damage of A'Meng poison, or expand the skill infection speed.

In terms of Resistance, they have no good way, just rely on practice.

They know a good thing. In the max level restricted area above Greycastle, there is a cauldron for improving Resistance. Each time it is soaked in medicine ingredient, it can improve Resistance.

Ke Meng secretly wrote down their strategy, and added: "Is it a favor?"

"Of course, it must be a favor." Nara and Nina took the initiative to promote For the development of the plot, a small interest must be charged.

As for whether this interest can be recovered in the future, they don't know.

Twin and Ke Meng chat for a bit since childhood, they went to study human confusing behavior.

Human adventurers are a group that can never be seen through, symbolizing infinite possibilities, enough for them to study for a lifetime.

In their research, there is a plot point that is difficult to bypass, and that is their death.

They want to use the infinite probability that players have to break the deadlock.

As BOSS, their battle strength ceiling has reached the top, but players still have unlimited probability.

That is an extraordinary potential with a very low lower limit and a very high upper limit.

This is exactly what they need.

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