I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 679

In the dream, Ke Meng carefully felt the amount of knowledge from the field of Evil God.

The knowledge possessed by Evil God is as huge as the sea, as if it will never be searched out.

Ke Meng picks up the knowledge he can currently use, and uses it secretly, even if he can't move, he can savor the flow of magic power and spirituality of these skills.

Any skill is related to knowledge, spirituality and magic power.

Evil God’s Magic Power Value is infinite, with endless magic power for casting spells, which can be called the source of magic power.

Under such a volume, Evil God’s magic damage is extremely terrifying, and at the same time the Magic Power Value extracted is quite large, which is the price of magic power that players cannot afford.

For example, Ke Meng used the flash in the game to modify the circuit based on his own knowledge and physical experience, reducing the magic power requirements, but the damage is also reduced.

If magic power is extracted according to the original knowledge, Ke Meng’s Magic Power Value is not enough at all.

Study is a long time, Ke Meng learnt and picked up Shadow Catching Hand again.

Shadow Catching Hand is a small skill gifted by Nora and Nina. In reality, Magic Power Value is hardly consumed, and life force is not required. The mechanism is very unique.

If you want to use Shadow Catching Hand in the game world, you must first master the knowledge of the shadow creature, and then you can study how to cultivate Shadow Catching Hand from scratch.

"I can't learn Shadow Catching Hand temporarily in my dream." Ke Meng muttered.

Ke Meng knew that this was a skill given by Nora and Nina. After Enters Game While Dreaming, the Shadow Catching Hand skill was not directly brought back to the body of Cthulhu's Evil God.

He realized that if he wanted to learn Shadow Catching Hand, he had to analyze the principle alone in reality.

Not long, Ke Meng Sense Connection itself, forced to wake up.

After waking up, Ke Meng set out to study Shadow Catching Hand.

In the Storage Scarf, two small shadows have been imprisoned. They were trapped in the stone and became the shadow of the stone for three and a half years. It has been a long time since the sun has been seen.

Ke Meng patted scarves, the mind moved slightly and took them out again.

The two stones have a woman's shadow, which is motionless. The shadow changes naturally with the angle of the sun. It is very natural and lifeless.

Ke Meng fished the shadows with his hands, thinking of capturing shadows in his heart, and then immediately caught the two of them.

The shadow has no weight at all, it only has an area.

To be precise, it is a two-dimensional area.

The spirituality of Ke Meng is different from three and a half years ago. Now Ke Meng can perceive the smallest details, possessing similar observation capabilities similar to a Microscope, but at the same time having the same telescope-like telescope capabilities.

All of this relies on the "feeling" of the brain. The extension of the sense allows Ke Meng to experience something he has never seen before.

"Shadow creatures are all creatures in the two-dimensional realm." Ke Meng put them into the body of ants, and by the way, he took out the shadow fish that loves to eat words,

Swimming fish is very lively, and its temperament is much purer than shadow creatures.

If the shadows of Shadowflow members are dirty wastewater, then the swimming fish is transparent pure water.

One is sewage with impurities, mixed with various strange ingredients.

The other kind of water is pure water, but this is not commercial pure water on the market, but more pure pure water, free of bacteria, impurities, etc.

Yuyu is such a pure thing, it is innocent, and only wants to eat words in its heart.

Ke Meng put the three ants in the same glass box, their antennae moved slightly and began to communicate.

The two female shadow ants were quite stunned at first. After all, they turned into stone for a long time, and their thoughts also petrified. They didn't become angry until a few minutes later, and exchanged information with their smell.

After a few seconds of communication, both female ants ignored the ants swimming in the shadow of the fish.

The two are not the same creatures. The thinking of swimming fish is incompatible with them. It is as naive as a child, like a blank sheet of paper.

After that, the two women began to walk, and they found that the shadow on the ground was the shadow cast by Ke Meng.

The ants write by walking and want to ask Ke Meng when to let them free, or if there is something to do.

For them, the petrochemical time is too long, the concept of time is blurred, and they are not sensitive to information from the outside world. Even the Shadowflow Organization they think about is no longer concerned, and what is left is calmness. Mentality.

"You don't need to walk to write, I can understand what you mean, it was enough to shake your tentacles directly." Ke Meng aloof and remote said.

The two ants were slightly surprised.

"He already knows how to read minds?"

"True or false?"

The two are still wondering and can't believe it.

Mi Jingyun and Wen Yushan haven’t come out for too long, and Time Freeze exists in the wine jar where time is stagnant. After finally seeing the sun, he realizes that the man in front of them is stronger.

The two raised their heads and looked at Ke Meng's body with the eyes of the ants.

Ke Meng is wearing a water blue shirt with an open collar today, tall and slender jeans, his hair is not combed very much, but he is also very handsome, the sun hits him, a little bit of sunlight illuminates the fine short hair of the face Velvet, shimmering crystal luster.

The appearance does not seem to have changed much, but it has become a lot more calm, and the temperament is extremely self-confident, and the eyes have changed. There is a kind of high-ranking person looking at the lower-ranking person's gaze, making the two ants subconsciously feel that they are Vulnerable Groups.

"Excuse me, what do you want to do when you let us out, can you tell me directly?" The two ants shook their tentacles.

Before, the members of Shadowflow at the bottom didn't know what the top battle strength was, and they always felt that they were immortal.

Now that the two face Ke Meng, they no longer have the self-confidence of their own Eternal Undying, and their hearts are panicked.

They also can’t tell why they are so upset, instinctively so.

"It was enough to cooperate with my test." Ke Meng did not intend to say more, and did not give a reward.

The two ants didn't dare not cooperate, they could only brace oneself, trembling with fear, and cooperate with Ke Meng's multiple tests.

Ke Meng fished and fished with Shadow Catching Hand and changed.

Every time I use Shadow Catching Hand, spirituality is highly surging, scanning all changes in the room, even the changes in the air.

Ke Meng's eyes have a spirituality of light. The spirituality of the two ants is not enough to see that light. I don't know what happened. I just feel that the current Ke Meng is terrifying, as vast and terrifying as the vast ocean.

"I am a three-dimensional body, how do I grasp two-dimensional objects." Ke Meng has confirmed that they are two-dimensional intelligent beings after multiple confirmations.

There is a saying, the lord of Shadowflow is still very difficult to deal with. It is beyond Ke Meng's cognition to transform three-dimensional life into two-dimensional intelligent life.

Ke Meng wants to learn the principle of Shadow Catching Hand, and then use it in the game world, and in turn deal with that strange dust creature.

"The two-dimensional shadow creature also symbolizes the soul. Why is there such a phenomenon? Is my soul also two-dimensional?" Ke Meng was meditating.

As for the soul, Evil God Cthulhu also has knowledge of the soul system, but this knowledge is too profound, and even he has no comprehend.

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