I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 676

"Use it well, the favor is on this stone. When you get up later, remember to take us with you." Nina is very short, and Ke Meng is a large short. She raised her head and slapped Ke Meng on the chest with the stone.

"Do you need me to fly?" Ke Meng didn't believe it. He took the stone and immediately felt the distortion of the space, which continued to extend upward.

For a while, Ke Meng perceives that the coordinates are pointing to the sky island above his head.

"Who knows, the favor is owed first." Nina twitched his lips, stepped back into the crowd, and within a short while, her breath disappeared.

Ke Meng glanced at the friend list. Both of them are online. They are not log off. Instead, they used some teleportation skills to leave the place. They moved so far away that the breath disappeared.

Ke Meng left here. He bought a house in the city. Anyway, the money was earned from mobs. The money was too much to use up. He bought a small single-family villa at random. It was very quiet. , Built on the hillside, there are only Ke Meng's villas on this mountain, one by one.

The ancient wood towering in the mountains, the moss stone steps First Rank First Rank upward, half of the mountainside is surrounded by clouds and mist, covering half of the villa, faintly discernible.

The same is true of other mountains, there is a kind of hazy beauty.

The price of this kind of villa is very expensive, he doesn't know if others have the money to buy it.

After all, the resource management on the Orange Star side is very difficult to deal with. Under the careful calculation of Orange Mother, even the economic capacity of the Orange Star players is counted.

Ke Meng walked up the mountain and looked up at the sky in his courtyard. It was a false sky, not a real Greycastle sky.

Ke Meng first established his own teleportation master mark here, and after waiting for a day, a few small stones were shed from the surface of the master mark, for the purpose of teleportation, this stone can be used to transmit back to the master mark. .

The farther the distance is, the farther the transmission time will be. If the distance is too far, you have to use multiple points to maintain the power of the transmission, so as not to die in the sky.

Ke Meng collected his sub-marks, and then crushed the teleportation stone given by Nina. At that time, time and space shattered, and mysterious bubbles wrapped Ke Meng into the void.

The bubble travels in the sky without direction. Ke Meng tried to reach out of the bubble, and was immediately impacted by the turbulence of the void.

The skin on the back of the hand stabbed but there were no scars on the skin.

He can travel freely in the sky, his own Resistance has already exceeded the standard.

Presumably those void travelers are very familiar with player resources. Up to max level can improve their physical fitness, which is more fragrant than any knowledge.

Suddenly, the bubble burst.

Ke Meng blinked, standing in an unfamiliar place.

There is an endless starry sky above. The starlight of the universe shone on Ke Meng unscrupulously without any cloud cover.

Ke Meng felt that cosmic radiation was stimulating the cells of the body and wanted to make the cells change, but the change was forcibly stopped by Resistance.

Looking up straight ahead, you can see the surging clouds and waves floating on the surface of the island, wave after wave, like a torrent of sea water.

Looking back behind you, a flat road leads to the distance, leading to the interior of the ancient giant city.

The walls are broken and ruined, things have remained the same, but people have changed, and a thick layer of dust floats on the surface, and every step of the way arouses layers of dust.

Ke Meng walked along the dozen steps, had a feeling in the heart. Looking back behind him, he saw a lot of dust from his steps. The dust floated in the air like fog, like weightless dust.

Ke Meng raised his leg, and the gravity he received did not attenuate, as always.

Ke Meng walked a hundred steps further, some of the stone surfaces reflected sunlight, shining Ke Meng's eyes white.

I blocked the sun with my hand, and the sound of hu hu came from my ears.

Looking back again, those dust formed a fuzzy human form, standing behind Ke Meng.

Ke Meng tried to move forward, and he also walked forward, stepping behind Ke Meng.

About this island in the sky, there is also some information in the game file, but this island only has 30% of the content improved, and the other 30% are planned to be gradually improved after it is started, but It's too late.

Fortunately, the main content line has been buried, Ke Meng knows what the history of this island is like.

Here once buried an Ancient God Avatar. The Avatar was dead, leaving behind a large piece of divinity, changing this floating island, floating in the sky above Greycastle forever, just like Divine Vestige.

It is surrounded by thunder and obstructs anyone who wants to fly into the sky.

If you want to get to this isolated island, you have to travel through the clouds to reach this place.

Ke Meng took a shortcut and flew up with someone else’s teleportation stone.

In fact, Ke Meng himself can fly over the thundercloud cloud cover with Fleshy body, but what he wants is the coordinates of the pot.

Ke Meng took out the teleportation stone given by Nina, which not only has the power of teleportation, but also attached an information coordinate.

It is this information that guides Ke Meng's direction.

In this ancient city lost in the air, if there is no right direction, it is easy to get lost here and find a location.

Ke Meng walked forward along the guidance in his heart, and took a few hundred steps. Looking back and looking behind him, the agitated dust had formed ten humanoid dust, and he tended to follow behind him.

Ke Meng spirituality moves slightly, perceives the mysterious power in the air, guides silently, wait until the magic power surges in the body, flick your finger.


A group of hot things came out of the fingertips, like a rooster, after a closer look, it looked like a Phoenix.

With a light blow with your mouth, the violent hurricane engulfed the high-temperature flame and culled forward. The temperature of the flame rose rapidly under the increase of magic power.

Ten thousand degrees, fifty thousand degrees, hundreds of thousands of degrees!

The billowing heat swept the ground, and everything was distorted by the heat wave.

Ke Meng didn't practice any skills specially, he has been digesting and learning the knowledge of Cthulhu Evil God.

He learned a lot from it. For example, this hand flame is the Fire Element magic that combines spirituality and magic power. It can be released without the need to chant a lengthy incantation. After proficiency, the caster can Use this move while moving at high speed.

The flames and air waves fall down, emitting a huge rumbling sound, a large amount of gas is ignited, and a multi-colored light is produced, which is beautiful and dangerous.

The humanoid dust was burned away, and nothing was left.

"Dust people who will follow, but there is no attack power, that's it." Ke Meng recalled the content of the game body file, which is the theory.

But after the game change, the dust people may not have no way to attack humans.

Ke Meng felt that something was wrong just now, so he tried to test them.

The high-temperature air wave hit the ground without damaging the surface. The slate here is also super ground and will not be easily damaged by players.

Turn around and continue to the direction indicated by the teleportation stone.

Every footstep will raise dust, and after walking far, hundreds of humanoid dust gather quietly behind him, stepping on Ke Meng's footsteps.

Ke Meng tried to fly, and there was dust in the air turning into Ke Meng's appearance, flying synchronously like him, hanging tightly behind him.

Ke Meng can only turn around and destroy them at intervals, not wanting to increase the variables here.

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