I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 675

Obtaining the internal information of the BOSS, Ke Meng's mind floated to the sky.

I practiced for another month.

"It's time to pick up some legendary equipment." Ke Meng muttered.

Legendary Grade equipment, with multiplication rate.

This kind of equipment is rare, but it does not mean that the number is really small.

After all, when the players play in the late stage, it must be one after another max level. The equipment impossible is the whiteboard equipment on the bad street.

Ke Meng doesn't pick it, and starts with the easiest equipment.

At this moment, the equipment that Ke Meng wears is a mix of purple equipment and golden equipment. The level name of purple equipment is Epic Grade, and the suffix of Legendary Grade is golden.

The golden equipment on her body comes from the field monsters who died suddenly. Legend has it that the equipment has a very low explosion rate. Ke Meng also slaughtered the audience. Only a few of them are found occasionally, which are very rare.

The golden equipment on the body is the legs and the armor, both of which are 700 equipment. The panel values ​​are 10,000 and 13 thousand. Each increases the multiplication rate of the anti-magic resistance by 0.25 times, which adds up to 0.5. Times.

Followed by other equipment, the epic equipment also has a multiplication rate, but the number is very small, only increasing a little bit multiplication rate, totaling about 0.1 78 times.

Calculated in one breath, Ke Meng's resistance piled up to 218,000 resistance and magic resistance.

Mind resistance and poison resistance have also increased slightly, but because there is no multiplication rate increase, there is no such exaggeration as physical resistance to magic resistance, which is only one hundred thousand or one hundred thousand points.

The current Ke Meng is even more fleshy than the top players of the first echelon, and there is no fear of standing in the crowd.

This Resistance is enough to sway in the max level area, as long as you don't see the BOSS.

Ke Meng completed a round of high level territory and turned on the A'Meng poison again, causing the 900-level field monsters to be poisoned and killed one after another.

Every time A'Meng Poison is turned on, the increased experience is very scary.

The land he has traveled before has been polluted by mind, and mind pollution will continue to pollute the creatures bred in that land.

Those places became Ke Meng's exclusive leveling field. The reborn field monster grew up listening to A'Meng's name, and A'Meng's name went deep into his mind.

As Ke Meng turned on A'Meng poison, A'Meng's name replaced their body, life backlash. It becomes a mass of waste material that has no energy and is very wasteful.

They are distorted in shape and have no aesthetic feeling at all, which makes Orange Star players extremely disgusted.

People from the reconnaissance team walked around, afraid to approach those places.

"A'Meng is invading more and more land."

"What the hell does he want to do?" The people of the reconnaissance team were panicked, and they were cautiously prepared for each reconnaissance. Good to increase the food in the health pool.

The law of A'Meng poison activation is unknown. Sometimes it is activated once a few days, sometimes once a day. Every time you have to take a lot of medicine to survive the catastrophe, otherwise forcibly drop a level will be very hurt. It takes them a long time to pay back.

"Come, the poison is here again!" A player's body twitched and felt pain. He immediately took the poison and blood medicine, and the health pool swelled.

In spite of this, the health bar is also falling rapidly and cannot be suppressed at all.

"A'Meng in the vicinity! The health pool can't be pressed down!" The player stared at his health bar, losing blood too fast.

Five seconds later, all the players in this group were destroyed.

With A'Meng poison, Ke Meng's level has officially risen to 900.

Don’t look at Ke Meng for a month. If you change to a player, it’s estimated to be in years.

The more you get to the back, the more experience you need.

Ke Meng went into the wild area and searched the several big region back and forth, picked up all the equipment and threw it into the storage bag.

Through large-scale killing of monsters, Ke Meng has hundreds of thousands of items.

Some things don't want to pick up at all, because there are too many things on him.

As a result, every time A'Meng Poison is turned on, the corpses of field monsters that have died in some areas are left in a state where no one can touch them.

The equipment and materials that have not been exposed are just refreshed by the game world, and there is no way to pick them up.

Ke Meng does not pick it up, naturally some people will discover the business opportunities in it.

When Ke Meng left the mind contaminated area and was about to go to the max level restricted area to find the pot, players had teamed up to enter the mind contaminated area, riding the strongest horse, using the fastest speed, wind Galloping, the lightning touched the corpse to get the equipment.

If you touch Epic Grade equipment, it means you won a lottery and you have paid back.

When he touched the Legendary Grade equipment, he didn't stop paying back. He can take a one-year rest on this trip.

Some people don't want to play this dangerous game. The game world is too dangerous. People who are comfortable want to live in peace and be a salted fish.

At present, Orange Star has moved out of the terms of military service. In order to let everyone join the war, they have tried every means to get the Orange Star people out of their comfort zone.

Humans have lived in the comfort zone for too long. Technology has not only changed lives, but also the lives of the people at the bottom.

On Orange Star, people don’t need to worry about food and energy issues. They think that scientific research is the most important thing. Military service has been cancelled for many years. It’s not a hard requirement, but now it’s different. Military service has become Orange Star. There are requirements that every adult must obey.

"Golden legend! I found the golden legend!"

A woman riding a fierce horse drank the strongest slime, and reached out with her other hand. , Caught a bunch of golden-bright and dazzling things.

Wuhu, take off!


After the birth of the first more than 900-level golden legendary item, the people at the Orange Star Research Institute immediately decided to divide a part of the resources to follow the trend and pick up the corpse. Once A'Meng was poisoned, he immediately rode his pet in and touched the corpse, and found one piece.

Moreover, the corpse not only produces equipment, but also produces a lot of precious materials. Some field monsters need to be polished for a long time, and it may take a day to polish. Now A'Meng can help save the trouble, and they can also follow Drink soup later.

A'Meng can't do all the Noodles. In turn, the people of Orange Star use A'Meng as it should be by rights. People are profitable and will not easily pursue them if they don't have benefits.

Orange Star people refer to these teams as corpse touchers, and they touch the corpses that A'Meng does not pick up.

It doesn't matter if you meet A'Meng, just slip away. They are crowded anyway.

Ke Meng didn't know that Orange Star had set up a team of corpse touchers. Even if he knew it, he couldn't stop it. Now he prepared the ticket to the sky.

Over the gray castle, there is a huge floating island in the center of the high clouds. Ke Meng standing on the ground and looking up only sees the end of the island, such as the tip of the iceberg.

The thunder above surged, full of terrifying energy.

The clouds above will only dissipate at certain times, revealing the incomparable gigantic sky island, and the falling shadows are enough to cover a large area.

Ke Meng knows that Transmission Formation has no way to transmit to the restricted area above. If you want to transmit to it, you must first fly to it and establish a transmission point so that the two sides can transmit to each other.

However, Nora and Nina have been there, and they have built a private teleportation point on it, so they can travel between the two places freely.

As an ally of plastic friendship, they kindly gifted a teleport stone to Ke Meng.

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