I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 678

pā ​​click.

The bright flame illuminates the red night sky, and the raging fire rushes towards the human-shaped dust behind him. The dust is immediately ignited, and one after another figure pops up.

The flame temperature was very high, causing tons of damage, but no dust person was burned to death. Ke Meng's stomach was still inserted by a third dust person.

The health bar once again dropped sharply by one third, no more, no less.

Ke Meng's Resistance can't be reduced directly, and there is no way.

Ke Meng’s resistance is very high and can match max level players. There is no problem facing small monsters, but this is a restricted area. The strength of small monsters is much stronger than the normal max level monsters outside. .

The dusty person with Ke Meng's stomach caught fire all over, like a blazing person.

Even if it was ignited by fire, there was no painful expression or any painful sound. Only a pair of red light-reflecting eyes stared at Ke Meng like a devil, and the corners of his mouth continued to rise.

Ke Meng kept knocking on the medicine, and the health pool quickly recovered.

In the blink of an eye, the arm of the fourth dust man plunged into Ke Meng's belly.

There is no course of action, as if suddenly jumping right in front of you and inserting it.

Ke Meng has already got the pot. Next, I wanted to leveling here, but I can see that the Dust Man is so powerful, and he has no idea of ​​continuing to practice.

They have to practice again and come back to poison to death them.

Ke Meng first used spirituality to instill A'Meng's name to the dust people in the audience, and then changed hands to activate A'Meng poison.

The next second, A'Meng poison failed to start, Ke Meng's health pool was not full, and he could not sacrifice 100 percent of his life.

The harsh meme influence poison is not so easy to activate. Ke Meng can only wait for the next attack, then take the big medicine to fill the health pool, and then sacrifice himself to activate the A'Meng poison.

Hmm, the whole world is darkened, Ke Meng has a black screen, and he successfully sacrificed himself.

Then Ke Meng regained consciousness, resurrected in a different place, and returned to a coffin.

The inside of the coffin is dark and invisible, without any rays of light, and the space is very narrow.

One-handed punch on the dark ceiling, blasted the dirt on the coffin, and the coffin was also blown up.

At this time, in the blink of an eye, Ke Meng saw something that was so familiar that he could no longer be familiar, and appeared in front of Ke Meng's eyes.

A dusty human arm is inserted into Ke Meng's belly.

The health pool plummeted to 77% again!

"He came after him!" Ke Meng almost wanted to curse in his heart. I have never seen such a shameless field monster.

Anything else, before I die, take a sip of medicine and fill up the health pool.

After drinking the medicine, look towards the other party's poisonous jump character, ninety-nine thousand ninety-nine thousand jumps, the number is very small, it is not poisonous at all.

The opponent has max level, and the basic poison resistance of the field monster is inherently higher than that of the player, and it is abnormal if the poison is not dead.

Ke Meng’s A'Meng Poison can cause a lethal effect on more than 900 level field monsters, but the level difference is 40~50 levels different. Lv. 999 will have a qualitative change in attribute. .

Ke Meng left the coffin, wringing his eyebrows.

In the blink of an eye, another humanoid dusty wrist appeared on the belly.

Ke Meng didn't believe in evil anymore, he directly took out a teleportation stone, crushed it, and escaped in the sky to go to a remote teleportation point.

A few seconds later, the belly was stabbed again by dusty people, and the health pool plummeted.

Ke Meng has a lot of medicines. While knocking the medicine, he stared at the dusty face behind him, and asked: "Can you not follow me."

Ke Meng said, While taking the initiative to retreat, squeeze it into the sky and endure the baptism of the turbulence of the void.

The virtual turbulence is invisible, and more white characters damage pops up on the dusty figure of Ke Meng. Unfortunately, it still can't kill it. It recovers health too fast.

If you burn it, you can’t die because Ke Meng's skills are not particularly powerful yet.

Ke Meng decided to research new powerful skills on the way.

In the sky, Ke Meng recalled Cthulhu’s skills and thought of Mirror Surface Shuttle.

This is an extraordinary skill that uses spirituality. It is related to the Essence, Qi, and Spirit of the human body. You can escape to the water area where you have been at any time.

Whhhhhhhh, another dusty person ignores the distance and instantly pierces Ke Meng's stomach.

Ke Meng doesn't look at them, so he can take medicine with ease.

No matter what, as long as you don’t die, you can keep learning experience until you can kill them instantaneously.

Mirror Surface Shuttle is not difficult to learn. Ke Meng has also seen others use it in his dreams.

It won’t work if you don’t shuttle, the number of dusty people on his body continues to increase. After a while, there are already a dozen "Ke Meng" dust surrounding him, with a dozen hands on his stomach.

To adjust the Essence, Qi, and Spirit in the body, every cell seems to be mobilized.

Ke Meng's fingertips flicked, magic power flowed, and the Magic Power Value was instantly reduced to a small point, drawing a smooth water surface hanging on the surface.

Ke Meng went straight through.

The humanoid dust was not able to follow, Ke Meng's belly rose with the health pool and quickly recovered.

This is where the game world is more abnormal. Regardless of multiple injuries, players can recover from multiple injuries as long as the health pool rises back.

But soon, the dust man from the sky island once again appeared behind Ke Meng and inserted his hand in.

Ke Meng opened the pop-up window and directly asked Nora how to break the curse of human dust.

"Are you cursed?" Nora asked nonsense, knowing that there was a curse, she asked.

"Yes, is there a way to crack it."

Ke Meng searched his stomach, but couldn't find a way to crack it. The curse of dust must be the product of the game mutation and it is not in the game database. .

"It was enough to kill, it's not a permanent curse." Nora didn't reply after sending this sentence, and seemed too lazy to answer.

Ke Meng closed the chat window, it was easy to say, was enough to kill, but the problem is that his attack level can't kill them yet.

It’s normal to think about it. If a level 900 player can leapfrog and kill them, he must have taken a shortcut in some way. For example, Ke Meng’s path of poison is to practice resistance beyond the level. from.

"Since it's not a permanent curse, I'll wait." Ke Meng was patient, and kept going through it all the time. There were two water surfaces in his mind, shuttling back and forth, throwing off the chasing soldiers.

Too many times of shuttle, Ke Meng has formed a conditioned reflex. After crossing the water surface once, crossing again, never stop.

After wearing it for 12 hours, Ke Meng realized that after wearing it three times in a row, he found that the chaser was gone and he survived.

"The curse is really gone." Ke Meng stood on the lake, touching the surface of the water at zero distance, waves of ripples appeared, but they did not sink.

Ke Meng thought of the broken clock tower. When the clock rang twice, the world changed, and the humanoid dust stared at him and killed him all the way, as if irreconcilable.

If the clock rings again and the sky island returns to normal, the humanoid dust will naturally be unable to follow.

After this long shuttle battle, Ke Meng's mind has been tense. Once the computer comes down, fatigue surges up like a tide, and quickly log off to sleep.

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